Writing at Nyoom Speed

Writing, writing, writing. I have been writing a lot recently and it has added up to a few things that will be sold soon but right now we have to go over the little treats for you all. Two projects. One, a selection of fanfiction. I challenged myself to write and that can be picked up off of Gumroad, that is something you do not need to pay for, none of my Gumroad ones are. Just, if you do want to pay something I would appreciate it.

70k of words as short stories in 2k to 2.5k each about a character I have in the game, because I like the game, and that is enough for that right now. Share it, join me on twitch, (https://www.twitch.tv/mrbigtanderson) have a good time, but there is more that will be done in other things because you know I cannot rest for long periods of time. It just does not work well for me that way.

Also, after cost out it looks like I can sell each 4oz container by volume will be sold five dollars per but as one can see, there is a fair amount in each one and it will have flavors that will boost your food from the flat to the gold, but there is a video that is in the works. Five dollars per is at the high end of where I wanted it to be, and was within the range already in the stores. I still haven’t worked out the whole mail thing yet. Working on it, though, but it is a lot done in the month so far and we got a week and change to go.

We are going to get some stuff done, and hopefully have fun. It has been a rough road so far, but like everything you got to be more hard headed then your obstacles, and while I have had some low points, from the death of family members semi recently to issues with the body, it is still sweet to get a little progress. More is coming.

Stay Strong Everyone.

This is the face of nyoom. Speed unfiltered.

Kata In Administrative Violence

There is something in me that wishes wholeheartedly that makes me want to compete, and I know my body just does not take to it very well, it had been many years since heavy competition and every time I train often ends to me usually hurt and trying to tape myself together before getting even more hurt. What could be so painful as having a mind that is fine and a body that could be the cage, well sometimes one has to work within one’s capability and that means having to deal with the pain of what could have been needs to go away because in the new time one has to do the new things and through it great things can still be done.

For me I hate how my body breaks down but I have been doing more stretching and pushing different things further to try and get back some semblance of the energy I once had, and now despite the passing out at random times for certain things it means I can at least try to keep going.

Why am I yammering on like this? Well, right now there 8, yes 8 books to be edited and the end of this nano means one large fanfic project and another book so by the end of the month so there could be 9 or even 10 of them things get really pushed to the brink. Then there is the stuff with the food and then there are things coming together through some application of administrative violence.

Administrative violence is the practice of using the system against those who are being the pain in your ass and can be very useful as some days pass and people do not learn the lesson for not screwing with you. I would suggest everyone learn some administrative violence fighting technique and you will find yourself much more accepting of what cannot be changed and much more capable on the facets that can be.

So work well and stay strong.

Ficlet for Stella Glow

First Drink

Alto x Lisette

Alto was tired. He had to find her. Lisette had said she was going to the party at Kadaj’s bar. The night sky was clear over Regnant save for a couple wisps of clouds while the remaining citizens partied. Walking from the barracks it was only a couple blocks before some familiar figures were working their way back. Dante and Hilda were helping Lisette walk while Sakuya was being helped by Nonoka and Rusty. Getting closer it was clear what the problem was because the smell of liquor was strong on everyone.

Drinking at the bar was not the best idea in hindsight, and many of the citizens wanted to show their thanks by buying drinks for the heroes. Rusty had plenty of drinking experience as did Nonoka as part of her training. Hilda had been a queen for so long that she had mastered the form of not letting drink get the better of her. Dante just had a high tolerance which left both witches to getting blitzed with no defenses. Looking at Dante it seemed Hilda was telling him something that Alto could not catch. Finally getting to them it was Hilda that asked him to take Lisette to her room. More ordered then asked Sakuya muttered about feeling ill before the group waved their goodbye ferrying off to a spot out of sight leaving the water witch leaning on him.

“Alto, why are you here?” She giggled.

“I wanted to talk to you Lisette although it may have to wait until tomorrow. Let’s get you home.”

Giggling at the conductor it was the remaining group watching from a dark alley that made sure they were hiding back to the barracks.

“Why did I have to get drunk. I feel horrible.”

“Because Lisette wants to be respectful of their relationship and not push so if we had drink with her. He would begin to get suspicious. We need to have an innocent reason and…”

“To do that we need to misdirect attention so that out true motives, getting the idiots to open up can be finished.”

Nonoka listened from Hilda and Dante while Rusty leaned against the wall nodding silently.

“Woow that’s amazing Hilda.” Nonoka chirped while rubbing the fire priestesses back. Sakuya was currently retching over the back alley. Everything was set now it was up to the inebriated water witch to push the conductor.

