Experiences on Youtube 1

Let it be said that if something was easy then everyone would do it. After doing some videos I have had a little bit of views in the small amount of time that I had done. 125 views in the two or three months. Not bad, but after some conversations and a hard look at it I realized some things.

After some communications throughout different branches I need to focus it in a little bit more. I want my channel more about the positive but instead of investing my time showing the good of a game I just did what I thought would be good and hoped it worked. So I did some thinking and figured out how I am going to do this. So I have my journal for youtube stuff and reading over it it seems that my videos do need to be more focused. I can still be about the good in the games industry I just should pick my spots a little bit better and work on building a base first then overall just doing what may be good.

It may be embarrassing for someone to tell you that you are doing something wrong, but when someone does it you can tell if they are just trying to rankle you or just trying to make it so you get depressed. It is hard to do when you love something and you want it to succeed from the very bottom of you but it doesn’t.

Learn from it and keep your focus which sounds so easy on your screen, but is so difficult to pull off in truth. Good luck, in your goals and now I am going to try this again after more research to make my stuff even better.

Oh and here is my youtube channel for games and currently on break to try some different things.


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