Nanowrimo 2016

So after a whole month and going down to the wire my word count is 50,743 making this year a success. In the process, I have finished both Shattered Reflections and my NaNoWriMo project from last year which has a title right now of Writing Time. That may change after some editing, and now I have decided on the next two book projects. The two finished ones will go into the editing pile while the next two are up one will be the sequel to Shattered Reflections.

Previously I may have said how I would not do it until my 30th birthday because of hearing about someone who has not lived life putting out books about life experiences seems a bit hollow. Shattered Reflections was stories about my life until the end of high school. From fights, shootings, police investigation, drug pushers, problem solvers, and I kept it to just about 66k words that it way it does not over stay its welcome. The sequel will be kept at about the same length and it has plenty of experiences to go in it including but not limited to college blacklists, lawyer payoffs, cooking on mountains, casino wins and losses, lawsuits, family drama, being lit on fire, fights, city fights, bad jobs, bad management and more. I always found a way to get into situations that most people hadn’t or shouldn’t but at least that will make it interesting.

Right now the big project is to as was said in a much earlier one have a dozen book projects before moving forward and it looks like there will be an almost even number between the two.

Time Wars is the project based on the media and audiences evolution over the past hundred years to present day as well as some theories on what the next hundred years could hold. It is the project currently up and I am aiming for about 80k word length, and of course allowing it if needs it or not. After the political cycle, I have found there is plenty there to write about with not a whole lot of people to do the writing. After that is the sequel to Shattered Reflections, and after that a Young Adult Fiction project. The card game is still dragging along and overall just things are getting there. Hopefully, I will have a better year coming up then I did before.


Short Update

I had some recent problems that cracked my spirit a bit bu I managed to get within 4k words. it is so close that it could be done provided I get one more day of good rest which seems to escape me.

Recently my father, who has been helping me out as my condition worsens as been touted as someone living at the apartment despite him driving to and fro almost every day. On top of that, there was a recent letter telling us we had to leave on December the 1st because of it. It had to take three different people telling them that a provision in their contract is against city law especially on what accounts for a guest. Their determination to keep with their contract despite it impacting what the city counts as renters rights.

Far be it for anyone to actually read the law. It is hard enough to fact check them because many times when you ask for a copy of the contract they will not give you one until it is signing time and they rush you through as soon as possible. We are still doing the channel when the living conditions get hammered out which may be in a fair amount of time. Where things stand now, I can still record portions of it as well as work harder on my writing and be learning to make art from the computer.

I am going to try and sleep once again.

Update so far

I originally came out of the gate strong with a full 6,000 on the first day. Thought the sooner that it could get done meant the sooner it all could be over with victory well in hand. My health decided to throw the spanner in the works there.

I can barely move now without bumping in to anything, I need a cane full time, and I am currently on Tramadol that makes the dizziness in even worse. On top of the other factors just having my body deal with burnt out any lead I had as now I currently stand  going on the same rate which is something that I did not want to happen. Trying to draw blood for the tests was something too difficult that the office was afraid I would pass out with the loss making it even harder to get more tests done.

On the good side of things. I helped design part of someone else’s cover. Did a little art jam to start getting used to as a major art setup and I feel with time it may just be able to do what I wish. It took me about 30 mins, and after putting it up as something to help an actual artist they actually enjoyed mine to the point of picking it to use. It will get me a nice little nod, and credit for the illustration in book. That was not expected, but hey as long as everyone is happy then it is something that can be at least put in the art portfolio.

Still got time to pull this writing challenge around. 30k is a good place to be, but I will be a lot happier at 50k. Their is also another non fiction book idea that will be worked on after this writing project is done. It seems that after this month their are a couple ideas for a December goal.

Everything all said and done it was interesting so where does that leave the blog going after this because doing daily posts will be rough. First, is the whole thing of what will be done in November there will be posts twice a week instead of a rolling tally just to keep some of my sanity in tact allowing me to focus on the matter at hand.