Both were currently making their way back to the barracks as best they could while Lisette made comments on whatever was on her mind. Getting past the wooden double doors with the help of the guard. Traversing the hallways something had gotten it in her mind to sleep together, and as tempting as that would sound she was in no form for such activities. Fidgeting as they passed his door she pulled hard left from his shoulder throwing both into a stumble while she laughed. Thinking about his position before agreeing he could at least keep an eye on her in his room, and they had slept together before back in the village on cold nights. Closing the door it was easier pulling her up into his arms before making their way to the bed then her trying to put her legs back under her. Sensing their destination she pulled his head down to lay a smoldering kiss on him that made him recollect himself for a moment afterward. Rolling over her he was soon pulled in to a flail of arms until they found harbor at her thighs. Laughing at his inexperience the alcohol was making her much bolder.

“Am I be-utiful, Alto?

Snuggling up to her he would always show it before saying it.

“Then why don’t you show me, it doesn’t hurt to let me know sometimes.”

Feeling his hands begin to roam got her self-conscious. She could not completely understand what was going on, but somewhere it was all registering as everything seemed to stop. He was whispering in her ear the breath tickling the top while his hand rested on her lower back before coming up, around to her hands. She could feel a line of fire that didn’t feel so bad, it was a very good feeling but she could barely stand the heat made her insides hum with something new. Jerking forward she had to feel more of him pulling the buttons away soon she had to feel more of him. Pulling the buttons away soon she was resting her head against his bare chest while she panted from the feeling building up.

She couldn’t understand why this was happening. Somewhere undefined in her mind she did want it whatever it was. Alto, ever the responsible, couldn’t really stop her and all the same couldn’t push her either.

“Let’s go to sleep. If we were to do anything I would hope you would remember it.”

Blushing at his comment both agreed laying down next to him. He pulled the covers over them she snuggled closer mumbling how it could be tomorrow night. The water witch was first to awake to two pairs of bright eyes belonging to the younger witches.

“Lisette, why are you on top of Alto?”

“They are doing the things Rusty was talking about….dirty things.” The earth witch explained.

“Wahhh. Alto! How did we get here?”

“You got drunk and wanted to goof around and instead you went to sleep.” Mumbling from his position used to extra people in his room.

“So not dirty… mor.”

“Nope, I guess we should leave them alone, come on Mordi!”

Watching both leave her body was trying to hide behind him with only her arm wrapping around his chest.

“I’m so embarrassed Alto.”

“I’m not, now that you’re a little more coherent let’s go over what you wanted last night.”

Fanfiction – League Of Legends

The yordle bombardier met an odd pairing in the eye of the void, Vel’koz. One was doing it for just a laugh on the other champs while the other was charting notes for supposed mental profiles. It didn’t take long for the full roster of champions to see the two together and wonder what was coming. From getting Vladimir drunk with Gragas’s donated brew to watching Lux’s and Miss Fortune’s clothes one day. Seeing the bashful light mage in the garb of the bounty hunter got some attention especially from most of the men.

Miss Fortune held her chin up in the more modest setup. Getting more of a laugh seeing her some of the males dealt with the petite blonde. Vel’koz had to ask often why things happened with interpersonal relationships. Frame the eye of the void all this playing around was nothing more than painless experiments.

Never before his an entire team been pranked before an exhibition. As both teams been announced he soon had the list of targets. Vel’koz was chosen for some time on the bench. Leaving him open to orchestrate without the direct threat of revenge. Corki was teaming with Tristana, Jax, Ryze, and Sona against a team of Nami, Ezreal, Leona, Taric, and Lulu. He wanted to make sure all were playful while none would be on the fields of battle.

Nami and Ezreal were crushing on each other while Leona was wondering what the new swordsman thought of her. Taric and Lulu were going to be the more difficult ones that the two needed to think about.

So Vel’koz do you have any ideas about possible pranks?”

The eye of the void crossed his tentacles in thought before questioning the daring bombardier.

Why are you trying to create a situation in which Ezreal and Nami are going to court one another?”

Writing up a plan on the small table in the library not many would bother them in their library planning. Despite being known for his bravery the yordle was quite the tactician when needed. The pilot simply continued planning Leona’s asking how the new swordsman felt about the solar warrior. Floating in thought he was happy getting in a whole new realm of experiments. Information not relating to pain was quite rare in his files. Psychological profiles were lacking in the responses to positive stimuli.

