Nanowrimo 2015 Project excerpt

Chris Walker made up the last man on the graveyard crew and was also very paranoid of cities and big businesses claiming they were the embodiment of evil. No matter how odd he acted it seemed the attacks on a small holding company made his night throwing his hat in the ring even while on vacation.

To know that he felt enough to jump in made it much easier to do so and the entire night we had gotten a plan together. Walker would get in contact with as many people on the list that he could trying to inform people what was going on. Our jobs would be to break down the company one joint at a time first would be the finances, next would be to destroy the infrastructure in the computers and finally the last would be the most difficult, and that would be to find the building and rescue whomever they can before making the building essentially useless. Putting the last nail in the coffin would be to release the information through a series of proxies in full to sources before letting the chaos reign naturally.

“That sounds like a bit of a cop out, what if he escapes authorities?”

“Oh, he won’t. I can promise that”

With that the subject was dropped as the stakes seemed to rise as our eyes began on the next mission the small funding that came from sales to tech think tanks. Packages of rights, ideas and early models sold for hundreds of thousands sometimes millions which then goes back in to these accounts. Pointing to a series of rows on a spread sheet the second sheet showed the activity as they funneled the money for specific needs. Some tools were going to be made for us as Jake explained that we had some work and that we were going to push ourselves to get this done.

Paul and me were going to be working together while Jake was going to be on his own. Stealing the items would only take the money once so the plan was going to be a little more interesting with a some of the copies of the least disgusting pictures from the computer they were going to plant an email to the manager. All research otherwise points that this company has little idea how they are getting their packages put together. From there the next package should be offered according to the details organized from an email in the computer as well. There would not be much reason for them to continue working with them from those pictures, and if they brought it to the public attention the backlash would ostracize their business. The explanation made me feel less then hopeful about everyone else if such things would only stop business between them. It didn’t help that their would also be a key logger that would let them know of anything typed in to the computer. All in all everything was going to be easy or so we thought the three of us becoming our own little group as thick as thieves. Work went by as normal as dealing with those two guys could be eventually turning everything in to a way to pass the time. Both eventually getting bored after everything getting done turning in to a small semi safe game of truth or dare with no supremely stupid or sexual dares. The person was decided after a two liter bottle was finished after buying it to spin on the tile floor. I’m sure you guys don’t care so much about the full game of truth of dare so I will just go over the various rounds. We did ten rounds.

Paul asked me what I wanted to do with my life.

Paul asked Jake why he does not do the dishes.

Paul was asked not to use magic to control the bottle spins.

Jake asked Paul if he had used his magic to get a date from a girl.

Blushing lightly he pulled a wand out of his pocket before rolling his eyes and flicking it once to bring an actual bouquet. Handing the wand over to me the weight of the bouquet seemed to be secure in the top of the wand. I couldn’t guess the trick thinking it was the kind of magic that was just sleight of hand ,and it was definitely aggravating to him as after handing the wand back he snapped it in two before handing me the half with the bouquet.

“Remember, I can do actual magic.” Before turning the wand in to another bouquet. A couple more flicks turned it into a dagger and a pencil before turning it back into a full size wand.

I asked Paul how he knew he had magic powers. Supposedly he had learned from a book he had gotten from a garage sale coincidentally after following one of the pages he had been able to tap into it. From how it easy to seemed he was fine for other people to try it although no one had any interest leaving him alone. After the incident from the restaurant the options to teach it had been much shorter then he originally expected.

Jake was dared to make some music come out of his speakers. Which was nice to hear the village people while we continued in to the later rounds. Paul would dare Jake to grab him some chips for his little magic show. I asked if he could show me how to learn how to do magic like him which ended to him allowing me to borrow the book. If I could figure it out then there would be no problems for him to teach me how to handle it. There would be some time to get everything needed for the first spell including the potion that would need to be drank. From what he told me though everything was going to be edible although the excess mint was tough to swallow for him.

I told how many siblings I had to Jake

I asked Paul if he had any siblings, he had none.

Jake asked Paul if he was still trying to make the whiskey in his room.

They were weird to be sure especially with the things that they made in their free time. Making whiskey in their bedroom and magic books, but laughing at the end of it as we walked out of the store everything was still happy between us.