There are some failures that need to be righted this month. While that is going there are other things that will need portions of my attention. Keeping it to a more conservative blogging schedule like that will be important, and I will try to clear the 50 k as soon as possible.

Last year taught me how my health could nosedive even further. The year before that taught me how I could better prepare for it. Part of being so serious is also the mind set. If I can’t do this after the third try, the thought already in my head is if I can be a writer at all. Having my hands and arms hit by this mysterious sickness only drives me up a wall. I will not let my health take something like this from me. It will be a proof of concept. Can I write enough to possibly be an author? Is there enough to pull it off?

Maybe there is who knows, and all I can hope is at the end I can look at it with the pride of a victory. I don’t think I can suffer the sting of defeat on this for a third time with all my doubts. Part of why this one will also be so late is because as of me typing this it is 11:30 PM which means this challenge is over. Completed despite a couple hiccups in the timing everything was finished.

🙂 ← This is me smiling, and if you ask my family it happens maybe a dozen times a year.

Off we go…(soon)

So in getting ready for the upcoming month I had worked myself up. Not in just an anxiety, but the Pringles on my shoulder were just making me a little steamed at everything. Helping to get some aggression put away decided to play one of the games I reviewed and completely beat it in the span of a couple hours. I had fun with it for what it was it had 96 puzzles that took a lot of thought on patterns fitting only certain pieces in an exact area leaving no open spaces or overlaps. It is on Steam called Sigils of Elohim. You can look it up if you want. It is free on steam and if you play The Talos Chronicles then you may get some in game stuff out of it.

I want this to be my month after this challenge is finished coming up. When I put everything into something and fail it just drives me up a wall. Making sure I learn from it is one thing, but it still just takes up space when I put my mind focused on something without figuring it out or completing it.

That’s how I got my first book done. That is how I finished the Spartan Sprint. I feel like this time this challenge will not get the better of me. Yes, I have harped on this before, but that is just a perfect example of how it kinda wears on me Sometimes it does happen and you do your best while things just do not head your way, but trying and being unable to finish something due to a lack of skill just takes something out of me.

I thought about how I could get the most out of the challenge. Figured how I could best use my strengths and hide my weaknesses on this challenge, and after all the thought it is just time now to wait until the green light. I won’t be talking in groups so much because of it. The blog challenge I have been doing has been something of a warm up and test in one go because I have also had to look back on my previous pieces that will be finished and familiarize myself again with the workings. Good luck to everyone on it.

Nanowrimo – Title in progress

“Something to show that we are a lot deeper then we had thought.”

Nodding lightly I could see they did not want me to know. Which was aggravating I mean because I had gone out for these guys what could be so painful to look at where two guys one being shot before had finally broken down to tears. Taking a deep breath I decided to see what was on the computer myself going through the door with a purpose. I was mad as my steps echoed off the tiles before stomping away in to the break room. There may have been a slight temper tantrum being thrown however. for everything I just went through including illegal activities, I felt had the right to know.

Opening the door with a silent push the laptop was on the table and with a push of the key the scree was beginning to brighten…

Her tears still got pulled the anger of everything welling up inside her as she pushed away from the desk. She could not put so much of this or she would have to sell the book in the adult fiction section. Looking towards the clock she was halfway through the night with plenty more to get through. The files were a dry shock to everyone’s systems before showing them what they had to do. After all it was just the beginning of that week and now that they were gone she could barely put herself together. She was supposed to go to college figure out her life and live like everyone else. Opening the door to see no one still up she went back to her bed before laying across on it to pull a small shoe box pulling the top off. A collection of items littered the inside of the box in a random placement. Each item lead to something that she would take to remember the situations they represented.

A half dollar, half of an old school stage magician’s wand, an hourglass pendant, the clipping from a hospital bracelet wrapped around a small Johnny Walker blue box in particular drew her attention while everything else seemed to fade in to the background. Running over the old polished metal of the half dollar the late summer wind could still be felt if she held it close. Quickly draining an energy drink had begun to pull the blood back in her wrists the pressure of long hours writing beginning to take their toll. Hopping off the bed with can in hand the desk was soon cleaned and re set with another snack as she had unknowingly snacked her way to the bottom of the package during the last round of writing.

