Emergency Chocolate Protocol For PC Gaming

Emergency Chocolate Protocol For PC Gaming

The Christmas releases could be out or your loved one wants to get a good session on an important day that may or may not rhyme with “blanniversery”, and you don’t have enough to get through the day. We will make French hand-rolled Chocolate truffles. It is okay if you do not have a whole lot of equipment because the important part is as follows and it is to make the ganache.

8 oz of Dark Chocolate Chips

5 oz or 2/3 cup of Heavy Cream

A sauce pot, this will be for the cream.

A stove

A large plastic bowl able to handle hot cream and the freezer.

A spatula or a whisk

A small bowl

Plate for finishing

Fridge or freezer space for the bowl

First you want to put your pot on a burner at medium high heat before pouring your cream in the pot. While this is heating up place your chocolate in the bowl. If you wanted to add little flavorings you can add it to the cream now. We want the cream to get to a good simmer. You want to look at the cream see the small bubbles around the side of the pot and look in the center of the cream to notice that it is bubbling at the same speed.

Pour your cream of the chocolate. Fold the chocolate and the cream together while it is still hot. The heat of the cream will melt the chocolate. This can count as a workout when you do bigger batches. When it smooth in color and free of lumps then you are done. If you go slow enough there is still lumps in it, but the color is smooth then that is fine as well a little bit of hardened chocolate in a chocolate treat will not ruin anything.

What is in this bowl is called ganache, and it is about as well for coffee and ice cream as you think it would be. Let it cool and chill it for a two hours minimum. Freezer works as well if you find you have warm hands. While that chills we need to get to some toppings we can roll little chocolate balls in so that we do not make our keyboards a mess.

Chopped nuts, coconut, pulverized hard candies, dried and finely chopped fruit are all things you can consider. Classically it is done with cocoa powder so for the sake of explanation take a small bowl and fill it a third of the way with your item of choice. Pull the ganache after it has set before rolling to just bigger then a quarter. Drop your creations in the coating making sure they are completely coated before putting them on the plate.

Let the plate chill in the fridge until serving time. Works well as a snack when you wreck your opponent or need a snack after being stomped in game. Makes two dozen.

Wrestling Article Attempt

Recently I tried to senda sample to a wrestling webstie to have me on as a content provider, and with a promo done by the Miz that really made me want to try to write for a pro wrestling website. If it is something you love then it will show more of the natural emotion I would think.



I have not seen a full show bell to bell in quite a long time. Keeping track from the wrestling news all over the world tends to make it hard to see everything for what it is instead of the single words on the screen. Until something happened on Smackdown recently.

The tag teams were fresh, and Dolph seemed to be moving back up with A.J Styles and Dean Ambrose firmly in the next match for the gold. Diva’s and Tag belts were unveiled as well as what would be done to crown the first champions. Six pack challenge for the female superstars on the blue brand while the smackdown tag belts would be given to the winners of a tournament. From the first two matches having American Alpha and The Uso’s moving on to the story of Heath Slater looking for a partner it seems there would be a lot there to fill a show.

Found out Nikki Bella was back, and was actually really feeling how she was going to be used as her work as been known to not be the greatest, but she also has been really pushing herself to grow. It will take some time, but Carmella and Nikki may seem like a good pairing because both have something to prove Nikki from her injury and Carmella as a draft pick getting used to another audience. Which was strange because usually I can nitpick to a hair splitting level. Overall though the show seemed good, and I was thinking about watching it bell to bell next week.

I crossed paths with a certain well moment would be the best way to describe it. It came from the post show on the network called Talking Smack, and I saw the mix in the picture so I clicked. If there was anything good I have done this week it was watch that video. I’m a fan of the Miz. The whole thing were people didn’t respect him for what he wanted to do struck a chord with me. He was insulted for a wrestling style that Daniel Bryan called “Cowardly”. Where some people would expect Miz to go off like a pouty actor were not getting what they wanted tonight. You know what, go right now, tab this page, look up “Miz talking smack”, listen to it, and then come back because words cannot do it complete justice. It is just about three minutes if you go to the WWE Youtube channel. Go.


Where was this hiding? One moment that perfectly encapsulates what wrestling should be not because he was perfect in his speech. He did stutter at times, but it made it more authentic. No, the reason why this was a defining moment was because I had watched wrestling for years since being cap high to a milk gallon. Since then we hear so much behind the scenes and then this happens and for a moment you look at it and go.

“What did I just see?”