Op Noobs Opinion Pieces

So I tried to answer an ad on Craigslist about a gaming website where they had just wanted a game review and that they would supply the steam keys for it. It was a small amount of work that I could do very easily, and I felt happy to give it a crack. I send some feelers out and we start the process to see if I can write for them.

I love games and this would help flesh out my portfolio so to speak. It would allow me to also start building my portfolio more while getting more traction as an article writer. It would give me some free games to play and that was payment enough for what I was doing. Let’s see where things go from here.

My first assignment just to see my range of writing was an opinion piece. You can check their website to see what counts as opinion pieces about PC gaming. Give them a look when you have the time just seeing all this stuff that counts as opinion pieces. They had a fair variety of different subjects that I thought could be played around with. If you are curious you can look at it by looking up

Got a reply back that my work has personality that they really like. Unfortunately, they also said that my sentence structure needs work, and that was the big problem. It was big enough that I wasn’t wanted to write at this time which is gutting for me, but it also gives me something to work on. I will have the pieces on here in the next couple days just so you can see what I attempted to get this position with.

Going to work on my sentence structure, and make sure to remember that article writing and book writing are two different forms with different things needed for the product.

The Great Book Of Wisdom – Excerpt

Let’s face it, everyone quoting from a book can instantly add credibility to your argument no matter what your argument may actually be. No matter how inane a conversation may be their could always be a zinger backed by someone putting in a book to make your opponent shut their trap faster the a bear trap backfiring. So for all your debates, fantasy team breakdowns, science fiction what if’s and any other conversations that could use a book like this to help end it all.

This book and it’s author is not to be held responsible in the effects of any arguments won, cases finished, job interviews or political elections that you may win, lose or otherwise be a part of throughout your life.

When you need it all you have to do is quote it and open this document to the page to prove that yes someone actually put all of these in a book. By the time they figured out what happened all they can do is get one for themselves and leave you to eat your well seasoned victory.

So crack the cover and get to reading some new verbal ammunition. Mull some of the thoughts and even how they correspond in your life and enjoy the book.

Spirit of Competition

The edge of our great species can be found in the vast wealth of things where we can get in to serious game mode, board games, politics, independent contracts, sweepstakes and more. Rock, paper, scissors has a pro league and if the thought of that does not make your head ring then I do not know what will.

Overly competitive people will often not understand the reasons behind some things. From runners to pro gamers overly competitive people will not understand the reasons behind some things, and as long as they feel the thrill along the way over everything else. Before you try to walk away level some of these bombs to get your point across.

Without competition, how can you test yourself?”

I would be rather be the worst man fighting against legends then the best man fighting fools.”

Never anger a gentle men in competition for it is the only place to see why they are gentle without repercussions.”

The charm of competition is letting your base nature out and everyone should know their own.”

The worst thing you can do no matter the battle is awaken the storm when the winds are calm.”

The greater the reward, the greater the drive needed.”

Never think someone cannot beat you. When you do you will be at your weakest.”

Be your best so win or lose you will know where you stand.”

Winning fairly and winning honorably are night and day. Fairly gets the job done while those remembered for it.”

Even on your best day you can lose.”

A hard loss feels like a heavy wound, but the best use those wounds to push further in their training.”

To make progress, to compete in anything you must fight.”

The venom of a loser mocked is a powerful weapon.”

It is not youth nor age that matters, but how to act and react.”

Looking past an opponent can make you blind to a loss.”

If people understood what impossible was then many more would at least try.”

On any day the greatest champion can be put down by a novice.”

Before you compete, ask yourself why you will do so. To win an event is a much different play style then overall growth.”

An opponent tempered by hard losses can turn a simple choice in to the fight of your life.”

The road to your goals will end with you fighting against your worst qualities.”

Why I Was Out

So I couldn’t post yesterday but I think I have enough for two posts today to right the scales.

The reason I couldn’t do any typing yesterday was that I had to go to the hospital. Picture some big dude in a black t shirt and jeans walking away with a slight swagger going to the restroom only for them to not come back. The big man who was swaying lightly now is suddenly dizzy enough that without the walls to walk he cannot go anywhere.

