I am all for competition as past posts, and my willingness to go in to large tournaments. However there is something people need to remember. No matter what you are doing anytime you need to act better then everyone else it just the perfect thing that will draw those curious to play your game away.

You will find snobs in all games it just really goes absurd when you talk to some video game tournament players or die hard players of a lot of different games. If you like cards and your new we have had people who never played magic feel like they could play with us and that is great. They can learn while we get people to play against so everyone has a good time.

I don’t mind playing against or even teaching new people some games. I love it because that is something else people can have fun over in a world where everything seems to be so stressful. You could go sit down and have a fun game with many different people for almost no extra cost. It has been good to me when other parts of my life seemed to be going badly. So if you need to be ultra competitive then fine. If you do it in a time or a place that reflects badly on you as a person then maybe you need to get out of the game before it does more harm then good.

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Dukey the three legged dog – Response

So I got home from my job where I was called more swear words then a South Park episode to get on my computer after warming up the remnants of a cold pizza. All in all my normal mood ready to eke out a little more progress in this world.

Checking my facebook I went down to a page about a three legged black lab called Dukey.

I have always been a dog person and I love reading about many people and the fun times they have doing something so I decided to click. It told on how this was from the blog at now down because this actually got the internet, the group of people ready to watch someone trip down a set of stairs laughing all the while. To show everyone has a heart.

The first six words came up .”I died today. By Duke Roberts”

It was told through a set of pictures with sentence descriptions going over a beloved pet’s last day. I got half way through when I reached for the kleenexes. I knew ow it felt to lose a pet and not be able to save them. I got the rest of the way down and I actually had to stop all my work I was doing while reading and just take a moment and think.

At least he went well. Not many in life get that comfort, but at least one dog did.

Bye bye Duke, Thank you for sharing with us your last day.