Suspension of disbelief is a hard thing to grasp. After so many years watching the shows, reading the articles, hearing the interviews with everyone under the sun. This three minute clip where no flips were done, no tables broken, no clinics held, and just had two people for the most part talking made me remember why this held magic for me. This moment made me feel like there would have been a five year old me screaming “Awesome” instead of “Oh Yeahh”. Wanting to try and do the Skull Crushing Finale in backyard wrestling instead of the Perfect-plex or the Macho Man elbow drop. In one single span of a video the guise of the jaded critic always looking back was gone replaced with the child sitting next to his best friend’s family while we booed and cheered for who we loved and hated.

If you can listen to that video and not hear the great promos of Flair, Austin, and Shawn Michaels then you need to just go. Come back when someone on the screen is almost crying because he feels like everyone in power has looked past him. Angry, because he is holding a title and feels like others say “You aren’t good enough to be a true champion”. Which made me think to my own memories again being places where one should have more respect, but for some reason felt like it wasn’t there. I’m sure everyone has had a moment or two like that somewhere in their lives.

The Miz isn’t back. He never left, but this has to be just plain awesome. Because of this Smackdown will be the first show I have seen in it’s entirety on the T.V realize just how much of a fan I really am of the whole wrestling genre.

When CM Punk had his infamous pipebomb it set him up as the cornerstone of what was called the ‘reality’ era. After the brand split has the Miz stepped into the position of being the flag bearer where everyone else is graded against? Considering now there are two top level titles and he is not holding either one if he can make the correlation then he has done a great bit of work no matter how you cut it being real or not.

Obiously, there is some work that can be done, maybe too much honesty to start with. In either case it is a starting point on working to write. Worst case scenario a start is better then nothing.

The article asked for 750 word minimum and on opinions or lists. Looking back I couldsee that some more polish is needed, but overall I am still happy with the product if anything to show how much further I can go.


Black Lives Do Not Matter

I wanted to do a game post again, but that will be the next one. If you were expecting some half baked goof ball then my suggestion would be to wait a a few days, and I will do my best to have it up for you. It seems there has been something else sitting forefront on my thoughts, and doing so in a way that will not allow much else to be done until it has been expressed. I know some of my other posts may have had some badly thought out puns or a quip, but I think here I will not use such things. First, let me go over something that some people are angry about and let me give you my opinion.

Black lives do not matter.

Black lives do not matter because one group of people cannot have their lives try to matter more then anyone else’s. To have people chanting it, making it a hashtag, blowing up social media with it makes me a little depressed for the sake of our culture. Personally I can’t care less about what skin tone someone has on whatever particular day, because it is not something that really is important. Their culture is important, their background, context, political views, loves, hates, targets of affection and disdain are all important while skin tone simply is not. Unless you are trying to dress up to the best of your own aesthetic creating ability and aesthetic calculation aside color does not make something matter any more or less in my eyes, and for the eyes of many others.

Now, before someone goes down some fairly used set of responses pertaining to their own tragedy let me tell you something about myself, just so you understand who I am. I have tragedy befall me as so many others have had, and some would say even more so. I have had to cry myself asleep in junior high while someone close to me was raped and murdered. I have had to stop friends from murdering their entire family, bled buckets for people who thought that no one would defend them, cried for all the times the pain was too much, when one parent went to jail and once while the other was on the floor turning blue due to the effects of a stroke. I have seen people I have had so much hope for fall to the bottom, and I even tried to take my own life once to a painkiller cocktail that no one would take on accident and couldn’t sink under the rim of a large martini glass. I have seen so much idiocy in this world that it makes my skin crawl and my head ache. Every day because of all the fights I got in just to keep my sanity had some pain in it. Some days waking up is so much a challenge that I wish for some long reprieve.

There was no group for them or hashtag for us nor was their a group saying how they were a group whose lives mattered while seemingly forgetting the rest because creating such a thing would be disrespectful. The latina girl who knew I did my best as her friend, the black friend who was ostracized because he just liked acting like a hip hop styled gangster, the marine who came from the kid that tried bullying me in my youth, the christian who just wanted to feel respected by his parents. Their lives were not encapsulated in some news bit story or made light by a sixteen letter slogan. Hearing what kind of lives matter is such a foreign concept to me because it is so simple. It is like looking up and seeing the answer boldly written on the wall in marker. so simple that the questioning of it makes me wonder if we are becoming some side step on Mr. Darwin’s theory. We all have had to deal with horrible things, and some more then others. If you want me to think that those raped and murdered are not worth it, that those dying of hunger are not worth it, or even those who worked so hard to make the world better and died horribly are not worth it, but your little group of people does then please be prepared to either punch me or shut the hell up because you could not be any further from the point if you tried.