Take all that and suddenly everything is spinning all you know is your feet are under you in some fashion. After the retching, the loss of feeling in your arms, you keep trying to push yourself through the day. Day after day just trying to get something started and for it to be struck down again was something that really got to me. I am usually the person that can do something and just over the past few months the only news received was something is wrong and we just do not know what.

Right now typing this everything feels like its spinning around me and if I go any faster then a snail’s pace then I will find myself in a wall or on the ground. Now for a while I have been trying to get some insurance to get checked out properly. Without proper use of one’s arms, without the ability to balance properly, without the ability to even stay standing makes work a touch difficult. Actually I was swaying so much that even working at getting to my desk was an adventure, and work thought I should go the hospital. Really though it killed me because even typing this the spinning has not stopped, but when I sit down it does get a little better. Still cannot move as fast as I had wish, but that does not mean we will stop. We just have to rebuild again, and I have to keep my head up to do it.

It really sucks because that was not the case about a year ago. All this started with a case of cellulitis in my legs. Since then it has been more and more problems that just seemed to knock me back when I take a step forward. Aggravating in any case over the year it took am moment to decide on a picture for this one. Being the wrestling fan and considering that there is a fight club wallpaper on my laptop right now the most sense for stuff I had found.redesign


Time To Switch It Up

I wanted Shattered Reflection to reach 65,000 word wise. It would be on the lower end of things and I can put in enough stories that a good number of people would find interesting. I had pushed hard to make it to 50,000 enough for about 77 pages which is pretty hard to do considering everything, but that was okay. Doing it had done a lot to look back learning little bits about myself.

Fighting under street lights, being shot at multiple times, betrayals and few true good friends. Everything that had been powered through in my life made a lot of interesting stories doing things that some people may not have had experience doing. I was a backyard wrestler, a problem solver, a doodler, cook, and an all around smart ass. Call it the passing of genetic talent when it comes to that last one because if there was anything my family had in the vein of born talent. Back to the point at hand though all the stuff to this point made me realize somethings.

Normally, I do not want to be really cocky for the most part, or I will turn in to a persona that is cocky to comedic effect. Looking back at everything in the format of a book made me really gain some perspective on some things. For all the work I did burn myself out on it so taking a moment away will do some good while I work on some other writing projects.

There is a short story I have been meaning to type up just on the thought of prom experiences. I never had any great ones, but I also am a fan of the sweet romances. Think like Kakashi from Naruto except even more saccharine romance being read.

Also, I have something going on where I may get a camera for the two food books that need them. Finally getting that portion done will make me happy, as it has been on the docket for quite a while. Getting those projects closer to completion would make me a happy person.

Typey Typey Typey

Shattered Reflections is just about 30k in words with a goal at just about 65k. What gets me more then the writing is the typing because now to allude to 2 the Ranting Gryphon. I have a shoulders and neck made out of candy corn. Things happen it just cuts my speed in half, and I have gone over that before. That does not mean that we can’t learn from it. I hate having something negative. I do not like cons that can’t be turned in to a pro through either a style change or something.

Despite my speed being dropped by half, but it has given me a better process to add or edit details in the various forms of typings. Maybe exchanging the speed of the old school gunman for more of the calculation of the sniper if we want to look at it in a action hero inspired light.

Looking at NaNoWriMo coming up all I would hope is that my big two writing projects are at least typed up. That will be difficult to do, but part of me is kinda relishing the challenge because I know what I can do the question is can it be pulled off. Can the mental strength get past all the problems that may pop up physically. Which is the stronger side of people, mental or physical?

To get some of the works done would be great to have it ready to go and then more of the advertising would begin again. If the pictures can be added to the other books then there is a possible of four books that could be released. Wanting to be a writer that can sustain on his own works can be. Trying to break in as writing for a job has been a little more difficult. That’s okay though because the harder the trip, the sweeter the victory.

Typing and Games

Right now Shattered Reflections stands at about 11k words and my shoulders are already complaining about what is to come. The goal on this project is 65k to 90k erring probably on the shorter side. It is an auto biographical project that some people have asked for after finding out some of the experiences I have had. The way it is right now I am just looking at it as a good way to practice writing of that length. Considering writing is something I want to get better at and grow maybe into a career or at least something that would be interesting to try.

