Monday Thoughts

Wrote a children’s book, illustrated it, tried to to have conversations and the world is down to being a group of screeching narwhals seemingly for no reason except screaming and it is tiring.

Starting to come up with a business plan, and starting to start up some paperwork about things to make and costing each portion out.

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Fight Club From Homeless Camps

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It is unfortunate but fighting does exist in the homeless community and as I said before, everyone of them will have something to make them be able to do more damage, a stack of quarters, a stick, a blade, a needle, mace just for some examples. Considering everything going on with the Portland riots, and don’t worry I got a bit of a thing on that coming later.

When people are passionate, on drugs, or think you are Satan and want to cut others short better be ready to learn quickly when and how to fight because you will get stuff stolen at least once. Camp or pack no matter how you have it if you are out long enough you will need to defend yourself or you may find your life made much more difficult as someone tries to separate you from your gear.

A few tricks that you need mentally will make any attempt a little better if you keep it in mind. Being threatened with a weapon you want to figure out how to control the situation. Doing so is first figure out your capabilities and where you need to run away, and where you need to stand and fight. This is something of a thought exercise and one that takes absolute understanding. I am not going to win a fist fight just as it stands. I am crippled I have nerve damaged and if one my extremities is flaring then I need to be. I do have a pretty good head on my shoulders so defending that I can usually think up something a little more brutal then a punch, a kick to the bollocks is a good start.

Rule two, this is not being graded. You are not in UFC this is what some people would call a street fight so by that let me go over the rules. Win, that is it, just win. Do what needs to be done to get the point across when you have to.

Number three, never feel like you need to fight everyone. Honey will get more then vinegar sometimes, and it very well could be the anger is based out of misunderstanding. Figure out what is the difference between needing to step up and seeing if there is another way, and for each person it will be different how it is graded but knowing is half the battle on that.

Four. Pick your gear. Often you want something light enough to be used without it being taxing or small enough it doesn’t take a whole lot of space. Try something that would be legal to own, because there is a chance the cops may be involved and you do not want.

Finally be aware that some times you will be in a no win situation. This is something where you need to keep your head on the swivel and to keep in mind figuring out where it is good to defend yourself and needing to bail. This may sound mental, like all of this will take more of your mental faculties then if you are just thinking you would roll up, arm up and get ready to start up against anyone.

Last. This is more in reference because of riots and people who may need to defend yourself. Do not under any position use a weapon that could make your life worse. Baseball Bats with glasses is a no-no and baseball bats with high heels is absolutely not good, and if you want to wear heels go for a low comfy flat, otherwise someone cant take the back of your she out and you go to the earth

Going By Formula

You know most big businesses has the view of common people mirroring the way us normal people look at roaches. One of the things they hate is how everything can go cold so quickly without knowing why things do so. Well, from my little rocking chair I will impart you the knowledge that we have learned only for thousands of years, so if you are looking at all the small factors trying to find it let me drop the 4-1-1 on you.

Something special about people is that when you lie to them, they don’t like you. I know! It is amazing to know that people will trust you as far as can be thrown, and it will never kill your business, but it will definitely shave some time off windows to make your money. A couple mistakes and another business goes out, could be yours, and another takes its place, could be mine. That would only be some of you dyed in the wool business types worst nightmares.

It is a bit of a theme as of late. I like watching massive botches because it gives me hope that I can do better when I have to do it for my own business or my own plans. Formulas help with a lot of things, I used to cook so I know a few of them, but after a certain point, you have to swing for the fences and see what happens. We can all see the differences that is one of my greatest abilities. Now, I could just rip them apart on this, and I will when it is really bad, but what about the regular moments of idiocy? Well, let’s just say I will be a devil’s advocate of sorts. So, if you like the sort of thing well, you should stay in store to this blog.

