Some times things don’t work

Well, this was a blog post I was not happy to make. But to honestly represent my path and how it has been sometimes you have to show the bad as well as the good.

Some days you try to stay positive and all of it seems to blow up in your face and other days it just seems like no matter what you do it just is not good enough.

Well, it is good enough. Hardships sometimes do not come to us fairly and those who say that they make their own luck and expressly push themselves behind that line may be happy. I have lived a life where that line simply does not hold water. Nothing against people who use it because if that works for you then great and it does no good for me. So why am I typing this?

A lot of things have blown up in my face as of late and because of that I can not feasibly figure out how to continue this. So until further notice this channel will be on hibernation. I will do my best to put myself in a better place to write and think so that when I come back I have more in my arsenal and I can better apply that. Because people still need to know the power of dreams. Too many of us have thought them to be childish when really there is not much more of a pure thing then someone’s dreams. So if this comes up it will be a goodbye for now. I will return to this and the youtube channel with a little more ability some new ideas to try and maybe a new something or something something something spam spam spam spammity spam. All jokes aside have a good year.

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