My typing speed has taken a nose dive because of my shoulders which sounds weird, but you need your shoulders to keep things going. Without a good base then your arm is pretty much only half of what you can do at your best, and that is weird to think about unless you need to. It will be something that will just be just needed to worked through because, and anyone that has a condition that has to deal with pain can tell you one must either handle it and use it to push or they will always be pushed because of it.

It is nice to see the old stories as well just to go back in time again for certain things. Doing a project like this provides you with some perspective that some people do not have just going through the paces in an average life. This world has too much in it to experience for people to just go through the paces month to month and year to year. Which by the way my father the self professed redneck and I decided a few weeks ago to have a single day in the city of Portland which will be an experience on here soon.

Things are going as well as as they can. Found a little time to play a little bit relaxing with one of the Ludum Dare creations called Steam Heart. It will bring a lot of memories of old Megaman games, and I played to the end of the first boss while not botching too badly. Unfortunately those are the kinds of games that I have absolutely no skill in, and boy does it show. The game is fun enough that even scrubs like me can get through the first boss somewhat easily. The controls are easy to pick up and if you like those kinds of games then please look it up on Newgrounds or even on Google.

Writing Contest – 1 down

I am also doing writing contests. One of which that I had found was interesting. You had to write a life lesson you have learned with fifteen hundred words or less. It does not cost anything to enter this contest.

Recently, I took some time to get in to the spirit of the contest. What would I want to tell myself from an earlier age. What my life lesson was may seem a bit strange, but I have a fair amount of words to explain it and so it can be surmised just as.

Learn to fight.

Now, fight in this case is specifically the definition of concentrating your efforts towards something. I have been in enough fights of the other variety for a lifetime and really throughout my life if I didn’t go through those moments then I would have never get the grasp of this one. Violence is in all honesty something that is almost tiring even if it was for the best reasons. My body looks like a roadmap of scars sometimes, and considering how little I went to the hospital. Well, there is going to be a price to pay on that.

Learning to concentrate one’s efforts does not mean going out to pick fistfights with everyone that passes by. You can fight in ways when it comes in refrence to a skill or competition. Fighting for a goal is what some people should really work on more, myself included.

I recently just got the writing portion on it done which sounds easy at fifteen hundred words or less working with that size you can’t mince words. When it’s time to put everything in I hope I do well.

Not the most tech savvy – Update

So I do not know if this is WordPress or Windows updating but the theme on my blog does not come through on my screen. While I am working on that there are few other things that are getting some steam rolling and although each one doesn’t deserve its own post yet it is still enough for an all round update.

I am still learning the ins and outs of this wordpress deal. I don’t think I will ever stop learning, but if anyone else is having little problems with their blog then let me know. Did you get it fixed? Was it something that just took time to handle?

Anyway, on the books the editing has begun. Slow going just on the fact that I get an hour in here and there after work.

The card game has been paused for a moment because for the ones where rough sketches are needed it just does not feel right whenever one is atrempted.

Business wise there will be some small sales of the bath salts and a couple other products. Packaging is being a little difficult, and after looking some different designs there may be more on that coming.

Got ten writing contests  of which that I either have writing projects that already work for entry or create from scratch. The first one is a life lesson in 1500 words or less and mine will be to “learn to fight”.

Gotten some advertising for different projects coming up, but as Jim Carrey said ” Can’t make the scene if you don’t have the green.”

Otherwise it may be slow but it is gonna go and I hope you all have a good week. .

So my father recently started his own adventure riding across the country on his Harley.  All this was the epilogue after a painful loss in our family he decided to take the trip that he and his girlfriend were supposed to take. To help catalogue his adventures he has his own Facebook page that I will link down below and if you want to see what he is up to he does post his pictures from there.

He as to my knowledge has not done a whole lot of professional writing, but he will be doing some articles for the Harley owners group. More info will be on his page where you will find a lot of information about things he has found on his trip. Roller coasters will be big in the future of this trip as that was the main point of it when Tana was around.

I think it will be interesting to get to see some of what he does during he does during this cross country adventure.