Last Post of the Year

2021 is coming to an end, and like many times in the year, my jaw is quivering because of a spasm. Still, this year has a lot of highs and lows, and it seems more stuff is rolling, and we are now left here with an idea of what we had to go through in the last year and hopes for the future.

This will be the last message for me for the year, and I will write again for the blog in 2022, and hopefully, there will be much more stuff to go over. It will be difficult for some when we get into the new year, but I do hope that you will make as much progress and even more than me. Do the things you want to do and go for something you never thought possible.

My health will continue to be bad, and while that may take me out of action for a couple of days, it seems that if I can just keep going, there is something more. Some people over the year have claimed me to be one of the strongest they know, and honestly, I do not feel like it. Maybe, that is something that I can shake off in the next twelve months. Do enough that I can look in the mirror and chase off the shadows.

As an end-of-the-year post, let me tell you this.

I have been deemed depressed, or however, the tag works. It is just me against the darkness behind my eyes, and sometimes it gets hard to keep moving. If I keep moving, though, there is something of looking for something, doing more and more, breaking down doors, and going up floors, they will never dispel from the core. Still, maybe for a moment of glory in the next chapter of my story, the pieces I find can make me feel whole again.

Between all the issues in the world and my own problems, there is always a chance that I will never be content with what I have done. That is something I have already made my peace with. However, sometimes some people are never happy with everything, and if I keep my eyes on the next thing, then maybe I can get enough done to make progress. A constant need to test and grow can be bad in some cases, but at least I have enough challenges in front of me that I won’t go without something to do for a while.

Alright, that was about as much super personal stuff we got on this one. I will see you all next time, folks. Hopefully, your new year goes well and like all the other times.

Stay Strong.

Learning the Rules of Business

I do not know how to do business.

I know how to make deals. Trading is within my wheelhouse just fine but I do not know how to take what I can do and start something new with it. Knowledge and skill just don’t fall in to the formula mentally for me to know that path.

Been listening to a few different podcasts and YouTube videos and he said a line that at least I think, taught me something important. Paul Heyman is, for those who do not know is a wrestling promoter and personality, that has done a fair amount in a lot of different places. Content, financing, and distribution are three things he deems the most important in reference to the business. He was on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch and it was just also a lesson in something else.

Until it happens, until the money is in your account, do not count on anyone honoring to their word, as he regaled those with how the pay-per-view company held more then two million dollars when they needed it and the company in charge of the ppv distribution thought it would be cheaper to handle it in court versus just paying them what had been earned from their contract.

Those three things if I can hammer out and make sure that I am not going from one paycheck to another should be a good set of things to start my future businesses. After that then the first things would be how to get money to invest into my business when for all intents and purposes I’m broke as a joke.

Always something to do. It seems no rest for the wicked, but I will stop here for now. Stay strong everyone.

My Biggest Problem In Blogging

I thought I should start off with the problems that I know I have doing this blog for so many years and getting some things out to be read. I feel it could be a touch more successful. I do a very small amount of advertising on it. Over time it has always been my biggest problem because I would want to put it in places where people could enjoy it, but on the flipside I don’t want to endlessly advertise it to the point that people are just sick of it. Doing it has to be done with a balance between the two because although I do not have a more focused subject blog there are things that I have learned that can be useful to others.

Youtube is the same way I want to advertise because there I games I find that are really fun, yet free to play. I do some other videos about subjects, but I find that having it be just on one subject as a blog or a channel makes things somewhat boring. There will always need to be some variety to make them really come through.

It is something I actually spent many hours poring over different strategies, and how business works on both sides to get a better understanding of how some may look at it. Putting it all in my head there was nothing that really felt right until while I was in bed rolling around from the pain of a popped tendon that it struck me.

Keeping all those things in mind made me lose the point. Something so astonishingly simple that looking at everything made me want to just slap my head. It will be something that kinda gave me some information that was sorely needed. Looking back, yes some mistakes were made and some things could have been done better, but I do some good stuff. Since I do good stuff between this blog and the channel I need to find ways where I can just take a step back and have more fun with it without it being a soul crushing defeat like so many projects of people tend to turn into.