Three were down with two to go. Pulling one over on Taric and Lulu was not going to have a major loss in their attitudes because both loved a good laugh more than anything. Simply showering her in some random chemicals wouldn’t do it. Making her a ball with some special gummy resins sounded like much more fun especially when she starts bouncing around. All he would need is some back up from Tristana to fire at Lulu and Heimerdinger for the chemicals. It would be a fun time no matter what. Looking at the pleas he realized how hard the gem knight was to pull a fast one on. Turning around to see the thoughtful eye an idea struck Corki.

Can you get Jinx’s minigun?”

The last part would begin to dawn as the partner responded affirmatively. Soon both forms crowded around the paper as the last bits were being drawn up. People had to be persuaded to their plan, favors had to be called in, and only the wisest of souls would see.

Jax, Swain, and Zilean knew some fun was to be had as the day of the plan came to be. Sitting out in one of the many gardens they had a prime view to much of the lower grounds. Watching the team practice Jax was almost smiling behind his faceplate. Jinx began the misery as the opposing team was planning strategy under the gem knight. Running by to take his shield before trying to surf down a grassy knoll on it the chase was on. Watching the usually collected tank running after Jinx was just enough for Lulu to be hit by something that had the color of pink gelatin dessert as bright in color as Vi’s hair. Naturally, the young mage giggled as the orb grew to encapsulate her while still letting her breathe. Everyone was wondering what happened when a purple tentacle succeeded in rolling Lulu down the hill as well.

All three watching now were wondering what was next only for the mastermind to come out riding his Urf with spatula in hand cackling like he may die from it. Lulu was whooping up a storm spinning inside the gel. Corki had to be in charge of this Vel’koz didn’t know fun yet. Watching what she could before splashing into the lake she was trying to figure out who else got it. Taric looked at his shield right now Jinx’s odd wakeboard before the humming rapidly growing caused him to turn around. He could see a bright purple laser coming from a treetop up the hill. Instead of the intense pain though there was only a slight tingling sensation as the bright sky blue gems turned a shining golden hue. Hearing the laser stop it took Jinx to talk about how he had gone golden. Looking down to his armor the smile turned up on his face for a moment.

Vel’koz moved down the tree trunk as Corki drew Nami and Ezreal towards the garden bring while the eye of the void floated away from Leona making sure to get her attention. Riding his Urf through the halls as fast as it could fly it maneuvered over a staircase before managing a couple sharp turns without losing control. Feeling the splash of Nami’s attacks charged with Ezreal’s techniques crackle against the marble. Losing sight of their attacker when the pilot turned away. Chasing into the garden all it took was two words for everyone at Jax’s table heard.

AHRI, now!”

Everyone noticed the voice before looking towards the resident fox girl holding a bandana before firing off a charm spell. Covering his teammate as the spell hit all he could do was looking in the pair of eyes belonging to the mermaid before he lowered his head to her.

Give his bombardier his due for getting that to happen. Also, I am guessing that is one of Ezreal’s bandanas.”

Zilean nodded from his seat while Swain continued to watch. Leaving the new couple over the side. Nami could be seen on pushing him against one of the garden boxes making her own seat in his lap enjoying the start of a make out session. Back at the tree a mound of tentacles in rich purple was floating holding what looked like Jinx’s minigun being chased by Leona and now Yasuo.

I think the eye of the void has somehow gotten the swords of the two warriors.” Zilean commented.

Spotting the gleaming spots from under the tentacles the scientist soon turned around opening fire at the dirt between them. Dropping the swords before fading back Ahri picked up the sword of the new samurai. Blasting the cloud with a charm spell before dropping back. The cloud grew from the impact on the spell. Fading out of the back of the cloud Ahri was seen holding a sack produced by Corki before the cloud of smoke dissipated.

Yasuo was red faced while the long crimson hair framed Leona’s face while she was blushing. Both were trying to untangle themselves rather gingerly to extricate themselves. That was going to take a couple of extra moments until a mass of purple dropped down from one of the farther tree branches pushing her head on his catching in a sloppy kiss. Skittering away after dropping the woman’s weapon. They stayed in that position kissing again in more chaste fashion. After getting one kiss so sweet they both stood up Taric and Lulu made their way up to the hill.


Watching everyone come up against Vel’koz and Corki soon rushed back into the halls mentally organizing all the data. Smiling at finally pranking a full team before an exhibition team. There was going to be some payback, but everyone had a good time so a little retribution was fine in the background Jinx was bouncing in the center of a pink goo ball bouncing around the shoreline.

The match didn’t matter as everyone had a good laugh while Leona had begun to date and Nami began to take her relationship to the next level. Watching the players away all three began to disperse from their table.

Corki and Vel’koz were always good for a laugh.