Their was a list with pictures attached to a set of files in a folder labeled “ Business Opportunities”each name was their own sub file filled with a combination of a two word files one marked intel the other marked mission. From those at the earliest file dates marked more then three years ago the pictures had barely shaken off the grainy aspects older cameras would have. The pictures though showed the fates of those they had already gotten to. Graphic bloody violence framed by a scene of what looked to be a battle that was waged before they eventually fell. Clicking on one file and another the small thumbnails of images rattled me as I made my way up the list. There had been almost no survivors up to the pair of names that seemed familiar. Jake Cozy the one above it named Paul Gordon with both files having some pictures from their time in the building it looked like the various steps of. Moving up there was still twenty to thirty files with no pictures leaving the argument open that both of them were top priority.

Nanowrimo 2015 Project excerpt

Chris Walker made up the last man on the graveyard crew and was also very paranoid of cities and big businesses claiming they were the embodiment of evil. No matter how odd he acted it seemed the attacks on a small holding company made his night throwing his hat in the ring even while on vacation.

To know that he felt enough to jump in made it much easier to do so and the entire night we had gotten a plan together. Walker would get in contact with as many people on the list that he could trying to inform people what was going on. Our jobs would be to break down the company one joint at a time first would be the finances, next would be to destroy the infrastructure in the computers and finally the last would be the most difficult, and that would be to find the building and rescue whomever they can before making the building essentially useless. Putting the last nail in the coffin would be to release the information through a series of proxies in full to sources before letting the chaos reign naturally.

“That sounds like a bit of a cop out, what if he escapes authorities?”

“Oh, he won’t. I can promise that”

With that the subject was dropped as the stakes seemed to rise as our eyes began on the next mission the small funding that came from sales to tech think tanks. Packages of rights, ideas and early models sold for hundreds of thousands sometimes millions which then goes back in to these accounts. Pointing to a series of rows on a spread sheet the second sheet showed the activity as they funneled the money for specific needs. Some tools were going to be made for us as Jake explained that we had some work and that we were going to push ourselves to get this done.

Paul and me were going to be working together while Jake was going to be on his own. Stealing the items would only take the money once so the plan was going to be a little more interesting with a some of the copies of the least disgusting pictures from the computer they were going to plant an email to the manager. All research otherwise points that this company has little idea how they are getting their packages put together. From there the next package should be offered according to the details organized from an email in the computer as well. There would not be much reason for them to continue working with them from those pictures, and if they brought it to the public attention the backlash would ostracize their business. The explanation made me feel less then hopeful about everyone else if such things would only stop business between them. It didn’t help that their would also be a key logger that would let them know of anything typed in to the computer. All in all everything was going to be easy or so we thought the three of us becoming our own little group as thick as thieves. Work went by as normal as dealing with those two guys could be eventually turning everything in to a way to pass the time. Both eventually getting bored after everything getting done turning in to a small semi safe game of truth or dare with no supremely stupid or sexual dares. The person was decided after a two liter bottle was finished after buying it to spin on the tile floor. I’m sure you guys don’t care so much about the full game of truth of dare so I will just go over the various rounds. We did ten rounds.

Paul asked me what I wanted to do with my life.

Paul asked Jake why he does not do the dishes.

Paul was asked not to use magic to control the bottle spins.

Jake asked Paul if he had used his magic to get a date from a girl.

Blushing lightly he pulled a wand out of his pocket before rolling his eyes and flicking it once to bring an actual bouquet. Handing the wand over to me the weight of the bouquet seemed to be secure in the top of the wand. I couldn’t guess the trick thinking it was the kind of magic that was just sleight of hand ,and it was definitely aggravating to him as after handing the wand back he snapped it in two before handing me the half with the bouquet.

