October Blogging Challenge


A thirty one day blogging challenge has seemed interesting to me. It also sounds very hard to do. Despite everything right now I cannot think of how things would go for thirty days of blog posts. I am going to try though. It never hurts to challenge yourself, except you know when you challenge yourself and it does hurt. I am sure you people understand the point I am trying to make.

I will give myself some rules to work by to prevent cheesing. I want to put stuff up I can get behind whether it is an opinion piece, writing, excerpt, project update, or something else.

Three hundred words is the minimum of things per blog post, and the reason why that is the minimum amount. Going under that would seem to be a post that does not allow itself some substance. If suddenly a ten thousand words or even a couple thousand words post may get a little boring to slog through. If there are going to be longer posts it may be small stories or longer excerpts from some of the books.

I think this will be something good in the long run provided I can connect on the full month of October. The full month will have one post for every day making 31 posts total. This will get interesting just on the part that everything would be. For all of the posts I will try to have as many pictures to keep it interesting. Using pictures that I don’t make is something I have to work on because there are things that could definitely use a picture, but how I give credit for the pictures was something that always confused me. Outside of memes or little sarcastic thing or memes where as long as I am not selling or profiting directly from it.

Last thoughts before Main Event

So with the Portland pro tour past and the main event of the grand prix coming through. The final two of the pro tour were actually first time pro tour players and it has been so long for my friend and I that we hope to do well.

In any case it will be fun, and in the grand scheme of things that is what matters.
A part of me is hoping and worried we will do well and before I go into promo mode which is my little version of talking to think I am the best. Everyone has that mode to psych themselves up or talk to an opponent, but I just name mine promo mode.

Anyway, before I go off saying how I may or may not win it is really all about the game. Having fun with people of many different styles from other walks of life before just nerding out. Soon we will be pushing into advertising and my other projects will be getting some more time including my writing and cooking.

So far the year has been getting fairly good at least in getting stuff done. Hopefully after this weekend I will have another good story to share with all of you. Good luck in your travels.