No Space Is Safe

*Reads the article*

(Is this going to be the nice guy, or the jaded prick writing today…)

So, there is this thing called safe spaces in some colleges where people can go away if they don’t like what is being said to decompress and withdraw themselves fro m conversation that may be insulting or hurtful. Sounds good on paper, but really it makes me think that massive groups of people have lost their balls, figuratively and literally.

(Well, that answers that.)

Before we go in to possibly inflammatory opinions let me find someone who can say it better than me.

I could just point at this a thousand times, and put up a picture of the largest middle finger on earth for those who do not get the point. I even have one fresh from use with a friend who needed it hence the shading.

I could say how people just need to find their balls and make some “Lost balls. give if found” and some snappy comeback because the internet likes that shit. The internet has become so toxic that politicians twitter fuck-ups are like a, a fresh mountain stream in comparison. So what is the point of all this, well the point is that seriously the need to even talk about this shows we may have just failed as humanity. I was going to end this here. I was getting ready to finish my tomato soup and let the whole thing go. It had been a long week of dealing with idiots and quick trigger morons, social justice warriors and I just wanted it all to end, so I could dream of a life that is better like dancing with aliens or go just relaxing on a boat but seriously #BoycottHawaii?

So someone makes a statement you like and you suddenly have to boycott them. Let me make this absolutely crystal fucking clear.There are opinions that, believe it or not, do not match with yours, and they never will for various reasons. What you do is one of two things. First, you can try to be intelligent and look at their opinion and what they say in an overall encompassing view before gauging the merits and problems of it. The other side and this is the really easy one, you go fuck off. Fuck off. Fuck miles of off or fuck centimeters of off just go F off. Do it far enough that no one can hear you like space or the inside of a volcano, which Hawaii has plenty of and I am sure raising the IQ of the country a couple points is a job they will be happy to take because it does not help, but some people I guess are just beyond helping. For those who are just a bit dim to connect the dots of these statements if you are truly that stupid and cannot see how looking at others opinions can help anything just go throw yourself in a volcano, in Hawaii.

Since everyone is boycotting everything here are a couple things I thought we could boycott so we can actually do something with this much energy. We could boycott the horrible VA treatment, the lack of funds in our education system, we could boycott news channels that falsify facts for ratings, we could do it on lower gas prices, lower food costs, better farm treatment, or even a better fucking toaster. We got a hashtag about boycotting a state because what someone from the state said something that someone else did not like? Oh, the absolute horror! Why it is as scary as Dracula and half as bloody, but you know what there most like is going to be someone from the state who doesn’t like me and I am not going to see any#BoycottOneGuyInPortland tag, and really in all honestly if I did I would think that part of my life’s work is complete. So, I guess I should really just deal with it and the rest of these pinheads should too.


Ficlet for Stella Glow

First Drink

Alto x Lisette

Alto was tired. He had to find her. Lisette had said she was going to the party at Kadaj’s bar. The night sky was clear over Regnant save for a couple wisps of clouds while the remaining citizens partied. Walking from the barracks it was only a couple blocks before some familiar figures were working their way back. Dante and Hilda were helping Lisette walk while Sakuya was being helped by Nonoka and Rusty. Getting closer it was clear what the problem was because the smell of liquor was strong on everyone.

Drinking at the bar was not the best idea in hindsight, and many of the citizens wanted to show their thanks by buying drinks for the heroes. Rusty had plenty of drinking experience as did Nonoka as part of her training. Hilda had been a queen for so long that she had mastered the form of not letting drink get the better of her. Dante just had a high tolerance which left both witches to getting blitzed with no defenses. Looking at Dante it seemed Hilda was telling him something that Alto could not catch. Finally getting to them it was Hilda that asked him to take Lisette to her room. More ordered then asked Sakuya muttered about feeling ill before the group waved their goodbye ferrying off to a spot out of sight leaving the water witch leaning on him.

“Alto, why are you here?” She giggled.

“I wanted to talk to you Lisette although it may have to wait until tomorrow. Let’s get you home.”

