Eddie G.

The best parts of my work I feel is when I have not been in the best frame of mind. It sounds weird, but I just need to be pushed a little bit before I really make my best moves. Some can call it being a villain, but I am a guy where new rules get drafted after my presence has been allowed. The previous sentences also sounded so high and mighty I had to laugh at myself for a bit. In all seriousness though finding that edge may be important to me and with my position I hope the pressure makes diamonds out of some unassuming lumps of coal. The worst thing about pressure though is it does burst pipes.

In my situation, that may not be the best in the long run. In any case for those who don’t see those as the hero in their own story then I have something that always helped get in touch with my more devious side. You can look him up, he was a pro wrestler that really made me think you did have a chance doing what you wanted. He was not the biggest or strongest wrestler, but he was skilled and his whole gimmick was that of being the wily veteran in a world of bigger wrestlers.

His name was Eddie Guerrero. Despite being gone for many years his videos on Youtube will often have more views than the pro wrestling promotion’s channels. He was the man who beat Brock Lesnar for the WWE title before Lesnar went to UFC. Eddie was one of those guys that came along very rarely, and everyone was happier for him being there. From fan’s to other wrestlers there was not a whole lot of bad talked about him even a full decade later. I also got a teacher to become a fan because of one of his catchphrases.

“If you are not cheating, then you are not trying.”

This, of course, was not meant in a relationship situation, but in a situation where you are trying for a goal. A great duelist when I was younger gave me the talk how at some point everyone cheats, and despite not taking some roads yourself you can defend against it by learning it. Happy Halloween.

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