One Challenge to Another

Everything all said and done it was interesting so where does that leave the blog going after this because doing daily posts will be rough. First, is the whole thing of what will be done in November there will be posts twice a week instead of a rolling tally just to keep some of my sanity in tact allowing me to focus on the matter at hand.

There are some failures that need to be righted this month. While that is going there are other things that will need portions of my attention. Keeping it to a more conservative blogging schedule like that will be important, and I will try to clear the 50 k as soon as possible.

Last year taught me how my health could nosedive even further. The year before that taught me how I could better prepare for it. Part of being so serious is also the mind set. If I can’t do this after the third try, the thought already in my head is if I can be a writer at all. Having my hands and arms hit by this mysterious sickness only drives me up a wall. I will not let my health take something like this from me. It will be a proof of concept. Can I write enough to possibly be an author? Is there enough to pull it off?

Maybe there is who knows, and all I can hope is at the end I can look at it with the pride of a victory. I don’t think I can suffer the sting of defeat on this for a third time with all my doubts. Part of why this one will also be so late is because as of me typing this it is 11:30 PM which means this challenge is over. Completed despite a couple hiccups in the timing everything was finished.

🙂 ← This is me smiling, and if you ask my family it happens maybe a dozen times a year.

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