Giggling at the conductor it was the remaining group watching from a dark alley that made sure they were hiding back to the barracks.

“Why did I have to get drunk. I feel horrible.”

“Because Lisette wants to be respectful of their relationship and not push so if we had drink with her. He would begin to get suspicious. We need to have an innocent reason and…”

“To do that we need to misdirect attention so that out true motives, getting the idiots to open up can be finished.”

Nonoka listened from Hilda and Dante while Rusty leaned against the wall nodding silently.

“Woow that’s amazing Hilda.” Nonoka chirped while rubbing the fire priestesses back. Sakuya was currently retching over the back alley. Everything was set now it was up to the inebriated water witch to push the conductor.

Both were currently making their way back to the barracks as best they could while Lisette made comments on whatever was on her mind. Getting past the wooden double doors with the help of the guard. Traversing the hallways something had gotten it in her mind to sleep together, and as tempting as that would sound she was in no form for such activities. Fidgeting as they passed his door she pulled hard left from his shoulder throwing both into a stumble while she laughed. Thinking about his position before agreeing he could at least keep an eye on her in his room, and they had slept together before back in the village on cold nights. Closing the door it was easier pulling her up into his arms before making their way to the bed then her trying to put her legs back under her. Sensing their destination she pulled his head down to lay a smoldering kiss on him that made him recollect himself for a moment afterward. Rolling over her he was soon pulled in to a flail of arms until they found harbor at her thighs. Laughing at his inexperience the alcohol was making her much bolder.

“Am I be-utiful, Alto?

Snuggling up to her he would always show it before saying it.

“Then why don’t you show me, it doesn’t hurt to let me know sometimes.”

Feeling his hands begin to roam got her self-conscious. She could not completely understand what was going on, but somewhere it was all registering as everything seemed to stop. He was whispering in her ear the breath tickling the top while his hand rested on her lower back before coming up, around to her hands. She could feel a line of fire that didn’t feel so bad, it was a very good feeling but she could barely stand the heat made her insides hum with something new. Jerking forward she had to feel more of him pulling the buttons away soon she had to feel more of him. Pulling the buttons away soon she was resting her head against his bare chest while she panted from the feeling building up.

She couldn’t understand why this was happening. Somewhere undefined in her mind she did want it whatever it was. Alto, ever the responsible, couldn’t really stop her and all the same couldn’t push her either.

“Let’s go to sleep. If we were to do anything I would hope you would remember it.”

Blushing at his comment both agreed laying down next to him. He pulled the covers over them she snuggled closer mumbling how it could be tomorrow night. The water witch was first to awake to two pairs of bright eyes belonging to the younger witches.

“Lisette, why are you on top of Alto?”

“They are doing the things Rusty was talking about….dirty things.” The earth witch explained.

“Wahhh. Alto! How did we get here?”

“You got drunk and wanted to goof around and instead you went to sleep.” Mumbling from his position used to extra people in his room.

“So not dirty… mor.”

“Nope, I guess we should leave them alone, come on Mordi!”

Watching both leave her body was trying to hide behind him with only her arm wrapping around his chest.

“I’m so embarrassed Alto.”

“I’m not, now that you’re a little more coherent let’s go over what you wanted last night.”

Fanfiction – League Of Legends

The yordle bombardier met an odd pairing in the eye of the void, Vel’koz. One was doing it for just a laugh on the other champs while the other was charting notes for supposed mental profiles. It didn’t take long for the full roster of champions to see the two together and wonder what was coming. From getting Vladimir drunk with Gragas’s donated brew to watching Lux’s and Miss Fortune’s clothes one day. Seeing the bashful light mage in the garb of the bounty hunter got some attention especially from most of the men.

Miss Fortune held her chin up in the more modest setup. Getting more of a laugh seeing her some of the males dealt with the petite blonde. Vel’koz had to ask often why things happened with interpersonal relationships. Frame the eye of the void all this playing around was nothing more than painless experiments.