October Blogging Challenge


A thirty one day blogging challenge has seemed interesting to me. It also sounds very hard to do. Despite everything right now I cannot think of how things would go for thirty days of blog posts. I am going to try though. It never hurts to challenge yourself, except you know when you challenge yourself and it does hurt. I am sure you people understand the point I am trying to make.

I will give myself some rules to work by to prevent cheesing. I want to put stuff up I can get behind whether it is an opinion piece, writing, excerpt, project update, or something else.

Three hundred words is the minimum of things per blog post, and the reason why that is the minimum amount. Going under that would seem to be a post that does not allow itself some substance. If suddenly a ten thousand words or even a couple thousand words post may get a little boring to slog through. If there are going to be longer posts it may be small stories or longer excerpts from some of the books.

I think this will be something good in the long run provided I can connect on the full month of October. The full month will have one post for every day making 31 posts total. This will get interesting just on the part that everything would be. For all of the posts I will try to have as many pictures to keep it interesting. Using pictures that I don’t make is something I have to work on because there are things that could definitely use a picture, but how I give credit for the pictures was something that always confused me. Outside of memes or little sarcastic thing or memes where as long as I am not selling or profiting directly from it.

Risque Whiskey or Risky Whisky

So I recently wanted to get some more writing experience, help my efforts trying to network in that industry. Their was an open position for a website called The Whiskey Wash. They have not answered back after multiple attempts at contact which is fine open positions got to have a lot of people applying for it one would figure maybe I just don’t cut it. I hate to have it happen, but one can move on.

Except something caught my attention. I’m a fan of whiskey and on the web site itself their were two spellings of the word. One with the “E”and one without which I thought were strange. Normally that would dictate that someone would have majorly screwed up. It is rare though for something like a specialty site to do that so I did some research.

For anyone who reads this blog they will find I spell it w-h-i-s-k-e-y. This is the spelling found on many American and all Irish and since my whiskey experiences stem from the Jack Daniels and Jameson brands over my two and a half decades on this planet, and that would be why it seemed strange to me. W-h-i-s-k-y is the spelling used by Canada, Japan, and Scotland. If there are any other countries then I am sorry I just do not know which one you use, no insult meant.

Some people actually get legitimately angry about it like the inclusion of a single “E” can throw all their good memories they ever had with it in to the river. Going so far to insult those who use the spelling in reference to the wrong original country. Now with writing some people will only look at it and go..

“Huh, they got multiple spellings here, they can’t know about what they are writing about.”

Nope, there is a reason although it is slightly strange to see two different spellings on the same website over and again.

Rough Draft – Where the line is drawn

I am still on the way of finishing this but here is a passage from my past Nanowrimo attempt. Now about half done before it was pushed back due to personal issues.

It was my Friday in the work week two days off to do with as I please. Finishing my movie before moving on my way back to the store their was only one thing that caught my eye. In the parking lot there was a black SUV bright with the orange light reflecting off of it the model seemingly new like one of those undercover cop vehicles. It didn’t have anything that made me nervous except it just seemed out of place. Getting inside the store did it take me a moment to realize that something was wrong.

All of the lights were off with a small series of voices coming from the main storefront looking out through the windows on the swinging double doors. More then a couple heads were seen in over the top of the dry goods shelves Paul’s hat making him apparent from the people standing opposite from him. Faces were hard to see as the rest of the lights out on the main floor had also been turned off leaving everything to be illuminated by the rays orange light coming through the windows. Something was wrong because only workers should be in the store at these hours our closing time was a couple hours ago. Pulled back there was a glove over my mouth. I tried screaming but no sound came out. Looking up I could see Jake’s face looking out in the main store front a worried expression set as he pulled me away from the window.

“Listen” he whispered.

“We need to get to the p.a room. Follow me and be quiet.”

Having to walk by the people made me feel more then just a little scared.

“How are we going to sneak past them.”

“We aren’t. Close your eyes. Do not open them until I say so.”

Choking up on why I had to be blindfolded I did what I was told trying to figure out what was going on a small strip of cloth was given to me after he had tied it over his own eyes I felt comfortable enough to do it myself. His hand soon found mine as a bright light could be felt on my face the usual tiles underneath felt more like grass, soft yet strangely solid. Walking over what felt a couple feet the tile returned as the light darkened leaving me in complete darkness.

“All done. We can take them off now.”

