Learning the Rules of Business

I do not know how to do business.

I know how to make deals. Trading is within my wheelhouse just fine but I do not know how to take what I can do and start something new with it. Knowledge and skill just don’t fall in to the formula mentally for me to know that path.

Been listening to a few different podcasts and YouTube videos and he said a line that at least I think, taught me something important. Paul Heyman is, for those who do not know is a wrestling promoter and personality, that has done a fair amount in a lot of different places. Content, financing, and distribution are three things he deems the most important in reference to the business. He was on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch and it was just also a lesson in something else.

Until it happens, until the money is in your account, do not count on anyone honoring to their word, as he regaled those with how the pay-per-view company held more then two million dollars when they needed it and the company in charge of the ppv distribution thought it would be cheaper to handle it in court versus just paying them what had been earned from their contract.

Those three things if I can hammer out and make sure that I am not going from one paycheck to another should be a good set of things to start my future businesses. After that then the first things would be how to get money to invest into my business when for all intents and purposes I’m broke as a joke.

Always something to do. It seems no rest for the wicked, but I will stop here for now. Stay strong everyone.

New bullmoose / Flagbearers

This is a project that I have tried not to put up here, but I do believe enough progress has been made to put it up. This is a party that me and some people I know are beginning and here is the basic charter. Due to needing two names ( In case when we file with the federal election commission that the name has been taken.) We are the New Bullmoose/Flagbearer party

Four morals


No lobbyists will affect a decision of our party members


From the government all members will better themselves as well as their surroundings


To work and plan in a responsible and thoughtful way in a constantly changing scene


We will work to be proud of our work, and not to be paid by the people we are supposed to represent.


Five tenets


Freedom For Religion

The fight for all to believe what they choose to believe as long that does not harm another as well as be able to learn and discuss about their beliefs in a respectful manner while in the public forum.



Helping to provide and better equip the public school systems so they may teach and evolve their lesson plans to match with the world nations leading in education.



To establish and maintain a balanced budget while providing needed services and upkeep to the people as well as cutting away the excess chaff currently plaguing the bills and work of our government.



To better provide healthier alternatives to the people as well supporting businesses and groups with similar goals to enrich the lives and the quality of the health in the American people.



To help provide an environment where people can learn, grow and teach to better serve the community as it evolves through our work.


 Pretty basic stuff. If you like it then great if not then at least tell us why. More incoming