Never before his an entire team been pranked before an exhibition. As both teams been announced he soon had the list of targets. Vel’koz was chosen for some time on the bench. Leaving him open to orchestrate without the direct threat of revenge. Corki was teaming with Tristana, Jax, Ryze, and Sona against a team of Nami, Ezreal, Leona, Taric, and Lulu. He wanted to make sure all were playful while none would be on the fields of battle.

Nami and Ezreal were crushing on each other while Leona was wondering what the new swordsman thought of her. Taric and Lulu were going to be the more difficult ones that the two needed to think about.

So Vel’koz do you have any ideas about possible pranks?”

The eye of the void crossed his tentacles in thought before questioning the daring bombardier.

Why are you trying to create a situation in which Ezreal and Nami are going to court one another?”

Writing up a plan on the small table in the library not many would bother them in their library planning. Despite being known for his bravery the yordle was quite the tactician when needed. The pilot simply continued planning Leona’s asking how the new swordsman felt about the solar warrior. Floating in thought he was happy getting in a whole new realm of experiments. Information not relating to pain was quite rare in his files. Psychological profiles were lacking in the responses to positive stimuli.

Three were down with two to go. Pulling one over on Taric and Lulu was not going to have a major loss in their attitudes because both loved a good laugh more than anything. Simply showering her in some random chemicals wouldn’t do it. Making her a ball with some special gummy resins sounded like much more fun especially when she starts bouncing around. All he would need is some back up from Tristana to fire at Lulu and Heimerdinger for the chemicals. It would be a fun time no matter what. Looking at the pleas he realized how hard the gem knight was to pull a fast one on. Turning around to see the thoughtful eye an idea struck Corki.

Can you get Jinx’s minigun?”

The last part would begin to dawn as the partner responded affirmatively. Soon both forms crowded around the paper as the last bits were being drawn up. People had to be persuaded to their plan, favors had to be called in, and only the wisest of souls would see.

Jax, Swain, and Zilean knew some fun was to be had as the day of the plan came to be. Sitting out in one of the many gardens they had a prime view to much of the lower grounds. Watching the team practice Jax was almost smiling behind his faceplate. Jinx began the misery as the opposing team was planning strategy under the gem knight. Running by to take his shield before trying to surf down a grassy knoll on it the chase was on. Watching the usually collected tank running after Jinx was just enough for Lulu to be hit by something that had the color of pink gelatin dessert as bright in color as Vi’s hair. Naturally, the young mage giggled as the orb grew to encapsulate her while still letting her breathe. Everyone was wondering what happened when a purple tentacle succeeded in rolling Lulu down the hill as well.

All three watching now were wondering what was next only for the mastermind to come out riding his Urf with spatula in hand cackling like he may die from it. Lulu was whooping up a storm spinning inside the gel. Corki had to be in charge of this Vel’koz didn’t know fun yet. Watching what she could before splashing into the lake she was trying to figure out who else got it. Taric looked at his shield right now Jinx’s odd wakeboard before the humming rapidly growing caused him to turn around. He could see a bright purple laser coming from a treetop up the hill. Instead of the intense pain though there was only a slight tingling sensation as the bright sky blue gems turned a shining golden hue. Hearing the laser stop it took Jinx to talk about how he had gone golden. Looking down to his armor the smile turned up on his face for a moment.

Vel’koz moved down the tree trunk as Corki drew Nami and Ezreal towards the garden bring while the eye of the void floated away from Leona making sure to get her attention. Riding his Urf through the halls as fast as it could fly it maneuvered over a staircase before managing a couple sharp turns without losing control. Feeling the splash of Nami’s attacks charged with Ezreal’s techniques crackle against the marble. Losing sight of their attacker when the pilot turned away. Chasing into the garden all it took was two words for everyone at Jax’s table heard.

AHRI, now!”

