Wattpad and NaNoWriMo

Ya, I am kinda dumb not gonna lie. In my defense I did have my arms out in a lot of different things. I just found out about Wattpad and looking around it seems like a great place to get some chops with more writing contests and right now I had ten to go for by this point, but only made it through six of them.

Winners are not picked for most of them until spring of next year so in the meantime while everything else is going there needs to be more stuff to try. One does not simply get anywhere by resting on small successes so with a whole new world of writing to try it will be very interesting in the next week especially with the big literary fight coming over the hill in the form of NaNoWriMo who currently owns a pair of victories that I can remember over me.

I am training for this I want this out of the way. I want to beat the NaNoWriMo challenge that got me twice and it will happen. After that or if things go well then maybe my book will find their ways on Wattpad. We shall see what will happen, but also in the mean time part of my training is to get some story lines set just in case my freestyle does not pan out with enough words then I have a couple more to start working on.

My health may not be at its highest, but that do not means it will be easier. Some people get a little more cagey and wily when pushed back and this time it may be me in the corner, but with eyes on the target it may just come down to being a little bit smarter then just bull rushing things like my usual M.O.

There will not be a three-peat against me on this one.

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