Update so far

I originally came out of the gate strong with a full 6,000 on the first day. Thought the sooner that it could get done meant the sooner it all could be over with victory well in hand. My health decided to throw the spanner in the works there.

I can barely move now without bumping in to anything, I need a cane full time, and I am currently on Tramadol that makes the dizziness in even worse. On top of the other factors just having my body deal with burnt out any lead I had as now I currently stand  going on the same rate which is something that I did not want to happen. Trying to draw blood for the tests was something too difficult that the office was afraid I would pass out with the loss making it even harder to get more tests done.

On the good side of things. I helped design part of someone else’s cover. Did a little art jam to start getting used to paint.net as a major art setup and I feel with time it may just be able to do what I wish. It took me about 30 mins, and after putting it up as something to help an actual artist they actually enjoyed mine to the point of picking it to use. It will get me a nice little nod, and credit for the illustration in book. That was not expected, but hey as long as everyone is happy then it is something that can be at least put in the art portfolio.

Still got time to pull this writing challenge around. 30k is a good place to be, but I will be a lot happier at 50k. Their is also another non fiction book idea that will be worked on after this writing project is done. It seems that after this month their are a couple ideas for a December goal.

A word for all readers

So for the month of December I hope all of you have a good holiday. I am most likely going to still be spinning my wheels. Hey gotta improve so no problems with that. If you noticed this is not on my usual schedule of blog posts well I am actually going to try to do two a week. Because of how much progress on things are going with the recipes I want to get better content so I think pushing myself to twice a week may be something to try. Call it an experiment that we all are going to be a part of. Nothing too weird so no need to run the Dexter’s lab theme to level up your snark. As of my typing there are more then two hundred people reading this and the funny part is that the majority comes from people I have never met.

For those who know me then thank you for dealing with me when sometimes my little projects have bothered you. For those who don’t know me other then some guy shooting his mouth off on the internet trying to make something some odd seven and deuce luck turn in to something worth keeping. I will continue to have recipes on here, I like to cook so that will happen. I have not been doing as many updates on writing or other projects so what I am going to do is simply just try to do more. Two posts a week starting from this one. One as an update on some projects without having to decide on one or the other on the recipes. That does not mean a recipe will be every week mind you it just is a good chance. I found that if I keep things open I can keep to it a lot easier then saying it outright (is that the same for everyone or is it just me?)

So what is the experiment I mentioned before? Well, I want to see how I am doing as this blog was one of those things I just jumped in trying to do. So I want each person just to tell one other person about a post or a recipe from this blog. If you have something you want me to tell the people I talk to then let me know, and I will do my best to return the favor.

Happy holidays folks.