Police protests – Thoughts as of late

So you have a group of people who thought they were completely within their rights and through the actions of another group they are insulted and made a mockery of. The tension rises and things get more severe. Emotion overtakes common sense and many things that would seem clear suddenly become so confusing.

Who did I just describe? The protesters who feel the racism is still as prevalent today in the police force or the police themselves that feel that through a mistake which happens in all occupations and made worse by wondrous storm of idiocy. It seems that both of these groups seem to want blood and honestly that makes me a little sad.

I don’t know the stories about what runs in each side’s collective thoughts so I cannot say if one is right or one is wrong. Both sides have made moves I do not agree with on a basic scale. Is someone instantly a martyr if they try to rob a store with a loaded firearm and get shot? Continue reading