Nanowrimo – Title in progress

“Something to show that we are a lot deeper then we had thought.”

Nodding lightly I could see they did not want me to know. Which was aggravating I mean because I had gone out for these guys what could be so painful to look at where two guys one being shot before had finally broken down to tears. Taking a deep breath I decided to see what was on the computer myself going through the door with a purpose. I was mad as my steps echoed off the tiles before stomping away in to the break room. There may have been a slight temper tantrum being thrown however. for everything I just went through including illegal activities, I felt had the right to know.

Opening the door with a silent push the laptop was on the table and with a push of the key the scree was beginning to brighten…

Her tears still got pulled the anger of everything welling up inside her as she pushed away from the desk. She could not put so much of this or she would have to sell the book in the adult fiction section. Looking towards the clock she was halfway through the night with plenty more to get through. The files were a dry shock to everyone’s systems before showing them what they had to do. After all it was just the beginning of that week and now that they were gone she could barely put herself together. She was supposed to go to college figure out her life and live like everyone else. Opening the door to see no one still up she went back to her bed before laying across on it to pull a small shoe box pulling the top off. A collection of items littered the inside of the box in a random placement. Each item lead to something that she would take to remember the situations they represented.

A half dollar, half of an old school stage magician’s wand, an hourglass pendant, the clipping from a hospital bracelet wrapped around a small Johnny Walker blue box in particular drew her attention while everything else seemed to fade in to the background. Running over the old polished metal of the half dollar the late summer wind could still be felt if she held it close. Quickly draining an energy drink had begun to pull the blood back in her wrists the pressure of long hours writing beginning to take their toll. Hopping off the bed with can in hand the desk was soon cleaned and re set with another snack as she had unknowingly snacked her way to the bottom of the package during the last round of writing.

Their was a list with pictures attached to a set of files in a folder labeled “ Business Opportunities”each name was their own sub file filled with a combination of a two word files one marked intel the other marked mission. From those at the earliest file dates marked more then three years ago the pictures had barely shaken off the grainy aspects older cameras would have. The pictures though showed the fates of those they had already gotten to. Graphic bloody violence framed by a scene of what looked to be a battle that was waged before they eventually fell. Clicking on one file and another the small thumbnails of images rattled me as I made my way up the list. There had been almost no survivors up to the pair of names that seemed familiar. Jake Cozy the one above it named Paul Gordon with both files having some pictures from their time in the building it looked like the various steps of. Moving up there was still twenty to thirty files with no pictures leaving the argument open that both of them were top priority.

Wrestling Article Attempt

Recently I tried to senda sample to a wrestling webstie to have me on as a content provider, and with a promo done by the Miz that really made me want to try to write for a pro wrestling website. If it is something you love then it will show more of the natural emotion I would think.



I have not seen a full show bell to bell in quite a long time. Keeping track from the wrestling news all over the world tends to make it hard to see everything for what it is instead of the single words on the screen. Until something happened on Smackdown recently.

The tag teams were fresh, and Dolph seemed to be moving back up with A.J Styles and Dean Ambrose firmly in the next match for the gold. Diva’s and Tag belts were unveiled as well as what would be done to crown the first champions. Six pack challenge for the female superstars on the blue brand while the smackdown tag belts would be given to the winners of a tournament. From the first two matches having American Alpha and The Uso’s moving on to the story of Heath Slater looking for a partner it seems there would be a lot there to fill a show.

Found out Nikki Bella was back, and was actually really feeling how she was going to be used as her work as been known to not be the greatest, but she also has been really pushing herself to grow. It will take some time, but Carmella and Nikki may seem like a good pairing because both have something to prove Nikki from her injury and Carmella as a draft pick getting used to another audience. Which was strange because usually I can nitpick to a hair splitting level. Overall though the show seemed good, and I was thinking about watching it bell to bell next week.

I crossed paths with a certain well moment would be the best way to describe it. It came from the post show on the network called Talking Smack, and I saw the mix in the picture so I clicked. If there was anything good I have done this week it was watch that video. I’m a fan of the Miz. The whole thing were people didn’t respect him for what he wanted to do struck a chord with me. He was insulted for a wrestling style that Daniel Bryan called “Cowardly”. Where some people would expect Miz to go off like a pouty actor were not getting what they wanted tonight. You know what, go right now, tab this page, look up “Miz talking smack”, listen to it, and then come back because words cannot do it complete justice. It is just about three minutes if you go to the WWE Youtube channel. Go.


Where was this hiding? One moment that perfectly encapsulates what wrestling should be not because he was perfect in his speech. He did stutter at times, but it made it more authentic. No, the reason why this was a defining moment was because I had watched wrestling for years since being cap high to a milk gallon. Since then we hear so much behind the scenes and then this happens and for a moment you look at it and go.

“What did I just see?”

Suspension of disbelief is a hard thing to grasp. After so many years watching the shows, reading the articles, hearing the interviews with everyone under the sun. This three minute clip where no flips were done, no tables broken, no clinics held, and just had two people for the most part talking made me remember why this held magic for me. This moment made me feel like there would have been a five year old me screaming “Awesome” instead of “Oh Yeahh”. Wanting to try and do the Skull Crushing Finale in backyard wrestling instead of the Perfect-plex or the Macho Man elbow drop. In one single span of a video the guise of the jaded critic always looking back was gone replaced with the child sitting next to his best friend’s family while we booed and cheered for who we loved and hated.

If you can listen to that video and not hear the great promos of Flair, Austin, and Shawn Michaels then you need to just go. Come back when someone on the screen is almost crying because he feels like everyone in power has looked past him. Angry, because he is holding a title and feels like others say “You aren’t good enough to be a true champion”. Which made me think to my own memories again being places where one should have more respect, but for some reason felt like it wasn’t there. I’m sure everyone has had a moment or two like that somewhere in their lives.

The Miz isn’t back. He never left, but this has to be just plain awesome. Because of this Smackdown will be the first show I have seen in it’s entirety on the T.V realize just how much of a fan I really am of the whole wrestling genre.

When CM Punk had his infamous pipebomb it set him up as the cornerstone of what was called the ‘reality’ era. After the brand split has the Miz stepped into the position of being the flag bearer where everyone else is graded against? Considering now there are two top level titles and he is not holding either one if he can make the correlation then he has done a great bit of work no matter how you cut it being real or not.

Obiously, there is some work that can be done, maybe too much honesty to start with. In either case it is a starting point on working to write. Worst case scenario a start is better then nothing.

The article asked for 750 word minimum and on opinions or lists. Looking back I couldsee that some more polish is needed, but overall I am still happy with the product if anything to show how much further I can go.