Everyone noticed the voice before looking towards the resident fox girl holding a bandana before firing off a charm spell. Covering his teammate as the spell hit all he could do was looking in the pair of eyes belonging to the mermaid before he lowered his head to her.

Give his bombardier his due for getting that to happen. Also, I am guessing that is one of Ezreal’s bandanas.”

Zilean nodded from his seat while Swain continued to watch. Leaving the new couple over the side. Nami could be seen on pushing him against one of the garden boxes making her own seat in his lap enjoying the start of a make out session. Back at the tree a mound of tentacles in rich purple was floating holding what looked like Jinx’s minigun being chased by Leona and now Yasuo.

I think the eye of the void has somehow gotten the swords of the two warriors.” Zilean commented.

Spotting the gleaming spots from under the tentacles the scientist soon turned around opening fire at the dirt between them. Dropping the swords before fading back Ahri picked up the sword of the new samurai. Blasting the cloud with a charm spell before dropping back. The cloud grew from the impact on the spell. Fading out of the back of the cloud Ahri was seen holding a sack produced by Corki before the cloud of smoke dissipated.

Yasuo was red faced while the long crimson hair framed Leona’s face while she was blushing. Both were trying to untangle themselves rather gingerly to extricate themselves. That was going to take a couple of extra moments until a mass of purple dropped down from one of the farther tree branches pushing her head on his catching in a sloppy kiss. Skittering away after dropping the woman’s weapon. They stayed in that position kissing again in more chaste fashion. After getting one kiss so sweet they both stood up Taric and Lulu made their way up to the hill.


Watching everyone come up against Vel’koz and Corki soon rushed back into the halls mentally organizing all the data. Smiling at finally pranking a full team before an exhibition team. There was going to be some payback, but everyone had a good time so a little retribution was fine in the background Jinx was bouncing in the center of a pink goo ball bouncing around the shoreline.

The match didn’t matter as everyone had a good laugh while Leona had begun to date and Nami began to take her relationship to the next level. Watching the players away all three began to disperse from their table.

Corki and Vel’koz were always good for a laugh.

Shattered Reflections – Rough Draft Excerpt

Storm Brewing

Trying to think of what was going on over the next few days, the girls still held on my mind because they both stated that joining them would be the best move for me. There was other things that soon took my attention. I was in the car before I knew what happened while the street lights passing by as we made our way to the motor hotel. Spring break had just started leaving the town nearly empty while we took our bags up filled with what we could pack right then. My bag had enough stuff in it to entertain myself more about catching Mewtwo that kept me from falling asleep.

Janet had made a comment about Pops touching them. My brother had it happen as well. There were moments where flames were in my eyes. These actions occurred when I was at a friends, and my mother allowed it. Turning to her sitting on the bed I had to ask.

“What was the point of coming here if you heard about this and did nothing for a week?” My volume was higher then expected.

It would not have surprised me if the room next door could hear. Fuck’ em was my thought because Madre just sat there on the bed looking at her hands telling how we needed the money he brought in for everything. Really needing that money was not a reason that added up to scratch in my mind. My mother allowed a week without telling me. She had taken effort to make sure I was not to be told. After my knockout she was afraid my response would have me in a cop car. The whole thing was crap in my eyes. The Cozies were a family that I had taken a lot of time after helping her son out of a couple spots. They also had a fair grasp of things. I had to leave from this situation because it was clear they did not want my help with anything.

Sarah, their mother has had to see me tape myself up on a few occasions. Mom had asked her not to tell the cops while I was spending the nights at their place after I got back from Sean’s. Giving the excuse that they needed a little time to put affairs in order financially before he got sent out. What they told them was just based off the physical abuse against me.

Being corrected on the actual relations on the next night over there that Pops was in hot water made them feel played. They were feeling played, and that was started by my mother making sure that no one else would know. It was only after they talked again, and assured that he would stand trial provided that Sarah gave the week they originally agreed on. After that shouting match she had with mom over the phone Sarah had made her way to the couch where I was sitting that night after my friend had gone to sleep. Wondering where everything was at in my life made me just feel numb.

