10 things I want to do in 2015

Every one will have their own new year’s resolution in a couple days as will I. Now it isn’t time for the life changing for the better, but just things I want to do if i ever get the chance. So with that here are ten things I want to do provided I get a chance to do it and they are in no particular order.

10. Interview A Porn Star
Some people may ask “why?” Well, it is a group of people who normally don’t get much word out in the general population which if anything this blog does have is a general audience. I think that an interview with someone in that profession about things out of it can really show some of the good points these people have. Often times porn stars do not get much more credit then a prostitute. I think that it can be a positive view on the industry showing these people are just that, people and would probably be a nice conversation over all.

9. Create A Full Five Course Meal Using Tea
I always wanted to use different teas in every dish balancing the positives of such things. I think it could be a really good experience for everyone who gets to try it. If I can make it like a full feast for many people eating it would be awesome.

8. Voice Act As An Awesome Old Man
Because it. would. be. GLORIOUS!!

7. Get Paid For Doing Nothing
Don’t We All.

6. Tour Jameson Whiskey
For those who do not know when I partake in adult beverages Jameson is my drink of choice. I have been interested in distilling spirits for a while and to see how they do some of their things would be amazing.

5. Make A Free Card Game
When I was growing up there was a time where I could not buy a lot of cards so I had to trade for whatever I got. If I have enough time I will do something and have it free to play so it will be about the strategy and the fun and not the trade value fluctuations and constantly changing game market.

4. Own A Unique Chef Jacket
Crooked Brook has plenty of options and I always at least one at top two that was just what I wanted in a chef jacket which will most likely not be fashionable but oh boy I will love it like it was a plushy animal crafted from childhood dreams.

3. Drive A Flying Car
It will be 2015 and there are no flying cars. I don’t know how older readers feel about this, but I feel cheated.

2. Attend More Conventions
There are so many things I want to do that if possible that going to conventions would be a fun experience. It would also be a great places to network on the side.

1. Take A Trip Out Of The Country
I always wanted to see different countries. The culinary history of the Chinese, French and Japanese alone would be worth what would be added to my arsenal. On top of history and all the things you can see and do it would be great.

Well, these are like extra credit if I can get them done then great. If not then oh well.


  1. I don’t know if you’ve seen the documentary “After Porn,” but you may want to check it out! They interview a few porn stars to discuss what their life was like before, during, and after porn. Also, I was disappointed about the flying car as well!

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