Two Months Left

November comes, and things change in the game of tomes. New forces want to make a name, and old ones want to re-establish why they had been around so long. I won the first time to show I could write. I won the second individual award to show that I belonged. Since then, life has gotten only more chaotic and more painful. I am a senator of the student body in my community college. Now, as it stands, I will be moving forward as the only two-time winner competing because of events in between the competitions.

The other one, who was in my house also, had not been able to continue moving forward. We have a new leader in my house, and now I am the elder. I am the person with the longest tenure. My house has never been the house that won, and now we need to be a major player more than ever. So my goal is half a million to do half a million words or edits in thirty days when it was such a problem a year ago to do a million.

The first time was to try, second was to show I belonged. Each time the past few have been a problem because there has been more that takes my energy, and last time I pushed so hard my hands cramped up and needed days of rest just to loosen. I need to beat that score by about 80,000. Now, it is a small thing in life. Still, I never really counted myself as a writer and not even a good one at times. I need to work on self-depreciation, but this is a moment where if I want to show people they can through my action, I need the victory. There are enough projects I can do, and there are enough ways to work on them. It is just about if I have enough time and energy to do it on top of everything else.

Normally my writing has not been about me, or at least efforts were made to not have to be so self-focused. This is more just my thoughts because it hurt last time to finish, but it hurt more to finish second. In the time between events editing and polishing have been a focus, but there needs to be a victory here, to be the first to three. Not because of force but to show that I am genuinely about what I say I am, another piece of advice in a time seemingly ready to spin falsehoods. I want people to look at me in competitions and take a crack if that makes them better people. To be the one that people look to in something and goes, ‘if he can, then so can I”. To do it, I need to constantly push myself. Here is something where the victory individually needs to be mine.

The goal for this event is that there needs to be 50k every three days, no missing any, and no time off for thirty days. Something that I, three years ago, would have thought to be a fool’s errand.
I was close last time, I did the math, and if there was health for thirty days, I would have been brushing against it then. I have to find a way to make myself the machine I need to be to finish and then look at the plans for the next goals and see where my next steps are. That will be after this because a lot of work will need to be done.

This will not be so polished because there is doubt, and some portion is unsure if it can be done. There is no place it can stop me; it will just be me trying, and hopefully, it is enough. Afterward, the work can be done into something people can enjoy. I hope this month there is something you can go for as passionately as I go for mine, and if you do not, may I hope you find it.

Sorry for the thought vomit. I just had to get some things out.
Happy Halloween, and Stay Strong

Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor

Tiring, school is very tiring, but we had some work done, so let us go over the basics. I have found some places I can sell artwork. I think Redbubble will be my choice for right now as I have not heard too much negative from my friends using them, so that is coming soon. We have a lot of different artwork and even a couple of designs. I have one for a couple of designs I came up with when I was dabbling, and with the art and some other things, it could be a time to push that a little further. It will be fun to say I have merch and whatnot.
One other thing I wanted to get done is to fix up a Milwordy document readable in both excel and open office that can keep track of your word count if you try Milwordy or are just wanting something to keep you honest over a time frame. Due to how much time it took to get all the graphs ready on the last page breaking down by every three-month block what heavy edits, light edits writing and how everything stacks up. I will have it on Gumroad for a price of one dollar. It took me a fair amount of time. It includes something for excel, open office, and a read me, so anyone who wants to try Milwordy can give it a round. So products are going well. A few more of those are being sold, and been looking through the logistics for something akin to a U.S made version of Alibaba, something where it can be mass made in country, and yet that sort of thing does not exist; I have found.
I would like to get three things done, but looking at prices and some health risks on the third thing, the first two may be what I can do this year, and that is to upgrade both my desk and my computer because right now I am currently working on my laptop that has had some issues but has been like a good dog, faithful and doing its best for all it needs to do. Been a lot of work, and now we just need to keep rolling on everything else that is done. For all the problems there have been going on, I feel that a lot can be made and really build a better future we had in mind. It may be a pipe dream, but we shall see in that case.
So if you are a writer and fancy yourself wanting to see how much you do over a period, I will try to have this up after the Gumroad account has it. It may take me a few moments until afterward, but I am working on it. I am happy to see that it may be something to make a little money for writers. It may be late at night for me and maybe for you the day it comes out, but I hope you take a look and if you want to write and keep track then.

Trying to make things happen. Stay strong, everyone.

Writing at Nyoom Speed

Writing, writing, writing. I have been writing a lot recently and it has added up to a few things that will be sold soon but right now we have to go over the little treats for you all. Two projects. One, a selection of fanfiction. I challenged myself to write and that can be picked up off of Gumroad, that is something you do not need to pay for, none of my Gumroad ones are. Just, if you do want to pay something I would appreciate it.

70k of words as short stories in 2k to 2.5k each about a character I have in the game, because I like the game, and that is enough for that right now. Share it, join me on twitch, ( have a good time, but there is more that will be done in other things because you know I cannot rest for long periods of time. It just does not work well for me that way.

