My Biggest Problem In Blogging

I thought I should start off with the problems that I know I have doing this blog for so many years and getting some things out to be read. I feel it could be a touch more successful. I do a very small amount of advertising on it. Over time it has always been my biggest problem because I would want to put it in places where people could enjoy it, but on the flipside I don’t want to endlessly advertise it to the point that people are just sick of it. Doing it has to be done with a balance between the two because although I do not have a more focused subject blog there are things that I have learned that can be useful to others.

Youtube is the same way I want to advertise because there I games I find that are really fun, yet free to play. I do some other videos about subjects, but I find that having it be just on one subject as a blog or a channel makes things somewhat boring. There will always need to be some variety to make them really come through.

It is something I actually spent many hours poring over different strategies, and how business works on both sides to get a better understanding of how some may look at it. Putting it all in my head there was nothing that really felt right until while I was in bed rolling around from the pain of a popped tendon that it struck me.

Keeping all those things in mind made me lose the point. Something so astonishingly simple that looking at everything made me want to just slap my head. It will be something that kinda gave me some information that was sorely needed. Looking back, yes some mistakes were made and some things could have been done better, but I do some good stuff. Since I do good stuff between this blog and the channel I need to find ways where I can just take a step back and have more fun with it without it being a soul crushing defeat like so many projects of people tend to turn into.

Experiences on Youtube 1

Let it be said that if something was easy then everyone would do it. After doing some videos I have had a little bit of views in the small amount of time that I had done. 125 views in the two or three months. Not bad, but after some conversations and a hard look at it I realized some things.

After some communications throughout different branches I need to focus it in a little bit more. I want my channel more about the positive but instead of investing my time showing the good of a game I just did what I thought would be good and hoped it worked. So I did some thinking and figured out how I am going to do this. So I have my journal for youtube stuff and reading over it it seems that my videos do need to be more focused. I can still be about the good in the games industry I just should pick my spots a little bit better and work on building a base first then overall just doing what may be good.

It may be embarrassing for someone to tell you that you are doing something wrong, but when someone does it you can tell if they are just trying to rankle you or just trying to make it so you get depressed. It is hard to do when you love something and you want it to succeed from the very bottom of you but it doesn’t.

Learn from it and keep your focus which sounds so easy on your screen, but is so difficult to pull off in truth. Good luck, in your goals and now I am going to try this again after more research to make my stuff even better.

Oh and here is my youtube channel for games and currently on break to try some different things.

Back to work

So after the tearjerker we got a whole new setup for the channel which will be a bit challenging and we will be executing a set of aggressive advertising plans as well. My roommate and I after getting all the main videos redone to raise the quality level up we are going to advertise it for all we are worth. After the advertising plans we will wait for three months.

After that we are going to have a meeting and see how hard we want to push this channel over all of out other projects. Since everyone is getting much more comfortable with their programs as well as their responsibilities.

Magic training has involved more with what may come up and hoping for a finish worthy enough for at least a good payday. Cooking wise I have nothing new to report as it seems someone as cast a disappearing spell on my cookbook.

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