My friend never had to fight for his friends, or for his own life. He never had to bandage himself up, clean the blood out of his hair, or check older injuries. Part of me just broke down in that living room crying in a throw pillow to quiet the sobs. Up to this point I never got to let myself cry much. Everything was just too hard to find time to decompress for a period of time. There was always a danger, a fight, a problem, a knife in the back, gang problems, and now the family situation. Between all the problems that was piled on it was just an effort not breaking down. On that couch with the room half dark the years of pain finally had to let go, and it was the first time since the week after Sylvia’s death that I cried. Sarah really felt sorry for me as I cried while I just felt sorry for crying.

Going back to my house Madre did not want to say anything. Their friends would not say anything. From past experience the police would not believe someone like me. I didn’t have the power to make them listen. Then it came to me. I did not have the power to make the police listen, but maybe someone else did. Letting the idea roll over in my head it was clear that time had to be of the essence, and if they would not tell me the first time things had happened then my family could not be informed of my efforts. Despite some people not liking it this was one of those things that had to be done.

School was one of the few places where saying anything that the communication would travel up the chain to go uninterrupted. My health class was starting soon which would also give me access to possible resources or avenues of research in case any other skills would have to be demonstrated health wise.

When we had gotten back it took a little time to find my spine after the class period that day to explain the situation. Wondering where do I go with the information where it can’t be intercepted. Madre would want everything in house, but this time there was not going to be any change or mercy. Pops had to go for what he did for if any justice existed then he would have to pay for what he had done. Miss Logan said it was brave to do such things while I explained that it was more of a vengeance thing. True to her word the teacher made sure the word was not intercepted, but Pops was a couple days from collecting retirement from the military. His pleas to stay that way they could collect it gave him time to put his affairs in order. That week was hell in it’s own right.

Writing Time (nano book) – Rough Draft

Paul was laughing like he was out of it to begin with while Jake had told me if he see’s one more email about someone’s special little angel he is going to have an aneurysm. What we had gotten from the computers was a majority of useless emails about different buildings meetings, inspections, who is screwing who, and enough details to make sure I will never send anything personal on a work email again.

Seriously, who could think that sending half dirty messages to their coworkers for a tryst would be a good idea. From their faces after I had asked the answer seemed to be that a lot of people thought it was a grand old idea that only made Jake rub his temples asking when people would be the species they should before walking in to the isles to check where everything stood. Being set on their path for the night the little bots were doing there thing leaving what was left to be pored over by the three of us as we began to understand a step by step process of how some people should not work in an office building. E-mails about kids, sex lives, dinner dates, and whatever else you readers could think up polluted what we grabbed making what information we could glean something of an oasis in a landfill. Three of us on what was left made it easier to burn through them with little fanfare except for a great more understanding how people could be sympathetic to the villains in the comics.

After all of that was done my voice was full of salt and vinegar wondering. Jake had gotten his mood up a little bit more when there was some serious meetings from the higher ups flying in to inspect how everything was going.

“You ever think we should just stop this company for what it is doing to their workers. Cripes, a little perspective does matters on one’s mood just try to work here with all this going on. Would you like to work with us, No, that’s a fate worse then death it’s a miracle how these people seriously do not go bonkers from all of this.”

We had to laugh at all of it because just the way his voice first was normal before dropping to sound like an overweight Colonel Sanders before coming back up with the care of a man truly wondering what was going on had all of us nearly on the floor. It summed up how were feeling watching all the little pieces of their lives while our own problems hung over us. The mail was already opened while the emails soon were replaced with the packages of paperwork fell from the top of the cut envelopes sitting there like a beast ready to drain any fun from the moment.