Rough Draft – Where the line is drawn

I am still on the way of finishing this but here is a passage from my past Nanowrimo attempt. Now about half done before it was pushed back due to personal issues.

It was my Friday in the work week two days off to do with as I please. Finishing my movie before moving on my way back to the store their was only one thing that caught my eye. In the parking lot there was a black SUV bright with the orange light reflecting off of it the model seemingly new like one of those undercover cop vehicles. It didn’t have anything that made me nervous except it just seemed out of place. Getting inside the store did it take me a moment to realize that something was wrong.

All of the lights were off with a small series of voices coming from the main storefront looking out through the windows on the swinging double doors. More then a couple heads were seen in over the top of the dry goods shelves Paul’s hat making him apparent from the people standing opposite from him. Faces were hard to see as the rest of the lights out on the main floor had also been turned off leaving everything to be illuminated by the rays orange light coming through the windows. Something was wrong because only workers should be in the store at these hours our closing time was a couple hours ago. Pulled back there was a glove over my mouth. I tried screaming but no sound came out. Looking up I could see Jake’s face looking out in the main store front a worried expression set as he pulled me away from the window.

“Listen” he whispered.

“We need to get to the p.a room. Follow me and be quiet.”

Having to walk by the people made me feel more then just a little scared.

“How are we going to sneak past them.”

“We aren’t. Close your eyes. Do not open them until I say so.”

Choking up on why I had to be blindfolded I did what I was told trying to figure out what was going on a small strip of cloth was given to me after he had tied it over his own eyes I felt comfortable enough to do it myself. His hand soon found mine as a bright light could be felt on my face the usual tiles underneath felt more like grass, soft yet strangely solid. Walking over what felt a couple feet the tile returned as the light darkened leaving me in complete darkness.

“All done. We can take them off now.”

Pulling off the fabric what I thought would be the back of the store was actually the p.a room. We could not have done it in a couple steps. It was impossible unless something had moved us.

Pulling four items form his pocket he took a moment fidgeting with them placing them around us in the shape of a square. Turning them on from his phone they looked no bigger then a small apple.

“Two way noise cancellation and stereo systems. Some of my earliest inventions, but still one of my favorites. We can talk and I will explain everything after this. Right now though whatever Paul can do depends on what the answers to some questions are.”

Everything seemed to be way outside my reach as the words rattled around in my head trying to make sense of themselves. These things seemed to be just madness yet I had been teleported so he was telling the truth. Looking at him I nodded my answer to let him know I was ready to hear the questions.

“Can you be trusted? If we have secrets that we have to show to fight back then can you be trusted to keep things secure? We will have to show you things no one will believe or even think possible.”

Nodding my response he turned around muttering something about how this could have been done better. Pushing the main button the speakers came to life

“Paul, go for it!”

Everything seemed to run slower as the guns were seen reflecting their shapes in the life before the three men fired off a shower of bullets knocking him back down in to the darkness. When they had turned around seemingly for us there was a worry that we would be next. Looking over Jake seemed to be more then comfortable. Seemingly knowing something no one else did as the three men turned back around their attention caught by some noise I take as everyone decided to move down that way investigating to see if he was gone. The bullets had hit their mark at least twice, and for some reason we were not helping him. Shaking his arm he just comforted saying his friend was fine. These two guys had teleported me and taken two bullets without even raising the eyebrow of the other wondering this could have gone on for so long. Bouncing around in the room waiting for some sign of life soon scared me.

From near the back of the aisle a shot of bright almost blue light streaked down the length hitting the three attackers knocking them out. Bodies dropping to the floor in various positions no sound was heard of the attack. Making our way down the stairs myself behind Jake it was soon apparent that the guys had come for some reason to end my coworkers. Stepping in to the aisles it smelled like a lightning storm had passed. Seeing the damage up close left me fearful for the whole experience. Paul was slumped against the waist high freezer near the back. Checking for a light in my pockets the only thing was the flashlight app on my phone running behind Jake it was soon apparent he was breathing the only remainders of the battle seemed to be the four bullet holes in his shirt and pants. Under him sat a small puddle of blood shining red against everything the blood trails from the wounds fresh to the floor. Looking for something to wrap his wounds with Jake was having some conversation with him before moving to the back of the store. Finding some paper towels and cheesecloth from the deli section as well as the bandage roll in the first aid kit there seemed to be enough to dress his wounds.

Update for you peeps ( Peep Show #1 )

So I got my fanfiction done. Working on typing it and soon a new batch of designs will be coming. Also this will be something of a monthly thing because the people who follow this make me happy to continue to keep doing this. So in this the first peep show ( The title taken  from a wrestling segment) Let’s take a look around.