“Remember, I can do actual magic.” Before turning the wand in to another bouquet. A couple more flicks turned it into a dagger and a pencil before turning it back into a full size wand.

I asked Paul how he knew he had magic powers. Supposedly he had learned from a book he had gotten from a garage sale coincidentally after following one of the pages he had been able to tap into it. From how it easy to seemed he was fine for other people to try it although no one had any interest leaving him alone. After the incident from the restaurant the options to teach it had been much shorter then he originally expected.

Jake was dared to make some music come out of his speakers. Which was nice to hear the village people while we continued in to the later rounds. Paul would dare Jake to grab him some chips for his little magic show. I asked if he could show me how to learn how to do magic like him which ended to him allowing me to borrow the book. If I could figure it out then there would be no problems for him to teach me how to handle it. There would be some time to get everything needed for the first spell including the potion that would need to be drank. From what he told me though everything was going to be edible although the excess mint was tough to swallow for him.

I told how many siblings I had to Jake

I asked Paul if he had any siblings, he had none.

Jake asked Paul if he was still trying to make the whiskey in his room.

They were weird to be sure especially with the things that they made in their free time. Making whiskey in their bedroom and magic books, but laughing at the end of it as we walked out of the store everything was still happy between us.

Wattpad and NaNoWriMo

Ya, I am kinda dumb not gonna lie. In my defense I did have my arms out in a lot of different things. I just found out about Wattpad and looking around it seems like a great place to get some chops with more writing contests and right now I had ten to go for by this point, but only made it through six of them.

Winners are not picked for most of them until spring of next year so in the meantime while everything else is going there needs to be more stuff to try. One does not simply get anywhere by resting on small successes so with a whole new world of writing to try it will be very interesting in the next week especially with the big literary fight coming over the hill in the form of NaNoWriMo who currently owns a pair of victories that I can remember over me.

I am training for this I want this out of the way. I want to beat the NaNoWriMo challenge that got me twice and it will happen. After that or if things go well then maybe my book will find their ways on Wattpad. We shall see what will happen, but also in the mean time part of my training is to get some story lines set just in case my freestyle does not pan out with enough words then I have a couple more to start working on.

My health may not be at its highest, but that do not means it will be easier. Some people get a little more cagey and wily when pushed back and this time it may be me in the corner, but with eyes on the target it may just come down to being a little bit smarter then just bull rushing things like my usual M.O.

There will not be a three-peat against me on this one.

NaNoWriMo Plan

I did not finish Nanowrimo last year. I got about two thirds through before petering out.

This time I am going to do something a little different. There is a lot of different writing projects that seem to be just hanging on and so I will use this time to clear the docket, and you can call it a freestyle NaNoWriMo.

My plan will be to complete writing projects that have sit somewhere in limbo and count that towards my 50k limit. There are a couple lengthy projects that really need to be finished, and I think using that time towards those would be a good idea to help clear some of the longest waiting items. Some people may call this cheating, but this would be how I can get the most of 50k of words.

If everything goes as I planned this time then two major products will be completed. We shall see how well that works at the end of the the thirty days. Doing it in this way there has to be a couple rules about it.

First, all those words will be going towards novel projects. Short stories do not count towards the word count unfortunately. November 1st I will have a rolling total of all currently running ones as a blog post that way I can keep myself honest, but you can also see the progress I am making.

Second, when I feel a rough draft is complete then it will allow me the freedom to call it from there. I do not think I have enough experience to make a good novel out of a word deadline. Maybe I will be close or a little over and that won’t make me flip out. I can feel better knowing there doesn’t need to be any padding for the sake of this project which sits on my mind sometimes. Even when I said things about word counts on projects it always seems to weigh on my mind. Putting it a little further back while focusing on the content I hope brings the best out of me.whats-next

NaNoWriMo – 2015 Excerpt

“Now I get to finally cross this off my bucket list. I finally feel like Q from James Bond.”

Tossing me a small black cell phone looking thing the place where the screen was only had two lights.

