Emergency Chocolate Protocol For PC Gaming

Emergency Chocolate Protocol For PC Gaming

The Christmas releases could be out or your loved one wants to get a good session on an important day that may or may not rhyme with “blanniversery”, and you don’t have enough to get through the day. We will make French hand-rolled Chocolate truffles. It is okay if you do not have a whole lot of equipment because the important part is as follows and it is to make the ganache.

8 oz of Dark Chocolate Chips

5 oz or 2/3 cup of Heavy Cream

A sauce pot, this will be for the cream.

A stove

A large plastic bowl able to handle hot cream and the freezer.

A spatula or a whisk

A small bowl

Plate for finishing

Fridge or freezer space for the bowl

First you want to put your pot on a burner at medium high heat before pouring your cream in the pot. While this is heating up place your chocolate in the bowl. If you wanted to add little flavorings you can add it to the cream now. We want the cream to get to a good simmer. You want to look at the cream see the small bubbles around the side of the pot and look in the center of the cream to notice that it is bubbling at the same speed.

Pour your cream of the chocolate. Fold the chocolate and the cream together while it is still hot. The heat of the cream will melt the chocolate. This can count as a workout when you do bigger batches. When it smooth in color and free of lumps then you are done. If you go slow enough there is still lumps in it, but the color is smooth then that is fine as well a little bit of hardened chocolate in a chocolate treat will not ruin anything.

What is in this bowl is called ganache, and it is about as well for coffee and ice cream as you think it would be. Let it cool and chill it for a two hours minimum. Freezer works as well if you find you have warm hands. While that chills we need to get to some toppings we can roll little chocolate balls in so that we do not make our keyboards a mess.

Chopped nuts, coconut, pulverized hard candies, dried and finely chopped fruit are all things you can consider. Classically it is done with cocoa powder so for the sake of explanation take a small bowl and fill it a third of the way with your item of choice. Pull the ganache after it has set before rolling to just bigger then a quarter. Drop your creations in the coating making sure they are completely coated before putting them on the plate.

Let the plate chill in the fridge until serving time. Works well as a snack when you wreck your opponent or need a snack after being stomped in game. Makes two dozen.

It Is Okay To Be A Casual Gamer

This was the first of three test articles for Opnoobs.com. The next two will be in the next two days.

It Is Okay To Be A Casual Gamer

Casual is a word that is thrown around in some circles usually to the vision of the person who likes games, but does not completely throw themselves in to the gaming world. There is this rift seemingly setting two different groups of people who like the same thing at varying levels of passion against each other. For a moment think of two young feuding children who claim they love their mother and in that moment you can see how more it can be both in some ways funny and annoying.

Despite the two groups what defines one from another changes from group to group, and even person to person. Casuals supposedly are the evil spawn of the gaming community bound to crush everything the hardcore gamers love with vast amounts of money, other hobbies, and short attention spans. Hardcore gamers supposedly sit in their mother’s basements or small apartments rubbing together their limited edition triforce branded leather gloves wondering why no one wants to play the game they pumped 800 hours into. Both sides have become stereotypes that have no use, and I can prove it.

One person I know is a bit of a rabid learner. He tries to do well spending as much time to learn about things that interest him. This person goes to protests and debates with people about important issues whenever he can just to learn more about people and the world they inhabit. He plays games to take a moment decompressing over the issues of the day in a setting where the worries can melt away in the enjoyment of a good game. We get together have a drink, and maybe enjoy something he found in it.

Another person is someone who has gone to anime and game conventions up and down the west coast. While doing they had done well in gaming tournaments claiming top eight or sixteen in fields of hundreds for the Super Smash Bros. games. In short this person was good and whooped me on it like I had owed him rent.

Both of these people are playing games, and their money goes to the companies that sold and published those games whether how much they love it or don’t. We can as a group of people that like or love to play games make the community better for each other instead of trying to blame the other for some of the supposed ills of the industry. Those two people described above can get together for a drink and a play session when both of them feel up to it and it is great despite one of them being a casual.

Different people will like different things. If we can take a moment though respecting the opinion of others who we do not agree with then maybe we can find ways to make gaming better. Be hardcore or be a casual just play the games and enjoy.

Op Noobs Opinion Pieces

So I tried to answer an ad on Craigslist about a gaming website where they had just wanted a game review and that they would supply the steam keys for it. It was a small amount of work that I could do very easily, and I felt happy to give it a crack. I send some feelers out and we start the process to see if I can write for them.

I love games and this would help flesh out my portfolio so to speak. It would allow me to also start building my portfolio more while getting more traction as an article writer. It would give me some free games to play and that was payment enough for what I was doing. Let’s see where things go from here.

My first assignment just to see my range of writing was an opinion piece. You can check their website to see what counts as opinion pieces about PC gaming. Give them a look when you have the time just seeing all this stuff that counts as opinion pieces. They had a fair variety of different subjects that I thought could be played around with. If you are curious you can look at it by looking up opnoobs.com

Got a reply back that my work has personality that they really like. Unfortunately, they also said that my sentence structure needs work, and that was the big problem. It was big enough that I wasn’t wanted to write at this time which is gutting for me, but it also gives me something to work on. I will have the pieces on here in the next couple days just so you can see what I attempted to get this position with.

Going to work on my sentence structure, and make sure to remember that article writing and book writing are two different forms with different things needed for the product.

Youtube Goal

I originally wanted to get to a speed of two videos per weekday. I can say that at least I can get that to happen with all the health issues going on. There is so many things being made that there is always something to find. Whether it is something from the past or something made for someone’s class games are things that make people happy and as I said before I will do this as long as I can.

Some of these games you will see have been done on other people’s pages, but there are also some that you will have never seen before. Games that your child can play because they can be fun without hidden swear words. Games for adults going over deeper issues like suicide, depression, and love. I can find a lot of treasure.

I invite anyone who loves games to just check my channel. I am not PewdiePie or JackScepticeye or Markiplier. I don’t need to be. I think the games after you see them will make you want to play them. You do not need a massive gaming rig to do these games. My laptop despite being fairly new is an all around model that specializes in nothing, but can hold its own in a few things. It will never run Skyrim at 60 fps with full visuals engaged, but maybe if things go well I can at least do a SNES emulator if things ever go well enough. Just as likely I would do a full playthrough of a game that just really interests me.

Eventually I will be trying to make my own games currently the card game is taking the time so it will be interesting to keep things in mind while I work on these videos. It is really nice to see how things ebb and flow in popularity and quality as time goes on.