Advertising some service or item there seemed to be more information that Jake found interesting so has soon as something looked or at least when he craned his long form over my shoulder from his seat he would just get the mail handed over. Claiming some from Paul’s pile it was clear he was on to something that neither one of us wanted to derail him from having the majority of the pile he seemed to be on a train of thought that would at least excuse Paul and myself while we made sure everything was going as it should be with the little bots. It was something to do that helped us talk about what other things they had found when it came to possibilities from what the info could be used for.

From the deli we could barely get to the stove without me running my elbow in to a stack of woks that seemed dirty from the oil in the bottom. It looked like a teaspoon had been left in them when it was explained how with woks sometimes that is done to keep the seasoning on them.

“With some pans, and iron skillets are included they will actually oil it lightly right after cleaning it by hand to keep the seasoning on it. Seasoning means deeper flavor when you use it again. While these guys also look to be a touch lazy about how they do it.”

Draining the excess it was clear that someone in the wok area couldn’t do a thing. It may have been a day where someone else was needed to work the station. Coming from day shift he was surprised to know that sometimes people were just put in to position to work the hours before the proper person came back the next day. Talking up a storm he had wanted to make a stir fry and some fried rice with the left overs in the walk in. How he would get in and out of there without a key was a question I didn’t want to ask. It was clear that if anyone noticed, then no one cared about it because while on the day shift nothing was said about these woks being used or supplies being missing.

Jake must have smelled the food coming his way as we made our way to the break room he had come slightly disheveled. His hair was flipped back showing both eyes in a look of spirited fire that seemed to spell something dismal for Paul as he met that look with a back step.

“No, no, no,no,no, no. I am not going back to do anything with any idea you have floating between your ears right now. That is the look of trouble, that is the look, look we have fried rice with ham, and a nice stir fry, don’t you want to eat first before you get us all in to trouble. After the past few nights we could use a break.”

“Walker will be here tomorrow. I already called him and we have something we need to go over then.”

Our eyes widened at the fact that the man on vacation would be here tomorrow while he would still be off the clock with something that had to be communicated with us. Gazing at how the fried rice looked he soon pulled the container still steaming from my hands before heading off to the break room. The stir fry would be good, but that rice was mine too.

“Seriously that look,is either meaning we have something great or we are all com-plete-ly screwed and he has flipped his lid.”

Shattered Reflections Excerpt

Stealing For Charity

I was part of student congress. Do not ask me how I managed to do it even with all the fights. What gets me even more was I had to be elected from my Japanese class to do it. They had to fill the seat with someone and no one wanting to do it left me with it pretty easily one would think. Anyway each after school club had a different amount of fundraiser they could run in a year. Japanese club had used their only one for a can and bottle drive as summer became fall. Prime time for that sort of thing with plenty of return one would think. ASB was the group in charge of scheduling everything from within the school while also having the right as a club to plan a half dozen different fundraisers for things like prom, letterman jackets, and whatever else was so much flappery.

ASB had a habit of taking money from other clubs because Mr. Sullivan was the teacher in charge of student congress as well as the ASB club. When a club wanted to do something for a fundraiser they would have to let the congress knew who would have to vote on it and let Mr. Sullivan put it on the schedule. The point of all this was to make there was not a whole lot of competition allowing the best possible amount to be gotten with each fundraiser.

Thinking further head then other clubs Mrs. Grey tried to get as much funds as possible to lower the cost of the Japanese exchange program. More of the money we would collect here would lower the remainder that would be paid for them later. There wasn’t a chance in blue hell of going myself, but it was for a good cause and I wanted people to enjoy the trip.

Running both parties Mr. Sullivan also thought he would OK a fundraiser of a can drive a week before ours after one day of time between ASB and student congress Sullivan sent the request and congress Sullivan approved it request while everyone else had to give at least two weeks notice. That two weeks notice was fair because it allowed us to advertise further making sure the one shot we got were made the most of. ASB scooping the cans before we could collect was a grimy move, and after finding out where the cans were being held at made it clear that some imaginative reclaiming plans had to be committed to.

