I am a gamer

I like to play video games. I like that you can have an interactive story or arena to play in to your heart’s content, and I truly believe that we are still scratching at what can be done with it. With studies not being able to prove that games are making kids violent it seems like it would be a brand new world despite being in the eighth generation of systems.

Then I realize what is going on in games and some of the things combined with how some people are acting just makes me think how far we have gone. Then I hear about the Target issue which I think was not well handled by anyone involved but the gamers because when you have a country of 24,000,000 and an a petition of 40,000 gets something removed you have to wonder. Is it the opinion of the many or of the extremist? There are other places I could take that point including events out of gaming in my own country and I really want to but I try to keep this place for the most part a no politics zone and with as many times as I scratch my head it is getting more difficult.

Then we have the whole dirty publicity issue with gamergate and the rise of extremist wearing the feminism code like a bad overcoat. For those who may not agree with the previous statement I will take a point from the dictionary.


1. the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.
2. (sometimes initial capital letter) an organized movement for the attainment of such rights for women.

I have no problem with the word and what it means. When you talk to people who believe the fairness is only restricted by how far the pendulum may swing the other way then you have lost not only the point of fairness but also of feminism if you are one of these extremists. I could be mad and rip points apart, what good would it do so let me say this to help break down the wall a little bit.
We have different views. It is okay. You will not agree with me and I will not agree with all the world an on any point. You don’t need to. If you do not like my opinion though you can have a nice conversation with the person instead of dragging everyone in your pool of opponents through the mud verbally. It doesn’t do much except show that you were not prepared or just don’t have the access to the resources to back up your point.
I started out as a gamer reading the walkthrough to Crash Bandicoot game while my uncle and my cousin played through trying to get all the secrets. I had a Super Nintendo, but before then I just wasn’t interested then I saw what could be and I loved it. It made me think about things I never had before of aspects of life I never had before and overall it made me a better person. Oh by the way here is the end notes on the finding by the American Psychological Association in case you think there is no evidence and don’t feel like reading the war and peace sized report in full.
I am a gamer. I am an equalist. I am a writer. I have a headache and now I am going to work on my writing a little more. Hope you enjoyed the thoughts. Later everyone.

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