Blog Changes

More then a couple years later and some tweaks through the night and there are some pages already set up for different things to come along and stay on my blog. Writing projects are getting close to completion and I think some space should be made up for it again. I found a theme I could actually enjoy more so and feel good with having for long periods of time it seems to work well for everything I want to do with it.

Even years later parts of it just has not worked as well as I had wished. Other times when trying out other themes despite the technical workings they just looked boring. I actually looked at it after tinkering with everything and went.

“Oh, it looks like my blog now.”

Only took a couple years, countless attempts, still trying to find my voice on some things, late nights and superkick parties to get it to this point.

Since then the projects have been going although the more artistic based things are slowly taking more of my time while my body needs time to recuperate. Currently though it does give me time to put things in order and use my blog as more of a tool in some things then just my thoughts on this, that, and the third. I can also get a portfolio set up as a project and use that for other things.

What gets me is how many people have subscribed to me as a blog because one thing I have not done is brought this to my family. Family from what I have been reading is supposed to be the first group of people you bring anything like this for those first few likes and whatnot. Even when I put it up on my personal Facebook page to begin with my family didn’t touch it, and that is okay. Now the blog will have a new Facebook banner when I get to it and everything is at least not blowing up in my face.

One more thing off the list, and the blog is looking nicer I think. We will move on to more victories (hopefully)

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