Why are they not fired yet?

Yes, the post this week alluded to a break coming up for me, but I had to get this out of the way.

A couple times over the year I made a statement that I did not want to dive in to anything political because I like to think that political beliefs are a lot like religions no two people look at it exactly the same and even if they do that may not translate to them practicing those views the same.

Except looking back over this past year I found a lot of things that made madder then a hornet in a bee hive. First, let’s get some info out there so people know the kind of person they are dealing with when they read this because now it seems you can be dismissed in to a red our blue political group quicker then the gangs could in a California prison. Yes or no, democrat or republican, right or wrong it all seems to be one way or another and it just makes me mad.

Because when I grew up I was told how America was the best in the world. How it was the world’s jewel and you know what when I was in grade school I truly believed it. I thought the American Dream was something that could be attained with hard work and a stiff upper lip. I still do in some respects today. What really hurts me is you cannot look with all the data coming out nowadays about how this country actually ranks and say that we are number one.

We are not.

In fact in many things we are not even in the top ten.

Mathematical literacy: 36th according to the National Center of Educational Statistics in 2012
Check for yourself – Here is the source.
Scientific literacy : 28th according to the same source
Reading literacy : 24th

Health care among a group of industrialized countries: 11th OUT OF 11! This is competing with other countries who should be in best essences our rivals and friends and we are ranked dead last according to the common wealth fund, and we are the most expensive.
Don’t believe me? Check this source.

But you know what that can be a little shoddy after all it is not a complete look at all countries health care, and even Mohammed Ali can be taken down if against the wrong opponent. So according to the World Health Organization report from 2000 who kinda make their rent on looking at health things and how they work decided to look at all the countries and give us a ranking.

Overall health system ranking : 37th
Page 18 has the table to check.
That is not a glitch, nor a typo, a mistake or any other synonym for a screw up there was a class of countries ahead of us with better health systems.

On top of that the entire net neutrality issue which has been bounced back and forth between the house and congress enough times to piss exactly a third of the web world off. Topped with a growing set of bad business moves from corporations seems like there are enemies everywhere and nary a stone to stand on with your allies.

A recent case where the Supreme Court allowed ignorance of the law to be an excuse by the officers that had to enforce it.
Right here.

In short and to be rather blunt. A lot of stupid shit is going down and people think it is okay.

It is not okay, and here is my little opinion on the times where people may look at it and judge it on its own merit.

On top of senate and the house moving in and out with the presidential elections it takes a lot of time to know everyone at each level and understand in depth what may happen. I try to keep updated but I am also trying to pay bills and make this place I live a little better so my time has to to be spent elsewhere. Well, with the opinions on many in Congress and the House of Representatives here is what I suggest.

A simple yes or no vote. At the middle of every presidential term the country and its people vote again and if the votes don’t come back or if a majority of them are negative then everyone is fired. No severance packages, no insurance, no special little parting gifts and no chance to get it back. If you get booted in that way you can never run for a position in either two branches again. Why would not voting count against the politicians? Not voting is a response albeit it is not one of confidence so if the country does not feel confident or feels negatively in another aspect of the work of our politicians then they get canned, and we get some new blood in to change it.

Oh and about the whole supreme court if confidence falls in them then they will be under another vote where like the house and congress vote they need 51% and if they don’t then it is game over.

I personally think that the only good that has been done in the past decade has been on accident. I don’t have any faith in my politicians to keep crayons out of their nose when there are good, smart, hard working people making the backbone of America what it can be versus the politicians making the beer belly on it. Because it all boils down to what are the points of these laws and bills they pass and are they helping or hurting the people. I think it is hurting the people and I think there is not another job in the world where you can fail for so long and get paid more then the majority of your country’s workers and at $174,000 yearly average it is a pretty safe bet that the politician get a good deal over the people they are supposed to represent.

Just fire them so we can start over. They deserve it. Also I am not a politician just a guy working on some dreams. Have a good year everyone.

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