The legend of the brother’s shields

For those who had never heard of it there was a show in the nineties called Legends of the Hidden Temple and me growing up in this era I wanted to be on it. Never did though, but trying to put myself together from a bout of flu I remember the fables that I loved sometimes factual and sometimes all hot air it was all fun explaining why some artifact was important before informing the would be explorers where in his temple held the item. So since I never made it to the temple (If I did I wanted to rock the parrot or snake jerseys) I thought the next best thing was to make a short legend about a random artifact that could have been in the temple one day.


During the late twelve hundreds William Wallace was on his way to freeing Scotland from the invading British. Under his command where a pair of brothers whose abilities on the battlefield differed as much as their personalities. Despite that they were proud fighting for their home both armed with their trademark shields. To know each other on the battlefield the younger brother who worked often commanding the first waves would add a second spike on his targe. His brother often responsible for the platoon behind would carry a tower shield much heavier then the targe taken from a fallen British knight.

During the battle of Stirling castle the numbers were against the brothers and Wallace before the older brother got an idea.

“If we can hold them to the bridge we won’t get over powered by their numbers. They would have to come to us in smaller numbers.”

Wallace agreed with the plan soon making it so as long as they held the bridge they would not fall. As the battle began men came like waves against the shore. The Scots had to take the castle and this was their only chance. Holding the front line before charging he saw his brother come up with the tower shield he had made his own.

“Brother, what are you doing don’t you have to watch your men?”

“The bridge will not allow any of yours to escape if I do so I decided to come up here to help you out.”

Soon the battle begun as the British began to push against the warriors. Wave after wave of fighting begun to wear on the men it was a full day of fighting before the sounds of swords breaking began to ring in the air. Before nightfall new soldiers brought more weapons while the men pushing the bridge began to grow desperate.

“Push your shields. If we go down it will be for Scotland!!” The younger brother yelled.

Heavy with arrows the younger brother soon felt shade as the tower shield taking the moment to pull the arrows that his dirge had caught the large tower shield gave him enough time to repair his own shield and finish the battle. By morning of the second day the castle had been taken against an overwhelming British force with little left of their own weapons but the shields that took the castle. The brothers were promoted to full commanders while their shields made their way to the temple. Where they can be found in the tomb of the tomb of the ancient kings….

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