Pulling off the fabric what I thought would be the back of the store was actually the p.a room. We could not have done it in a couple steps. It was impossible unless something had moved us.

Pulling four items form his pocket he took a moment fidgeting with them placing them around us in the shape of a square. Turning them on from his phone they looked no bigger then a small apple.

“Two way noise cancellation and stereo systems. Some of my earliest inventions, but still one of my favorites. We can talk and I will explain everything after this. Right now though whatever Paul can do depends on what the answers to some questions are.”

Everything seemed to be way outside my reach as the words rattled around in my head trying to make sense of themselves. These things seemed to be just madness yet I had been teleported so he was telling the truth. Looking at him I nodded my answer to let him know I was ready to hear the questions.

“Can you be trusted? If we have secrets that we have to show to fight back then can you be trusted to keep things secure? We will have to show you things no one will believe or even think possible.”

Nodding my response he turned around muttering something about how this could have been done better. Pushing the main button the speakers came to life

“Paul, go for it!”

Everything seemed to run slower as the guns were seen reflecting their shapes in the life before the three men fired off a shower of bullets knocking him back down in to the darkness. When they had turned around seemingly for us there was a worry that we would be next. Looking over Jake seemed to be more then comfortable. Seemingly knowing something no one else did as the three men turned back around their attention caught by some noise I take as everyone decided to move down that way investigating to see if he was gone. The bullets had hit their mark at least twice, and for some reason we were not helping him. Shaking his arm he just comforted saying his friend was fine. These two guys had teleported me and taken two bullets without even raising the eyebrow of the other wondering this could have gone on for so long. Bouncing around in the room waiting for some sign of life soon scared me.

From near the back of the aisle a shot of bright almost blue light streaked down the length hitting the three attackers knocking them out. Bodies dropping to the floor in various positions no sound was heard of the attack. Making our way down the stairs myself behind Jake it was soon apparent that the guys had come for some reason to end my coworkers. Stepping in to the aisles it smelled like a lightning storm had passed. Seeing the damage up close left me fearful for the whole experience. Paul was slumped against the waist high freezer near the back. Checking for a light in my pockets the only thing was the flashlight app on my phone running behind Jake it was soon apparent he was breathing the only remainders of the battle seemed to be the four bullet holes in his shirt and pants. Under him sat a small puddle of blood shining red against everything the blood trails from the wounds fresh to the floor. Looking for something to wrap his wounds with Jake was having some conversation with him before moving to the back of the store. Finding some paper towels and cheesecloth from the deli section as well as the bandage roll in the first aid kit there seemed to be enough to dress his wounds.

If I Could Be Serious For a Moment….

Five points if you are any sort of a Lance Storm fan.

So if you have read any of these posts they may seem like there is something I am not saying. Something, that maybe would make sense if I did explain it a little better. My head does work best when it multitasks, as sated before. That is not the only reason. I guess, with all the projects as well as the things I am trying to do I have had to make sure when I do something it ticks off multiple boxes between all possible projects. I originally started this to keep myself honest so further progress can be reached. On that aspect it has been very useful, and despite sometimes stepping back to deal with what life has thrown at me. Coming back to see where I left off is actually nice.

The problem stands on my pride. To say that most cases it could be a little more apparent is an understatement. Most times my pride only shows in an over representation smacking of the comedy of the idiotic. Some people can say they are supremely proud of who they are, what they have done, and the body of their life’s work. I cannot say anywhere close to that. There have been moments where I thought to myself that I can enjoy the overdose of ego, and as long as I do not insult anyone with it I find it okay.

Mind you, that does not also mean I am not unhappy of what I have done either. I don’t actually lie on my back and wait for clouds to go by unless I am being paid for it. Looking around I have seen many people use their pride as their shield to defend them from anyone in a competitive matter. I know I am good in a lot of things I also completely realize that for everything I have done their is most likely at least one person who has studied their entire life for the one single skill set. Knowing that I really cannot be too proud of it because their is always room to grow.

So I guess, what I am trying to say is I will never toot my own horn calling myself an ace. If I do you had better know that I am joking just to sound like a kingly bell end. (note: not British, but their terms sound a little bit more dignified then American terms.) I wouldn’t be wrong calling myself a bit of a jack of trades. Now, I can look at myself and know that is not a bad thing. Jacks are useful in many things and jobs could use a couple more jacks in the deck. I can be a little happier of that fact now.