Black lives do not matter nor do white, nor yellow or red, blue or green or any shade on our spectrum.

We all matter because we all are the same when we start as a blank slate. We create the definitions of our world, and we grow within them. So how about we drop what we can say about who matters and who doesn’t, and start showing it through who you are. Make the world a canvas for all of the actions colored by who we are completely, and not what we just so happen to be on that day. A world colored so vivaciously that fantasy could become reality. That would be the world we all would be happy of.

Some black people are not the only ones that seem to have an ax to grind. Just because you think that getting people to act differently towards black people will make them act way towards everyone. It doesn’t work well that way, and that is why it such a celebration when it happens when homosexual marriage was legalized and women could vote. Because you have taken something and tried to push it through a process where spin doctors, headlines, and damage control is concerned instead of just doing it. If I said that the minimum age of presidency should be lowered by a half decade in the time frame of three years or that after four years of service as a representative or senator combined then you no longer able to work either one in the time frame of four years, or if every police department should not be so militarized then in a matter of months it would happen numbers can beat the painfully slow processes of law. Do not make something that needs to be an action i.e(wishing for police to be more transparent in reports and action) in to a reaction(#blacklivesmatter and #alllivesmatter by degree) otherwise the meaning behind it rings hollow.

We all matter, and we should act like it.

So there is what I think, some points to fight popular counter arguments, multiple points as to why this is a bad idea and my thoughts how I got there in case anyone was confused. I’m going to hope we can all treat each other better, and I know I will at least try to, thank you for reading and I am going to go have a talk with a whiskey bottle about how some actions are just so utterly disappointing.

Opinion time – Fairmont Premier Insurance Company or Brad Culpepper

So I present something of a new style of writing is we are going to look at the two forces in a story and go down a few points before realizing a couple conclusions. What these conclusions are as follows.
Does the media explain both sides of the story normally when reporting?
What does the information say on the matter?
Who is right if the decision had to be reached now?

The end will follow with who do I believe, what do I believe and why I believe it. It is an opinion piece, but I hope you enjoy talking about this or at least find this interesting.

Brad Culpepper has been making home in the hot water that his time on Survivor. His insurance company says the he is not disabled, and wants their money back because he was on a show where he was obviously well enough to live in the outback specifically on the Blood vs Water season. Sounds pretty simple at the beginning, but is it?

Research: According to the NFL he has nine seasons of experience between the years of 1992 and 2000 as a defensive tackle. He has also experience playing college ball while getting his degree at the University of Florida. After his seasons he began working on another career getting a law firm together and even after six years had no complaints against his firm he helped in the case when the NFL and to set new rules when dealing with concussions. He filed a workers comp lawsuit in 2010 using a supposed loophole as reported by workerscompensation.com, settled it in 2011 for a $175,000 an amount also reported by ABC news.

The Insurance Company working on behalf on the NFL believe that he is not disabled. That his actions have show he is perfectly healthy, and he is committing fraud. They believe that one cannot go on Survivor without being deemed healthy enough, and not disabled and that his actions in achieving an “honorary black belt in MMA” as reported by the Tampa bay Times is more then enough evidence to make him pay it back.

So let us go over the first part. Does the media explain both sides, and I do not think they did but that would be due to the use of silence in media from the insurance company. Insurance companies are usually not very verbal until the last minute.

The information is rather light on his injuries. Maybe, I just didn’t look under the right digital rock, but I do not find any info except vague injuries on his shoulders, head, and knees. What got me though was in the article from the L.A Times it made a note of how he had gone to practice, and doing things to make weight even dealing with pneumonia while playing at least four games. He was quoted as being asked to go do ‘Survivor’ by his wife who had done the One World season. These seasons had been bolded and underlined because the blood vs water gimmick which was the season where relatives or loved ones of past competitors would compete against their more experienced associates. The money he got from his suit with his skill set, and even some of the other things he has done may not have been needed, but that is just a guess. Throughout the articles though he has shown that he likes to push himself, loves his wife, wants to make her proud and even though he has been classified disabled he has not been defining himself by the classification.

In closing in my personal opinion. Unless the insurance company has solid one hundred percent evidence that he lied or he hid something so large that he was clearly not handicapped then I will think that he was in the right, and continue to be there. I also think that if the NFL really thought this was a good idea with as many people that tough out problems on their field since their inception then maybe people should re-think for a just small moment watching a major game coming up.

Here are the articles I looked up to get some information. Give them a read to gather your own opinion. Leave your own ideas in the comments and have a good day everyone.

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