Edward and Tiny were up and Tiny’s brother decided to give us a ride with his truck. After figuring out the plan one of their friends confirmed the exact location of the cans at the bison ranch with the rest of the family out at a convention for a few days leaving just my fellow student. We all agreed on how to take back the stolen funds that were already bagged up for our pleasure.

Starting that night the weather was good while were in the back while Tiny’s brother drove the truck. The night was cool while not being uncomfortable with a bright full moon in the sky which in this case was a positive. Buildings dotted the compound giving a lot of dark corners to hide in. We all knew that the guy in the house would not give a shit searching because not a whole lot of people would fuck with a bison ranch. Police were out in the boonies an hour away leaving us with a nice opening to move in case everything goes sour. We made our way from different sides in the case that one of us being spotted didn’t mean we were all busted. There was going to be a patrol ATV making us at least careful enough to listen when hiding.

Bison are really gentle creatures provided you make sure they know you are not a threat. I know this because my path took through the animal pen and unknowingly the rock I was hiding behind when the ATV had come was warm and furry. Having my back to it after putting the pieces together the bison that was sleeping opened one eye to look at me. Seeing a high school student with face paint in kabuki ribbon style with camouflage colors; we had all done different designs to get in the spirit of things. Snorting for a minute part of me wondered if it was laughing at me or just wondering who was dumb enough to rest against a sleeping bison, but it went back to sleep with nary a care in the world. Not one creature in that pen cared to move when I needed to make my way out.

When we got to the door of the utility shed the lights in the house had just gone off. Edward was last of us to show up remarking how bison crap seemed to stink to high heaven. Calling our truck in there was a span of five minutes where the occasional dog barking would remind us this was technologically still a crime. Loading up the bed with our reclaimed prize we transferred it over Ed’s place where his mother surprisingly let us hold it no questions asked, as long as we were sticking it to Sullivan.

His club moaned stating how the perpetrators would be brought to justice. Some were even happy to see him and me at student congress, but it isn’t about what you know, it is about the evidence. None of which on the bags of cans could be traced to us when we put them forth as my own donation we were never brought forward as the evil crew. The Japanese club had to wonder how despite seeing me drink all the soda that all those large bags would be coming from one person.

Nanowrimo 2016

So after a whole month and going down to the wire my word count is 50,743 making this year a success. In the process, I have finished both Shattered Reflections and my NaNoWriMo project from last year which has a title right now of Writing Time. That may change after some editing, and now I have decided on the next two book projects. The two finished ones will go into the editing pile while the next two are up one will be the sequel to Shattered Reflections.

Previously I may have said how I would not do it until my 30th birthday because of hearing about someone who has not lived life putting out books about life experiences seems a bit hollow. Shattered Reflections was stories about my life until the end of high school. From fights, shootings, police investigation, drug pushers, problem solvers, and I kept it to just about 66k words that it way it does not over stay its welcome. The sequel will be kept at about the same length and it has plenty of experiences to go in it including but not limited to college blacklists, lawyer payoffs, cooking on mountains, casino wins and losses, lawsuits, family drama, being lit on fire, fights, city fights, bad jobs, bad management and more. I always found a way to get into situations that most people hadn’t or shouldn’t but at least that will make it interesting.

Right now the big project is to as was said in a much earlier one have a dozen book projects before moving forward and it looks like there will be an almost even number between the two.

Time Wars is the project based on the media and audiences evolution over the past hundred years to present day as well as some theories on what the next hundred years could hold. It is the project currently up and I am aiming for about 80k word length, and of course allowing it if needs it or not. After the political cycle, I have found there is plenty there to write about with not a whole lot of people to do the writing. After that is the sequel to Shattered Reflections, and after that a Young Adult Fiction project. The card game is still dragging along and overall just things are getting there. Hopefully, I will have a better year coming up then I did before.