Police protests – Thoughts as of late

So you have a group of people who thought they were completely within their rights and through the actions of another group they are insulted and made a mockery of. The tension rises and things get more severe. Emotion overtakes common sense and many things that would seem clear suddenly become so confusing.

Who did I just describe? The protesters who feel the racism is still as prevalent today in the police force or the police themselves that feel that through a mistake which happens in all occupations and made worse by wondrous storm of idiocy. It seems that both of these groups seem to want blood and honestly that makes me a little sad.

I don’t know the stories about what runs in each side’s collective thoughts so I cannot say if one is right or one is wrong. Both sides have made moves I do not agree with on a basic scale. Is someone instantly a martyr if they try to rob a store with a loaded firearm and get shot?

Is the police man a model officer if he cannot handle his piece in the way to minimize the loss of life?

The answer is no both times. Just because a horrible tragedy happens does not make it okay to use that tragedy to cause more havoc. Yes, what happens in school shootings is a horrible nightmare inducing event, and yes racism more so any form of discrimination is a low point for the human species.

What bothers me is I just don’t see the large scale both sides seem to have their laser focus set on. Some cops are going to be bad seeds while some people are going to think race is going to be the only reason they never got anything. It happens so what you do to help combat it is to make the better part of it a bigger part of the social view. Let us hear about the cops who have it engrained on their heart as well as their badge to protect and serve and let the protesters show that they can help the community as well bringing the spirit and fire one would expect.

As a small piece of advice. Channel that anger in to something positive before something happens to make it all a lot worse


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