Also, after cost out it looks like I can sell each 4oz container by volume will be sold five dollars per but as one can see, there is a fair amount in each one and it will have flavors that will boost your food from the flat to the gold, but there is a video that is in the works. Five dollars per is at the high end of where I wanted it to be, and was within the range already in the stores. I still haven’t worked out the whole mail thing yet. Working on it, though, but it is a lot done in the month so far and we got a week and change to go.

We are going to get some stuff done, and hopefully have fun. It has been a rough road so far, but like everything you got to be more hard headed then your obstacles, and while I have had some low points, from the death of family members semi recently to issues with the body, it is still sweet to get a little progress. More is coming.

Stay Strong Everyone.

This is the face of nyoom. Speed unfiltered.

Kata In Administrative Violence

There is something in me that wishes wholeheartedly that makes me want to compete, and I know my body just does not take to it very well, it had been many years since heavy competition and every time I train often ends to me usually hurt and trying to tape myself together before getting even more hurt. What could be so painful as having a mind that is fine and a body that could be the cage, well sometimes one has to work within one’s capability and that means having to deal with the pain of what could have been needs to go away because in the new time one has to do the new things and through it great things can still be done.

For me I hate how my body breaks down but I have been doing more stretching and pushing different things further to try and get back some semblance of the energy I once had, and now despite the passing out at random times for certain things it means I can at least try to keep going.

Why am I yammering on like this? Well, right now there 8, yes 8 books to be edited and the end of this nano means one large fanfic project and another book so by the end of the month so there could be 9 or even 10 of them things get really pushed to the brink. Then there is the stuff with the food and then there are things coming together through some application of administrative violence.

Administrative violence is the practice of using the system against those who are being the pain in your ass and can be very useful as some days pass and people do not learn the lesson for not screwing with you. I would suggest everyone learn some administrative violence fighting technique and you will find yourself much more accepting of what cannot be changed and much more capable on the facets that can be.

So work well and stay strong.

November Begins.

Mentally I have constantly pushed ways to get better, and mental is a part of the game like everything else.

For those who do not know, I am disabled. I don’t think I have advertised it as much, but I haven’t hidden from it either. More of my nerve system is damaged than not, and that is always trouble, leading me to what we can call some unusual situations. Like dealing with disability judges, I bring part of this up because, for those who don’t know, I am getting close to 8 years fighting for a disability that we have medical testing. We have multiple examinations in favor.

I was told I could go into production with nerve damage in my hands, fingers, passing out, and vertigo spells.

I was told I could be a welder. This is not a joke, lets take Mr. McCrabclaw and then give him explosive fuels because nothing could go wrong. Let that be a lesson that if you can’t read and can only count to 1, you can always get a judge’s position in disability. Glad to know that the support net is there for them. What bothers me is that my story isn’t even the worst I have heard, I have gone to town halls and city meetings on this, and no one can tell me why this is the case.

You know how bad I feel when people look at me and see someone who represents them I feel horrible because I am not good at it. I am a loudmouth who used to cook and saw a load of bs where people said the disability system is.

However, it is educational because in a time where people have to seem to each have their own thing. Maybe, as the idea has been rattling in my brainpan, that I could perhaps do something because I am making progress, and I will do so until I cannot any further.

Also, I need to cost out, but I also need to work on writing projects, and it is NaNoWriMo, the month I am just trying to get to 75k in words across my projects so I can finish up as many projects as I can. Typing this on the first, I am already 10% of the way with this post. It will be a big month, and I need to step up to the plate.

It seems each month I need to go another level, and at this point, I am in what some would call the ‘fuck it’ territory, which can be best described for those who do not know with the picture below.

If you like my work, share it, talk about it and catch me on other places online, and I hope you all stay strong.

Nanowrimo 2016

So after a whole month and going down to the wire my word count is 50,743 making this year a success. In the process, I have finished both Shattered Reflections and my NaNoWriMo project from last year which has a title right now of Writing Time. That may change after some editing, and now I have decided on the next two book projects. The two finished ones will go into the editing pile while the next two are up one will be the sequel to Shattered Reflections.

Previously I may have said how I would not do it until my 30th birthday because of hearing about someone who has not lived life putting out books about life experiences seems a bit hollow. Shattered Reflections was stories about my life until the end of high school. From fights, shootings, police investigation, drug pushers, problem solvers, and I kept it to just about 66k words that it way it does not over stay its welcome. The sequel will be kept at about the same length and it has plenty of experiences to go in it including but not limited to college blacklists, lawyer payoffs, cooking on mountains, casino wins and losses, lawsuits, family drama, being lit on fire, fights, city fights, bad jobs, bad management and more. I always found a way to get into situations that most people hadn’t or shouldn’t but at least that will make it interesting.

Right now the big project is to as was said in a much earlier one have a dozen book projects before moving forward and it looks like there will be an almost even number between the two.

