No Man’s Skydive

No Man’s Skydive

What can be said about this example of business fireworks except it is just about time to get the marshmallows out because if this will be good for anything it will be to make a good s’more. Hype was the first poison in this little cocktail, and what a dose it was.

This game if it had come through on more of what they were aiming for would most likely one of the top ten selling PC games this year. Standing right now people who bought it are mad enough to just wipe the entire experience from their mind except a warning to be more careful next time. It had gone through a process of building itself up over multiple times before it was launched that took people a couple weeks to actually figure out what they got. Next ingredient in for this little cocktail was the action of the company behind it.

Hello Games should not have been going for so much. This was a project clearly outside of their normal set of games which was the entirety of the Joe Danger series, and they promised everything in this new project. Putting it simply they wanted their game to sell. If their game sells then obviously it is a sign of success, but you do not say things are in it that are then not in it at launch. Being looked at for misleading advertising by the Advertising Standards Authority does not help matters.

Some of the die hard super fans before this game came out added their own brand of vermouth and suffering. When you have death threats, poor attitude, rampant stupidity, coming from a fan base before something released then you either are going to get a lot more people in that group, or you are about to have a lot less fans. After the things some of these super fans did it reflected poorly on the project to some degree and to all gamers to another. That let down intensified any misgivings the game would have making it even harder for them to bear.

Taking all these things we already can see a situation that will have a polarizing result. It will fly or it will dive and the price point of the game just made sure of it. Value is something that more people are looking at and to have something like this going for retail at sixty dollars only ramped up the possibility. Sony backed that price point despite not a lot of evidence saying this would be a success to the degree it was pushed. They helped make this toxic cocktail turning one of the biggest deliveries of gaming this year in to one of the biggest disappointments and personally they should take a drink of that as well to sober them up.

Youtube Goal

I originally wanted to get to a speed of two videos per weekday. I can say that at least I can get that to happen with all the health issues going on. There is so many things being made that there is always something to find. Whether it is something from the past or something made for someone’s class games are things that make people happy and as I said before I will do this as long as I can.

Some of these games you will see have been done on other people’s pages, but there are also some that you will have never seen before. Games that your child can play because they can be fun without hidden swear words. Games for adults going over deeper issues like suicide, depression, and love. I can find a lot of treasure.

I invite anyone who loves games to just check my channel. I am not PewdiePie or JackScepticeye or Markiplier. I don’t need to be. I think the games after you see them will make you want to play them. You do not need a massive gaming rig to do these games. My laptop despite being fairly new is an all around model that specializes in nothing, but can hold its own in a few things. It will never run Skyrim at 60 fps with full visuals engaged, but maybe if things go well I can at least do a SNES emulator if things ever go well enough. Just as likely I would do a full playthrough of a game that just really interests me.

Eventually I will be trying to make my own games currently the card game is taking the time so it will be interesting to keep things in mind while I work on these videos. It is really nice to see how things ebb and flow in popularity and quality as time goes on.


Newgrounds Judging

One thing that happened in the spectrum of games. Newgrounds actually had me be part of a private panel judging on what games would be deemed the best of the month. I had been playing a lot of games from the website for my own little Youtube channel that deals with free indie games or demos.

(Which you can check out below just by hitting the link here (Youtube)

Playing games to find the good from the bad is difficult but also rewarding because I already have a list of games that should be on places like Xbox or Playstation markets for a couple bucks. I am finding the best values as a pc gamer because despite the venom the term free games can bring there is some mighty good stuff on the market that had gone that path for a little more polish. Some of these games already played and currently being put together in videos. This is about the games for the most part, and while I can be a bit of a goof sometime it is more about the game.

I am finding games that people would not believe you can play for free. Soon I will be incorporating more of the games from different website because a good game is just that, and with so many people mad at so many things in the triple A sector a little look in a different field would be good for some. Many people do not think about such things, but this where a lot of people will get their start and while eventually I would like to do some triple A games that is more of a long term side thing while this is the bread and butter.

I will most likely also try to keep opinion pieces on political or social issues on the channel in its own little series called teatime. Just a basic discussion that I think people will enjoy my points on so I can declare this place to be free of politics once again, and I think that will be a little bit better, because often time there is something so stifling about an article on a subject and, a recording of sound will allow a more free form thought process of understanding in the point and time.

Below is a screen capture of my voting screen and it is was based on originality, execution and fun I had playing them. I tried to make enough time for all of them to get a good fair shake, but the puzzle games caught my fancy more this time. It was well deserved because a good puzzle game can be hard to do sometimes, anyway under this is a picture from my voting. The left is the ballot while the right is the games released this month.


There are so many chance there is some treasure just on this screen, and I can tell you that some of them will be part of videos in the future