Right now, I understand people have left, but there are still more then a hundred people still with this. Posts have not been to the schedule I wish. I am looking for a job so that I can continue making stuff with my projects, and stuff that although not related that you, my readers will like. To all of you, may the winds be in your sails and hopefully I don’t find myself on the rocks much longer.

A word for all readers

So for the month of December I hope all of you have a good holiday. I am most likely going to still be spinning my wheels. Hey gotta improve so no problems with that. If you noticed this is not on my usual schedule of blog posts well I am actually going to try to do two a week. Because of how much progress on things are going with the recipes I want to get better content so I think pushing myself to twice a week may be something to try. Call it an experiment that we all are going to be a part of. Nothing too weird so no need to run the Dexter’s lab theme to level up your snark. As of my typing there are more then two hundred people reading this and the funny part is that the majority comes from people I have never met.

For those who know me then thank you for dealing with me when sometimes my little projects have bothered you. For those who don’t know me other then some guy shooting his mouth off on the internet trying to make something some odd seven and deuce luck turn in to something worth keeping. I will continue to have recipes on here, I like to cook so that will happen. I have not been doing as many updates on writing or other projects so what I am going to do is simply just try to do more. Two posts a week starting from this one. One as an update on some projects without having to decide on one or the other on the recipes. That does not mean a recipe will be every week mind you it just is a good chance. I found that if I keep things open I can keep to it a lot easier then saying it outright (is that the same for everyone or is it just me?)

So what is the experiment I mentioned before? Well, I want to see how I am doing as this blog was one of those things I just jumped in trying to do. So I want each person just to tell one other person about a post or a recipe from this blog. If you have something you want me to tell the people I talk to then let me know, and I will do my best to return the favor.

Happy holidays folks.

Ox Baker: A childhood hero

For those who do not know I am a pro wrestling fan one of many things. Back when I was younger I felt I was not doing enough good I had this feeling that I was the bad guy in a world populated by people who want to be heroes. I will do whatever to get some jobs done so it made perfect sense to me back then. Kind of a downer really back then until I heard of a guy named Ox Baker.

A guy who ran life like it was good to be bad and a resume that said he did what he wanted when he wanted. Nearly six and a half feet tall and over three hundred pounds he was a guy that had a wild eyed stare like getting in his way was signing your own trip to the hospital. I never got to see any of his work in person. He is notable for training people after he retired one of which being the Undertaker. I was about thirteen when I looked up a lot of his work in the territories including when he incited a riot. His finisher, the heart punch was the last thing felt in the ring before two people died. Neither actually did of course, but he took the heat and made everyone love to hate him. People paid money to see him get decked and he did not mind as long as he and the people were happy at the end of the show.

It may be weird for someone with a cooking background, but Ox Baker had self published a cookbook of his own among many other projects he finished including writing and recording songs and making coloring books. He wanted to do something then he did it. Loud and boistrous while wearing a black hat for those who watch westerns, but only being the true bad guy when he needed to be. It was kind of refreshing because he did those things for the reason of his wanting to. He also did some acting bit parts including one as the antagonist against Kurt Russell in Escape From New York. He died a while ago and I just want to say my piece. He was awesome.

He died on the 20th of October at 80 years of age after complications of all things a heart attack.

Also if anyone can find his cookbook and they want to get rid of it let me know because I would like to have a copy.

R.I.P Ox, From A Fan

The legend of update: Bad pun’s mask

So what is going in life well that is a semi funny question.I am trying to figure out how to make a breakfast cupcake (not a muffin) So while that is being mulled over. I have gotten some recipes done that are fairly cheap to make, and not like the other ones are really not. I have done two ramen dishes if memory serves. Still we will be playing with tofu for another recipe in the future as well the secret to the quesadilla and how to do simply delicious fried rice. Now normally when I say it I also seem to bungle it by doing something else.

Luckily the pictures are already in the camera as well so even I can’t screw it up.

In things other then cooking I actually got some game videos and I’m finding playing with the program for the video editing at least somewhat cathartic. Recently got some videos on proxy, glitch lab, and chamber door so if you find yourself wanting to play those games you can find the links on the videos through the youtube link on the side.

Writing wise national novel writing month is coming up and I hope to get something done for that.