Short Update

I had some recent problems that cracked my spirit a bit bu I managed to get within 4k words. it is so close that it could be done provided I get one more day of good rest which seems to escape me.

Recently my father, who has been helping me out as my condition worsens as been touted as someone living at the apartment despite him driving to and fro almost every day. On top of that, there was a recent letter telling us we had to leave on December the 1st because of it. It had to take three different people telling them that a provision in their contract is against city law especially on what accounts for a guest. Their determination to keep with their contract despite it impacting what the city counts as renters rights.

Far be it for anyone to actually read the law. It is hard enough to fact check them because many times when you ask for a copy of the contract they will not give you one until it is signing time and they rush you through as soon as possible. We are still doing the channel when the living conditions get hammered out which may be in a fair amount of time. Where things stand now, I can still record portions of it as well as work harder on my writing and be learning to make art from the computer.

I am going to try and sleep once again.

Op Noobs Opinion Pieces

So I tried to answer an ad on Craigslist about a gaming website where they had just wanted a game review and that they would supply the steam keys for it. It was a small amount of work that I could do very easily, and I felt happy to give it a crack. I send some feelers out and we start the process to see if I can write for them.

I love games and this would help flesh out my portfolio so to speak. It would allow me to also start building my portfolio more while getting more traction as an article writer. It would give me some free games to play and that was payment enough for what I was doing. Let’s see where things go from here.

My first assignment just to see my range of writing was an opinion piece. You can check their website to see what counts as opinion pieces about PC gaming. Give them a look when you have the time just seeing all this stuff that counts as opinion pieces. They had a fair variety of different subjects that I thought could be played around with. If you are curious you can look at it by looking up

Got a reply back that my work has personality that they really like. Unfortunately, they also said that my sentence structure needs work, and that was the big problem. It was big enough that I wasn’t wanted to write at this time which is gutting for me, but it also gives me something to work on. I will have the pieces on here in the next couple days just so you can see what I attempted to get this position with.

Going to work on my sentence structure, and make sure to remember that article writing and book writing are two different forms with different things needed for the product.

Wattpad and NaNoWriMo

Ya, I am kinda dumb not gonna lie. In my defense I did have my arms out in a lot of different things. I just found out about Wattpad and looking around it seems like a great place to get some chops with more writing contests and right now I had ten to go for by this point, but only made it through six of them.

Winners are not picked for most of them until spring of next year so in the meantime while everything else is going there needs to be more stuff to try. One does not simply get anywhere by resting on small successes so with a whole new world of writing to try it will be very interesting in the next week especially with the big literary fight coming over the hill in the form of NaNoWriMo who currently owns a pair of victories that I can remember over me.

I am training for this I want this out of the way. I want to beat the NaNoWriMo challenge that got me twice and it will happen. After that or if things go well then maybe my book will find their ways on Wattpad. We shall see what will happen, but also in the mean time part of my training is to get some story lines set just in case my freestyle does not pan out with enough words then I have a couple more to start working on.

My health may not be at its highest, but that do not means it will be easier. Some people get a little more cagey and wily when pushed back and this time it may be me in the corner, but with eyes on the target it may just come down to being a little bit smarter then just bull rushing things like my usual M.O.

There will not be a three-peat against me on this one.

Blog Changes

More then a couple years later and some tweaks through the night and there are some pages already set up for different things to come along and stay on my blog. Writing projects are getting close to completion and I think some space should be made up for it again. I found a theme I could actually enjoy more so and feel good with having for long periods of time it seems to work well for everything I want to do with it.

Even years later parts of it just has not worked as well as I had wished. Other times when trying out other themes despite the technical workings they just looked boring. I actually looked at it after tinkering with everything and went.

“Oh, it looks like my blog now.”

Only took a couple years, countless attempts, still trying to find my voice on some things, late nights and superkick parties to get it to this point.

Since then the projects have been going although the more artistic based things are slowly taking more of my time while my body needs time to recuperate. Currently though it does give me time to put things in order and use my blog as more of a tool in some things then just my thoughts on this, that, and the third. I can also get a portfolio set up as a project and use that for other things.

What gets me is how many people have subscribed to me as a blog because one thing I have not done is brought this to my family. Family from what I have been reading is supposed to be the first group of people you bring anything like this for those first few likes and whatnot. Even when I put it up on my personal Facebook page to begin with my family didn’t touch it, and that is okay. Now the blog will have a new Facebook banner when I get to it and everything is at least not blowing up in my face.

One more thing off the list, and the blog is looking nicer I think. We will move on to more victories (hopefully)

NaNoWriMo Plan

I did not finish Nanowrimo last year. I got about two thirds through before petering out.

This time I am going to do something a little different. There is a lot of different writing projects that seem to be just hanging on and so I will use this time to clear the docket, and you can call it a freestyle NaNoWriMo.

My plan will be to complete writing projects that have sit somewhere in limbo and count that towards my 50k limit. There are a couple lengthy projects that really need to be finished, and I think using that time towards those would be a good idea to help clear some of the longest waiting items. Some people may call this cheating, but this would be how I can get the most of 50k of words.

If everything goes as I planned this time then two major products will be completed. We shall see how well that works at the end of the the thirty days. Doing it in this way there has to be a couple rules about it.

First, all those words will be going towards novel projects. Short stories do not count towards the word count unfortunately. November 1st I will have a rolling total of all currently running ones as a blog post that way I can keep myself honest, but you can also see the progress I am making.

