Thoughts after an accident

Warning: This post is going to touch on some serious subjects.

So while I am working on all this writing, the business plans, future investments, the card game and everything it usually calls about on some major concentration. As anyone can tell by my pas posting I have not been able to get a lot done in the recent time.

It’s just I was thinking after my brother got in a wreck which he is thankfully ok from. After watching him lose his car, something that meant so much to him as being able to be free be taken away because of someone’s negligence just makes me think, and I need to vent a little.

My sister and I have a lot of bad blood between us, but its a least to the point of polite conversation. Now, during many of the years my parents often imbibed and my father was not the kindest man when things would set him up. Obviously, all the details are not needed. There were three kids and the times that someone didn’t stop it there was a couple of additions of bruises. Except my sister and I tried everything to keep our brother out of the cross hairs. Now, with pops out of prison, and mom’s memory it almost feels like my sister and I are two last soldiers in a forgotten war.

My mother’s memory was lost of those moments after her stroke. Pops would say he does not remember and my brother does not want to talk about the events he went through, the ones we couldn’t stop. My knee was twisted almost out of the socket, my jaw smacked, my ribs bruised multiple times, my shoulder blade nearly shattered just from family incidents.

It just sucks that my brother after we made it through so much after the three of us kids made it so far against everything and when my brother made it, and gets his car only to have someone wreck it and run out of their car to escape. The guy after hitting my brother so hard he slid across the width of a four lane street being spun out thought not to see if he was okay, but run. Run out of the SUV to get away from my brother, and luckily the car took the hit in the back seat drivers side. No one else was in the car except the door was bent in so far it wouldn’t open. If it was the front seat then the force would have bent the door half way through the drivers seat.

He loved to have that freedom of just going somewhere without having to ask someone. What scares me the most is when he got so mad I could almost see the reflection I had when I was so much younger. He is a different person though and I can only hope that he is not like me because I kept all my anger in when I was younger. Only time will tell and that’s what sucks. Maybe I am just over empathizing, I hope he isn’t dealing with it the way I used too

Thanks, for letting me vent.

Some times things don’t work

Well, this was a blog post I was not happy to make. But to honestly represent my path and how it has been sometimes you have to show the bad as well as the good.

Some days you try to stay positive and all of it seems to blow up in your face and other days it just seems like no matter what you do it just is not good enough.

Well, it is good enough. Hardships sometimes do not come to us fairly and those who say that they make their own luck and expressly push themselves behind that line may be happy. I have lived a life where that line simply does not hold water. Nothing against people who use it because if that works for you then great and it does no good for me. So why am I typing this?

A lot of things have blown up in my face as of late and because of that I can not feasibly figure out how to continue this. So until further notice this channel will be on hibernation. I will do my best to put myself in a better place to write and think so that when I come back I have more in my arsenal and I can better apply that. Because people still need to know the power of dreams. Too many of us have thought them to be childish when really there is not much more of a pure thing then someone’s dreams. So if this comes up it will be a goodbye for now. I will return to this and the youtube channel with a little more ability some new ideas to try and maybe a new something or something something something spam spam spam spammity spam. All jokes aside have a good year.