Off we go…(soon)

So in getting ready for the upcoming month I had worked myself up. Not in just an anxiety, but the Pringles on my shoulder were just making me a little steamed at everything. Helping to get some aggression put away decided to play one of the games I reviewed and completely beat it in the span of a couple hours. I had fun with it for what it was it had 96 puzzles that took a lot of thought on patterns fitting only certain pieces in an exact area leaving no open spaces or overlaps. It is on Steam called Sigils of Elohim. You can look it up if you want. It is free on steam and if you play The Talos Chronicles then you may get some in game stuff out of it.

I want this to be my month after this challenge is finished coming up. When I put everything into something and fail it just drives me up a wall. Making sure I learn from it is one thing, but it still just takes up space when I put my mind focused on something without figuring it out or completing it.

That’s how I got my first book done. That is how I finished the Spartan Sprint. I feel like this time this challenge will not get the better of me. Yes, I have harped on this before, but that is just a perfect example of how it kinda wears on me Sometimes it does happen and you do your best while things just do not head your way, but trying and being unable to finish something due to a lack of skill just takes something out of me.

I thought about how I could get the most out of the challenge. Figured how I could best use my strengths and hide my weaknesses on this challenge, and after all the thought it is just time now to wait until the green light. I won’t be talking in groups so much because of it. The blog challenge I have been doing has been something of a warm up and test in one go because I have also had to look back on my previous pieces that will be finished and familiarize myself again with the workings. Good luck to everyone on it.

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