Ficlet for Stella Glow

First Drink

Alto x Lisette

Alto was tired. He had to find her. Lisette had said she was going to the party at Kadaj’s bar. The night sky was clear over Regnant save for a couple wisps of clouds while the remaining citizens partied. Walking from the barracks it was only a couple blocks before some familiar figures were working their way back. Dante and Hilda were helping Lisette walk while Sakuya was being helped by Nonoka and Rusty. Getting closer it was clear what the problem was because the smell of liquor was strong on everyone.

Drinking at the bar was not the best idea in hindsight, and many of the citizens wanted to show their thanks by buying drinks for the heroes. Rusty had plenty of drinking experience as did Nonoka as part of her training. Hilda had been a queen for so long that she had mastered the form of not letting drink get the better of her. Dante just had a high tolerance which left both witches to getting blitzed with no defenses. Looking at Dante it seemed Hilda was telling him something that Alto could not catch. Finally getting to them it was Hilda that asked him to take Lisette to her room. More ordered then asked Sakuya muttered about feeling ill before the group waved their goodbye ferrying off to a spot out of sight leaving the water witch leaning on him.

“Alto, why are you here?” She giggled.

“I wanted to talk to you Lisette although it may have to wait until tomorrow. Let’s get you home.”

Giggling at the conductor it was the remaining group watching from a dark alley that made sure they were hiding back to the barracks.

“Why did I have to get drunk. I feel horrible.”

“Because Lisette wants to be respectful of their relationship and not push so if we had drink with her. He would begin to get suspicious. We need to have an innocent reason and…”

“To do that we need to misdirect attention so that out true motives, getting the idiots to open up can be finished.”

Nonoka listened from Hilda and Dante while Rusty leaned against the wall nodding silently.

“Woow that’s amazing Hilda.” Nonoka chirped while rubbing the fire priestesses back. Sakuya was currently retching over the back alley. Everything was set now it was up to the inebriated water witch to push the conductor.

Both were currently making their way back to the barracks as best they could while Lisette made comments on whatever was on her mind. Getting past the wooden double doors with the help of the guard. Traversing the hallways something had gotten it in her mind to sleep together, and as tempting as that would sound she was in no form for such activities. Fidgeting as they passed his door she pulled hard left from his shoulder throwing both into a stumble while she laughed. Thinking about his position before agreeing he could at least keep an eye on her in his room, and they had slept together before back in the village on cold nights. Closing the door it was easier pulling her up into his arms before making their way to the bed then her trying to put her legs back under her. Sensing their destination she pulled his head down to lay a smoldering kiss on him that made him recollect himself for a moment afterward. Rolling over her he was soon pulled in to a flail of arms until they found harbor at her thighs. Laughing at his inexperience the alcohol was making her much bolder.

“Am I be-utiful, Alto?

Snuggling up to her he would always show it before saying it.

“Then why don’t you show me, it doesn’t hurt to let me know sometimes.”

Feeling his hands begin to roam got her self-conscious. She could not completely understand what was going on, but somewhere it was all registering as everything seemed to stop. He was whispering in her ear the breath tickling the top while his hand rested on her lower back before coming up, around to her hands. She could feel a line of fire that didn’t feel so bad, it was a very good feeling but she could barely stand the heat made her insides hum with something new. Jerking forward she had to feel more of him pulling the buttons away soon she had to feel more of him. Pulling the buttons away soon she was resting her head against his bare chest while she panted from the feeling building up.

She couldn’t understand why this was happening. Somewhere undefined in her mind she did want it whatever it was. Alto, ever the responsible, couldn’t really stop her and all the same couldn’t push her either.

“Let’s go to sleep. If we were to do anything I would hope you would remember it.”

Blushing at his comment both agreed laying down next to him. He pulled the covers over them she snuggled closer mumbling how it could be tomorrow night. The water witch was first to awake to two pairs of bright eyes belonging to the younger witches.

“Lisette, why are you on top of Alto?”

“They are doing the things Rusty was talking about….dirty things.” The earth witch explained.

“Wahhh. Alto! How did we get here?”

“You got drunk and wanted to goof around and instead you went to sleep.” Mumbling from his position used to extra people in his room.

“So not dirty… mor.”

“Nope, I guess we should leave them alone, come on Mordi!”

Watching both leave her body was trying to hide behind him with only her arm wrapping around his chest.

“I’m so embarrassed Alto.”

“I’m not, now that you’re a little more coherent let’s go over what you wanted last night.”

Looking Back At Fanfiction

It took a lot of time to tell others to get the liquid courage to explain I wrote fanfiction. I wrote a lot about it here but after finishing it up it just kind of died for me. I had so much going on that it kind of died. There was too many things going on and the things I wanted to try just stay on it. Looking back it is sad that such things happened because fanfiction has been something that has been there when I want to do something, but do not feel comfortable enough doing it in my own writing.

My last handle has been retired and my new one will be under oneguyportland. Look it up when you have the time. What I did do was look at some of the pro’s and con’s of my stories and put them here that way if you see me falling back in to these problems then I can fix it faster. On the other side is if I find that there are pro’s I need to really amplify the readers can let me know.

The cons that I have found is sometimes when I am not familiar then I need to sometimes let it show over just telling which is something I do need to work just across the board in my writing. Feeling comfortable on the subject matter in fiction makes it a lot easier. Don’t look so shocked, and for those in the obvious corps service we thank you for your service.

Pro’s are I actually had a few moments reading past work and just enjoying it. Usually if I can sit down and read it and feel immersed then it is some good work. Once again the captains of obvious may be working hard on this blog post, but for me I was always someone who was nitpicky to the nth degree. If you do not believe me just count all the themes this blog has gone through. I think we are up to like eight, and that is not higher because I haven’t been fiddling with it at every spare moment.

I had a couple reviews that said my writing didn’t make scratch on some cases. I could see why, and luckily there had been no flames on my work. The compliments made me smile at a time when I really needed it. When someone said that I got them in to fanfiction writing it makes me smile.