Second, when I feel a rough draft is complete then it will allow me the freedom to call it from there. I do not think I have enough experience to make a good novel out of a word deadline. Maybe I will be close or a little over and that won’t make me flip out. I can feel better knowing there doesn’t need to be any padding for the sake of this project which sits on my mind sometimes. Even when I said things about word counts on projects it always seems to weigh on my mind. Putting it a little further back while focusing on the content I hope brings the best out of me.whats-next

My Biggest Problem In Blogging

I thought I should start off with the problems that I know I have doing this blog for so many years and getting some things out to be read. I feel it could be a touch more successful. I do a very small amount of advertising on it. Over time it has always been my biggest problem because I would want to put it in places where people could enjoy it, but on the flipside I don’t want to endlessly advertise it to the point that people are just sick of it. Doing it has to be done with a balance between the two because although I do not have a more focused subject blog there are things that I have learned that can be useful to others.

Youtube is the same way I want to advertise because there I games I find that are really fun, yet free to play. I do some other videos about subjects, but I find that having it be just on one subject as a blog or a channel makes things somewhat boring. There will always need to be some variety to make them really come through.

It is something I actually spent many hours poring over different strategies, and how business works on both sides to get a better understanding of how some may look at it. Putting it all in my head there was nothing that really felt right until while I was in bed rolling around from the pain of a popped tendon that it struck me.

Keeping all those things in mind made me lose the point. Something so astonishingly simple that looking at everything made me want to just slap my head. It will be something that kinda gave me some information that was sorely needed. Looking back, yes some mistakes were made and some things could have been done better, but I do some good stuff. Since I do good stuff between this blog and the channel I need to find ways where I can just take a step back and have more fun with it without it being a soul crushing defeat like so many projects of people tend to turn into.

October Blogging Challenge


A thirty one day blogging challenge has seemed interesting to me. It also sounds very hard to do. Despite everything right now I cannot think of how things would go for thirty days of blog posts. I am going to try though. It never hurts to challenge yourself, except you know when you challenge yourself and it does hurt. I am sure you people understand the point I am trying to make.

I will give myself some rules to work by to prevent cheesing. I want to put stuff up I can get behind whether it is an opinion piece, writing, excerpt, project update, or something else.

Three hundred words is the minimum of things per blog post, and the reason why that is the minimum amount. Going under that would seem to be a post that does not allow itself some substance. If suddenly a ten thousand words or even a couple thousand words post may get a little boring to slog through. If there are going to be longer posts it may be small stories or longer excerpts from some of the books.

I think this will be something good in the long run provided I can connect on the full month of October. The full month will have one post for every day making 31 posts total. This will get interesting just on the part that everything would be. For all of the posts I will try to have as many pictures to keep it interesting. Using pictures that I don’t make is something I have to work on because there are things that could definitely use a picture, but how I give credit for the pictures was something that always confused me. Outside of memes or little sarcastic thing or memes where as long as I am not selling or profiting directly from it.

A Day in Portland

Before going to the Grand Prix when it rolled through my home city my father decided to take the day and hang out seeing different things that people have told me to go check out while I was working on my stuff. My father and I had started from on of the MAX stations. The MAX is our form of train that goes through the city and even reach to some of the smaller towns on each side. Buses would then work often from those stops branching out from the main train lines making transport when you cannot drive at least somewhat.

Finally though I have decided on how a rating system should work on this as well because there was a lot of different experiences. It is an easy system that explains things I think. One to ten allows a fair enough range where people can discern a little better versus maybe a five point or star system. Next would be how the numbers are in context to each other and of course all judgings are simply an opinion based on the enjoyment that was had.

Zero is the absolute worst. Getting a zero is akin to me out at the place wanting to light it on fire, and hoping whatever is built on the ashes is better. Ten is perfection. Saying something is ten out of ten is the magical euphoric moment that everything in life has been building to and my pants will be caked with the joy of a thousand angels that have cried just being in the universe when such a moment exists. In short not happening in this life time and if it does then it won’t happen that many times. Five is average and that is just the everyday place you go and leave no harm nor boon. That will happen a lot as it will be the average on my guideline.

Ground Kontrol was something as a gamer people told me to go see and how everything was the bee’s knees, but instead of being the cat’s pajamas it just belonged in the litter box. Our food was nearly thrown at us and their was near no one there. The games were okay, but after bad food we had to hit the can. It took half an hour to be buzzed in to somewhere I would rather not go again. Food was bland, second floor a fire hazard according to an experienced ex fire inspector, had to be buzzed in to. Final call 3/10

Kell’s was a stop to try getting the taste of the food with the place been around for close to a century. Being around that long one has to be good at something, and despite the couple hiccups it did not disappoint. The only two problems I had was that their lamb stew was more like a thin broth with some under cooked potatoes that seemed weird. You would expect lamb stew to be done well at an Irish place. Whiskey was good for the price and my fish and chips and scotch egg were good. Final call 6/10

Finally that leaves us to the Lovecraft bar where every thing was just not going right for us. It was hot, both of our knees were not enjoying it, my skeleton was feeling like it was made of candy corn. So walking in to a nice dark cool bar was just fine especially since they had just opened for the day, and no one was in there. It was clearly a dance bar getting ready for the night shift starting at about ten in the evening. One thing about this bar was we found out it was a vegan bar when it came to their food, but we had already eaten so we just decided to have a couple drinks. Going somewhere with only vegan food when you are not can be a bit intimidating to some, but that was not the case here. They had an amazing assortment of tea and the bartender was a very friendly young lady who answered our questions while she was organizing the booze shipment for the night. Pops enjoyed the horror theme, so much he said he was going back. I will head back here, but it may take a while since I am on the other side from the western suburbs. Not taking any food in mind, which will be done next time means a final call of 9/10.

Ground Kontrol nearly screwed up the day with how bad they were, and Lovecraft made sure the end was on a positive note.