“Combination surveillance sensor and scrambler. When the light goes green there is surveillance equipment nearby it measures by the minute changes in sound and light bouncing back and forth in the environment. All I can say is just trust the equipment it will do the job and you will only be seen as a light spot on the lens. Whatever you say will be heard though.”

Clipping it on to the belt a flood of fear went over me. If I was going to be shot there seemed to be very little that would stop me. Second thoughts began to make me question everything. Could I actually go and do this? Sitting down to the table our first mission was a small outpost whose job was to monitor leads in the surrounding area. We were to go in and see what information they had before taking it and deleting the original files. There was no security that had lethal fire arms, but they did have tasers. It was just a small building that looked like every other half wannabe business office built by people to make money with little application for anything else.

We had everything ready all that was needed was how to get there. Turning back around the wind was blowing in my face as I almost walked in to a tree. Spinning around to see our position we were in a thicket of trees marked on the map Paul held. Even he was surprised to see the building behind him it all amounted to a nod of the head though Jake was smiling ear to ear like a man who had everything to say.

“As you can see I got the teleporter to work a little smoother. I thought it would be nice to polish some inventions off to make everything a little easier.”

He was beaming, surprisingly so before Paul began to make his way up to chain link fence shaking his head with what sounded a laugh. The parking lot was empty from where I had seen with few lights signaling any people still in the office the winds in the area still had a bit of the summer heat. My job was to be another set of eyes while the heavier parts of the mission put on the shoulders. Beginning to climb the fence I could see both were feeling some of the jitters as we all stood watching the building well out of sight of any of the lamp posts. Leaning down Paul briefed us on some of the details. There was still a half dozen people over the 3,000 square feet and we need to get in to the server room from there Jake will do his thing. We had to do this using everything we had including small bags of powder that lowered someone’s metabolism to the point almost making them fall asleep. It would not last longer then a half hour as well as each of us had only had two packets each and we had to make sure we did not get any in to our own faces. Another small bottle was given to Paul with a rag.

“What’s that? then the liquid sleeping essence?”

“Nope, chloroform, just in case the powder doesn’t work. I trust Jake but I like having a back up strategy.”

Seeing him walk across to the back door Jake and myself hung back.

Wondering why he just didn’t use his magic Jake had answer as soon as asked while we sat in the shadows.

“Magic spells pull a lot of energy from him. Some of his strongest ones actually take so much energy he loses pounds of fat because of all the calories converted. It’s not like he can do it all the time.”

Nodding along I watched him fumble with the small hooks taking more then ten minutes before picking the door open. Watching it swing open we soon scampered across the back lot making sure to stay out of the light. Walking over the threshold the door was soon closed leaving everyone to sit in the darkness for a moment the weight of the moment soon coming over us before Paul made his way forward. From the crack the door he was soon out in to the darkened halls the sound of various people still moving around seemingly booming my ears as Jake motioned me to follow him. Taking the right I was stopped looking at my waist the red light soon blinking green. Stretching around the corner the small turning camera was spotted checking both sides of the hall on a seemingly mechanical circuit. Jetting forward Jake could barely see where I ran to. From under the camera though the wire was seen feeding back in to the wall. Turning around it was barely with in reach hopping of the wall. Feeling the wire pull from the camera left the red light without power turning it off as Jake came around seemingly aware of my new position.

Waving him over one of the security guards had seen me and in a knee jerk reaction I ran back hearing him give chance to me for a couple seconds. I could hear him talking in to his walkie talkie saying how he was investigating something. Running around the corner I heard nothing else except for my own hurried steps before hearing nothing else. Making my way back to the entry door it was all seemingly fine as soon no one was chasing me. Wondering about the guy I had left behind he was seen with a small empty baggy between his fingers shaking it to show he had used it on his seat. Currently the guard was soon out.

We had thirty minutes.

“It’s ok I got him with the sleeping powder as soon as he turned the corner.” The earpiece sounded.

“ Paul, Trina got jittery and we knocked out a camera. They know we are here. We need to move fast.”