Time Wars is the project based on the media and audiences evolution over the past hundred years to present day as well as some theories on what the next hundred years could hold. It is the project currently up and I am aiming for about 80k word length, and of course allowing it if needs it or not. After the political cycle, I have found there is plenty there to write about with not a whole lot of people to do the writing. After that is the sequel to Shattered Reflections, and after that a Young Adult Fiction project. The card game is still dragging along and overall just things are getting there. Hopefully, I will have a better year coming up then I did before.


Short Update

I had some recent problems that cracked my spirit a bit bu I managed to get within 4k words. it is so close that it could be done provided I get one more day of good rest which seems to escape me.

Recently my father, who has been helping me out as my condition worsens as been touted as someone living at the apartment despite him driving to and fro almost every day. On top of that, there was a recent letter telling us we had to leave on December the 1st because of it. It had to take three different people telling them that a provision in their contract is against city law especially on what accounts for a guest. Their determination to keep with their contract despite it impacting what the city counts as renters rights.

Far be it for anyone to actually read the law. It is hard enough to fact check them because many times when you ask for a copy of the contract they will not give you one until it is signing time and they rush you through as soon as possible. We are still doing the channel when the living conditions get hammered out which may be in a fair amount of time. Where things stand now, I can still record portions of it as well as work harder on my writing and be learning to make art from the computer.

I am going to try and sleep once again.

Update so far

I originally came out of the gate strong with a full 6,000 on the first day. Thought the sooner that it could get done meant the sooner it all could be over with victory well in hand. My health decided to throw the spanner in the works there.

I can barely move now without bumping in to anything, I need a cane full time, and I am currently on Tramadol that makes the dizziness in even worse. On top of the other factors just having my body deal with burnt out any lead I had as now I currently stand  going on the same rate which is something that I did not want to happen. Trying to draw blood for the tests was something too difficult that the office was afraid I would pass out with the loss making it even harder to get more tests done.

On the good side of things. I helped design part of someone else’s cover. Did a little art jam to start getting used to as a major art setup and I feel with time it may just be able to do what I wish. It took me about 30 mins, and after putting it up as something to help an actual artist they actually enjoyed mine to the point of picking it to use. It will get me a nice little nod, and credit for the illustration in book. That was not expected, but hey as long as everyone is happy then it is something that can be at least put in the art portfolio.

Still got time to pull this writing challenge around. 30k is a good place to be, but I will be a lot happier at 50k. Their is also another non fiction book idea that will be worked on after this writing project is done. It seems that after this month their are a couple ideas for a December goal.

Everything all said and done it was interesting so where does that leave the blog going after this because doing daily posts will be rough. First, is the whole thing of what will be done in November there will be posts twice a week instead of a rolling tally just to keep some of my sanity in tact allowing me to focus on the matter at hand.

There are some failures that need to be righted this month. While that is going there are other things that will need portions of my attention. Keeping it to a more conservative blogging schedule like that will be important, and I will try to clear the 50 k as soon as possible.

Last year taught me how my health could nosedive even further. The year before that taught me how I could better prepare for it. Part of being so serious is also the mind set. If I can’t do this after the third try, the thought already in my head is if I can be a writer at all. Having my hands and arms hit by this mysterious sickness only drives me up a wall. I will not let my health take something like this from me. It will be a proof of concept. Can I write enough to possibly be an author? Is there enough to pull it off?

Maybe there is who knows, and all I can hope is at the end I can look at it with the pride of a victory. I don’t think I can suffer the sting of defeat on this for a third time with all my doubts. Part of why this one will also be so late is because as of me typing this it is 11:30 PM which means this challenge is over. Completed despite a couple hiccups in the timing everything was finished.

🙂 ← This is me smiling, and if you ask my family it happens maybe a dozen times a year.

Off we go…(soon)

So in getting ready for the upcoming month I had worked myself up. Not in just an anxiety, but the Pringles on my shoulder were just making me a little steamed at everything. Helping to get some aggression put away decided to play one of the games I reviewed and completely beat it in the span of a couple hours. I had fun with it for what it was it had 96 puzzles that took a lot of thought on patterns fitting only certain pieces in an exact area leaving no open spaces or overlaps. It is on Steam called Sigils of Elohim. You can look it up if you want. It is free on steam and if you play The Talos Chronicles then you may get some in game stuff out of it.

I want this to be my month after this challenge is finished coming up. When I put everything into something and fail it just drives me up a wall. Making sure I learn from it is one thing, but it still just takes up space when I put my mind focused on something without figuring it out or completing it.

That’s how I got my first book done. That is how I finished the Spartan Sprint. I feel like this time this challenge will not get the better of me. Yes, I have harped on this before, but that is just a perfect example of how it kinda wears on me Sometimes it does happen and you do your best while things just do not head your way, but trying and being unable to finish something due to a lack of skill just takes something out of me.

I thought about how I could get the most out of the challenge. Figured how I could best use my strengths and hide my weaknesses on this challenge, and after all the thought it is just time now to wait until the green light. I won’t be talking in groups so much because of it. The blog challenge I have been doing has been something of a warm up and test in one go because I have also had to look back on my previous pieces that will be finished and familiarize myself again with the workings. Good luck to everyone on it.