Taste of colors has just released a delicious cranberry and white chocolate cookie. Here is a link to get your stomach a grumbling.


Showing that helping people can be just as good for the inside as well as the outside are these Colombian Cuties. Headed up by Belle this group is waving the home town flag to show how good their homes really are. I can get behind positive reinforcement about your home. Here is a link in case you want see what their up to.


If you need to power up your wordsmithing then O at the edges can help you keep sharp read his works and understand a little bit more about life through someone’s eyes.

Linkus apprationus…..


Sometimes things taste so good you just need to dance. The good news with this particular one is she has the dance, why they dance, and what to eat when you want to dance all in one place. Travel, cultures, and food combine below at Fae’s Twist and Tango. she may be gone as of the writing of this, but she has enough to tide you over until her return.


Fanfiction advice and update.

So I am almost done writing this round of fanfiction. As I had put a couple months previous I only have a couple to go and this round has been very illuminating. When you write with preset characters you see how you like to do things, and your style becomes more definable. It also allows you to try some thing you would not normally write about. whether it be very emotional scenes or very action packed ones you can get a fair bit of practice with things you know. I used to do more technical writing. Things that were directions when something had to be done when I was not present in person.

That and I am a class A sucker for a really sappy romance. Always was so being able to get comments from people and hear what they liked or did not like. Posting something online you will always have some problems with people who just want to rip you apart without actually thinking about their comments. There is a difference between constructive criticism and just trying to be hurtful. Which in my case trying to be hurtful over the internet is like trying to cause a paper cut with a soggy oreo. It just is not going to happen. 

So I am almost done and if you want to start with fanfiction the best information I could give is to just jump right in. Find a show or a game that you want to do something before just jumping in.



Fanfiction first round review and second round of fan fic ideas

I do my fanfiction in rounds to try different things and see how things are. It helps me get to try many different things and looking back here are some of my problems that I may have in some of my work according to reviews.

Grammar – That will take more time.

Some OOC ( Out of Character ) moments in really experimental writing styles

Stories are too short ( Most of my fanfiction ranges between 750 – 3000 words )

Good points: Romance people actually enjoy

Female main romance ( Female characters being the emotional rock)

Good details when I am sticking to small things to try out.

Good personality evolution

Strong emotion and mostly in tune writing style to the original source material. One comment I had gotten said how similar it was to the writing style of the anime in this case Outlaw Star, colored me happy.

So here are my prompts slash pairings. When all these are complete and all the stories have added another chapter then the next round of reviews and learning will go on.


Hitsugaya/Matsumoto – Bleach

Galinda/Elphaba – Wicked

Tron Bonne – Time – Megaman Legends

Corki – Laugh – League of Legends

Shinji/Rei – Neon Genesis Evangelion

E.Honda – Street Fighter – Community

Samara/M Shepard – Mass Effect

Yuffie/Vincent – Final Fantasy 7

Misato/Shinji – Evangelion ( I liked the pairing, however it was the one that get the most heat on it so I am going to try it again and hopefully come up with a better piece)

Lock/Shock – Nmbc

Detective Leon Orcot – Inspection – Pet shop of Horrors

Unohana – Reason – Bleach

Zuko/Mai – A.t.l.a

Alienist/Angel of darkness ( open )

Ivy – Contradiction – Soul caliber

Adult Fan fics

Open to anything just need five.

So with my multi chapter works I am looking at twenty five writing pieces all over two thousand works to try and keep my shorter story problems at bay. Soon I will begin putting up my own writing here.

Starting on the seventh I will begin doing random recipe stuff here so I can keep things and experiment on how to do things on the food blog when that gets running. Videos are continuing. 


Fanfiction is the act of taking a previously made set of characters from a media source and using your own imagination and writing style creating a story from it. Often times fanfiction will push certain characters as a couple or have another plot outside of the series or game it came from. Fanfiction is a very popular form of entertainment for some of the more devout fans of a series or game. The stories ore often held either on websites for a certain category or pairing with a couple being open to many different kinds of fanfiction.

I use it to try different things as well as writing styles I’m not comfortable with. So when I have some time and the thought to add to a fanfic or stop a couple I don’t think I can save right now then either way I can learn from it. In either case if you want to read some fanfics of mine I tend to go for more romantic fanfiction with a couple action adventure ones mixed in. clicking the link at the bottom will take you to my fanfiction.net page and as soon as I can figure this out I will have it permanently set on the main page with other projects