NaNoWriMo Plan

I did not finish Nanowrimo last year. I got about two thirds through before petering out.

This time I am going to do something a little different. There is a lot of different writing projects that seem to be just hanging on and so I will use this time to clear the docket, and you can call it a freestyle NaNoWriMo.

My plan will be to complete writing projects that have sit somewhere in limbo and count that towards my 50k limit. There are a couple lengthy projects that really need to be finished, and I think using that time towards those would be a good idea to help clear some of the longest waiting items. Some people may call this cheating, but this would be how I can get the most of 50k of words.

If everything goes as I planned this time then two major products will be completed. We shall see how well that works at the end of the the thirty days. Doing it in this way there has to be a couple rules about it.

First, all those words will be going towards novel projects. Short stories do not count towards the word count unfortunately. November 1st I will have a rolling total of all currently running ones as a blog post that way I can keep myself honest, but you can also see the progress I am making.

Second, when I feel a rough draft is complete then it will allow me the freedom to call it from there. I do not think I have enough experience to make a good novel out of a word deadline. Maybe I will be close or a little over and that won’t make me flip out. I can feel better knowing there doesn’t need to be any padding for the sake of this project which sits on my mind sometimes. Even when I said things about word counts on projects it always seems to weigh on my mind. Putting it a little further back while focusing on the content I hope brings the best out of me.whats-next

Typey Typey Typey

Shattered Reflections is just about 30k in words with a goal at just about 65k. What gets me more then the writing is the typing because now to allude to 2 the Ranting Gryphon. I have a shoulders and neck made out of candy corn. Things happen it just cuts my speed in half, and I have gone over that before. That does not mean that we can’t learn from it. I hate having something negative. I do not like cons that can’t be turned in to a pro through either a style change or something.

Despite my speed being dropped by half, but it has given me a better process to add or edit details in the various forms of typings. Maybe exchanging the speed of the old school gunman for more of the calculation of the sniper if we want to look at it in a action hero inspired light.

Looking at NaNoWriMo coming up all I would hope is that my big two writing projects are at least typed up. That will be difficult to do, but part of me is kinda relishing the challenge because I know what I can do the question is can it be pulled off. Can the mental strength get past all the problems that may pop up physically. Which is the stronger side of people, mental or physical?

To get some of the works done would be great to have it ready to go and then more of the advertising would begin again. If the pictures can be added to the other books then there is a possible of four books that could be released. Wanting to be a writer that can sustain on his own works can be. Trying to break in as writing for a job has been a little more difficult. That’s okay though because the harder the trip, the sweeter the victory.