A Day in Portland

Before going to the Grand Prix when it rolled through my home city my father decided to take the day and hang out seeing different things that people have told me to go check out while I was working on my stuff. My father and I had started from on of the MAX stations. The MAX is our form of train that goes through the city and even reach to some of the smaller towns on each side. Buses would then work often from those stops branching out from the main train lines making transport when you cannot drive at least somewhat.

Finally though I have decided on how a rating system should work on this as well because there was a lot of different experiences. It is an easy system that explains things I think. One to ten allows a fair enough range where people can discern a little better versus maybe a five point or star system. Next would be how the numbers are in context to each other and of course all judgings are simply an opinion based on the enjoyment that was had.

Zero is the absolute worst. Getting a zero is akin to me out at the place wanting to light it on fire, and hoping whatever is built on the ashes is better. Ten is perfection. Saying something is ten out of ten is the magical euphoric moment that everything in life has been building to and my pants will be caked with the joy of a thousand angels that have cried just being in the universe when such a moment exists. In short not happening in this life time and if it does then it won’t happen that many times. Five is average and that is just the everyday place you go and leave no harm nor boon. That will happen a lot as it will be the average on my guideline.

Ground Kontrol was something as a gamer people told me to go see and how everything was the bee’s knees, but instead of being the cat’s pajamas it just belonged in the litter box. Our food was nearly thrown at us and their was near no one there. The games were okay, but after bad food we had to hit the can. It took half an hour to be buzzed in to somewhere I would rather not go again. Food was bland, second floor a fire hazard according to an experienced ex fire inspector, had to be buzzed in to. Final call 3/10

Kell’s was a stop to try getting the taste of the food with the place been around for close to a century. Being around that long one has to be good at something, and despite the couple hiccups it did not disappoint. The only two problems I had was that their lamb stew was more like a thin broth with some under cooked potatoes that seemed weird. You would expect lamb stew to be done well at an Irish place. Whiskey was good for the price and my fish and chips and scotch egg were good. Final call 6/10

Finally that leaves us to the Lovecraft bar where every thing was just not going right for us. It was hot, both of our knees were not enjoying it, my skeleton was feeling like it was made of candy corn. So walking in to a nice dark cool bar was just fine especially since they had just opened for the day, and no one was in there. It was clearly a dance bar getting ready for the night shift starting at about ten in the evening. One thing about this bar was we found out it was a vegan bar when it came to their food, but we had already eaten so we just decided to have a couple drinks. Going somewhere with only vegan food when you are not can be a bit intimidating to some, but that was not the case here. They had an amazing assortment of tea and the bartender was a very friendly young lady who answered our questions while she was organizing the booze shipment for the night. Pops enjoyed the horror theme, so much he said he was going back. I will head back here, but it may take a while since I am on the other side from the western suburbs. Not taking any food in mind, which will be done next time means a final call of 9/10.

Ground Kontrol nearly screwed up the day with how bad they were, and Lovecraft made sure the end was on a positive note.

Mega update mon

So grand prix has come and gone. It was less then 24 hours after our run had ended, and the plan was not even close to achieved. Our teamwork needed work as we played like three people instead of one team which cost us. We will be ok though because we got some cards that we can make in to decks if we need to go to standard.

Video wise we will be working on getting the new videos up on top of advertising across the nation. We want to let people know they can learn at our channel a good game of cards and watch us play a couple games they could love as well.

For my further education I have been studying business moves and law to see how I can better apply myself when I finally have the supplies to push in. I would think getting a fair amount of machines that made revenue over time at semi low risk would be a good start. Building from there I would like to get in to books and food service. Books because I simply like to write and I would think it would be much cheaper to do it all in house. Food service just to get the food I have made money on able to make more money for me, but that’s far down the road.

Writing and advertising will be coming soon and things will be getting to pop more so more on that to come.

Also apologies to the family of Robin Williams.

Last thoughts before Main Event

So with the Portland pro tour past and the main event of the grand prix coming through. The final two of the pro tour were actually first time pro tour players and it has been so long for my friend and I that we hope to do well.

In any case it will be fun, and in the grand scheme of things that is what matters.
A part of me is hoping and worried we will do well and before I go into promo mode which is my little version of talking to think I am the best. Everyone has that mode to psych themselves up or talk to an opponent, but I just name mine promo mode.

Anyway, before I go off saying how I may or may not win it is really all about the game. Having fun with people of many different styles from other walks of life before just nerding out. Soon we will be pushing into advertising and my other projects will be getting some more time including my writing and cooking.

So far the year has been getting fairly good at least in getting stuff done. Hopefully after this weekend I will have another good story to share with all of you. Good luck in your travels.


I am all for competition as past posts, and my willingness to go in to large tournaments. However there is something people need to remember. No matter what you are doing anytime you need to act better then everyone else it just the perfect thing that will draw those curious to play your game away.

You will find snobs in all games it just really goes absurd when you talk to some video game tournament players or die hard players of a lot of different games. If you like cards and your new we have had people who never played magic feel like they could play with us and that is great. They can learn while we get people to play against so everyone has a good time.

I don’t mind playing against or even teaching new people some games. I love it because that is something else people can have fun over in a world where everything seems to be so stressful. You could go sit down and have a fun game with many different people for almost no extra cost. It has been good to me when other parts of my life seemed to be going badly. So if you need to be ultra competitive then fine. If you do it in a time or a place that reflects badly on you as a person then maybe you need to get out of the game before it does more harm then good.

Five color

Progress update 7/30

Alison learning was finished for now and know I have three diplomas. One in customer service sciences, and yes there is such a thing. Another in children’s studies going over how children of different ages react and learn and the methods of the past that has been shown to be somewhat reliable for that. The last is in probability so I can at least tell what my odds are when I try to do something. It may not mean anything to add to the resume, but the set up was easy to continue while being very informative.

Magic wise we are still having issues, but a lot more have been ironed out. Soon after that we will be advertising the revamp and getting all that stuff set up is taking a lot of time out of the night. It is going to be fun at grand prix starting in less then ten days.

Advertising wise the youtube channel will also be advertised with the e-book so I got a lot to learn about the next few weeks.

Doing some more writing to get more experience.

Shirt designs have been on the back burner.

One needs to get the most of opportunities.
One also needs more time in the day and more caffine.
Good luck all.

Back to work

So after the tearjerker we got a whole new setup for the channel which will be a bit challenging and we will be executing a set of aggressive advertising plans as well. My roommate and I after getting all the main videos redone to raise the quality level up we are going to advertise it for all we are worth. After the advertising plans we will wait for three months.

After that we are going to have a meeting and see how hard we want to push this channel over all of out other projects. Since everyone is getting much more comfortable with their programs as well as their responsibilities.

Magic training has involved more with what may come up and hoping for a finish worthy enough for at least a good payday. Cooking wise I have nothing new to report as it seems someone as cast a disappearing spell on my cookbook.

new banner october

Update on the week

Grocery day is on the seventh so you will find the recipe around that time. That does not mean that this week was spent sitting on laurels.

Research was done in the big magic tournament so that we as a group of people will know some of big guns coming in. In Magic at the Grand Prix – For those who do not know the Grand Prix it is a major event for the trading card game. It is a gaming event that can set you up for the possibly lucrative pro tour. However, it is still a game so from the get go it will be fun. It helps to research the possible enemies your could be facing. If you want to give Magic the gathering a chance check some of the videos on the youtube channel linked to the side.

Photography will begin on 100 Ingredients Home Edition on the seventh.

I am now a dudeist priest. Like ordained. Thanks Eian for sending me the link to get ordained.