Thoughts on School Senate

So for those who don’t know, I am a school senator for my community college. With everything going, it would be nice if something got easier. Then I had to hear the results from the first week and found two people past me.


Welp. Things get hard. You gotta get harder. With everything going on, my body will be made of diamonds for the rest of my life because there is not enough time to do it while everything is still getting done as of writing this, a lot of things are already coming in, and there is little idea what to do although some projects do need to get wrapped up some time and there had been some work done in quite a few things.

People have told me that things will need to take time and that it moves slowly. For those new here, I am the same person most people think would stop breathing if I stopped doing it. Makes this infinitely more difficult because slow means good in some cases, but sometimes things need to get done. With coming back from the pandemic, from going from online only for the most part to bringing people back, there is a lot that needs to be done, and time will be something that will not be friendly.

Agreements are had when something will need to go slow, but there are times one needs to hit the gas and move before one can’t, or one will lose momentum. We cannot have that because we can only be senators for a short time, a year, which means we have to put as much into it as possible. Does anyone else feel like a clock is running too quickly about their work or your projects? Right now, it feels like there is a lot getting done, but to counter the clock is right behind me. What can be done? I wish I knew, but right now, it seems there is movement on all fronts, so in that case, we gonna run for as much as we can til the wheels fall off.

Remember, winter is coming, and that means now more than ever. If you can get extra things to eat in case the power goes out or you have a way to light your fireplace, then now is the time to get it in order. We have had some in storage here, and while you do not need a lot, make sure you have some to rely on in case things go badly.

Stay warm and stay strong.

Looking Back At Fanfiction

It took a lot of time to tell others to get the liquid courage to explain I wrote fanfiction. I wrote a lot about it here but after finishing it up it just kind of died for me. I had so much going on that it kind of died. There was too many things going on and the things I wanted to try just stay on it. Looking back it is sad that such things happened because fanfiction has been something that has been there when I want to do something, but do not feel comfortable enough doing it in my own writing.

My last handle has been retired and my new one will be under oneguyportland. Look it up when you have the time. What I did do was look at some of the pro’s and con’s of my stories and put them here that way if you see me falling back in to these problems then I can fix it faster. On the other side is if I find that there are pro’s I need to really amplify the readers can let me know.

The cons that I have found is sometimes when I am not familiar then I need to sometimes let it show over just telling which is something I do need to work just across the board in my writing. Feeling comfortable on the subject matter in fiction makes it a lot easier. Don’t look so shocked, and for those in the obvious corps service we thank you for your service.

Pro’s are I actually had a few moments reading past work and just enjoying it. Usually if I can sit down and read it and feel immersed then it is some good work. Once again the captains of obvious may be working hard on this blog post, but for me I was always someone who was nitpicky to the nth degree. If you do not believe me just count all the themes this blog has gone through. I think we are up to like eight, and that is not higher because I haven’t been fiddling with it at every spare moment.

I had a couple reviews that said my writing didn’t make scratch on some cases. I could see why, and luckily there had been no flames on my work. The compliments made me smile at a time when I really needed it. When someone said that I got them in to fanfiction writing it makes me smile.