Update for you peeps ( Peep Show #1 )

So I got my fanfiction done. Working on typing it and soon a new batch of designs will be coming. Also this will be something of a monthly thing because the people who follow this make me happy to continue to keep doing this. So in this the first peep show ( The title takenĀ  from a wrestling segment) Let’s take a look around.

Taste of colors has just released a delicious cranberry and white chocolate cookie. Here is a link to get your stomach a grumbling.


Showing that helping people can be just as good for the inside as well as the outside are these Colombian Cuties. Headed up by Belle this group is waving the home town flag to show how good their homes really are. I can get behind positive reinforcement about your home. Here is a link in case you want see what their up to.


If you need to power up your wordsmithing then O at the edges can help you keep sharp read his works and understand a little bit more about life through someone’s eyes.

Linkus apprationus…..


Sometimes things taste so good you just need to dance. The good news with this particular one is she has the dance, why they dance, and what to eat when you want to dance all in one place. Travel, cultures, and food combine below at Fae’s Twist and Tango. she may be gone as of the writing of this, but she has enough to tide you over until her return.


3rd round zazzle shirts.

Over the past nine days we have had a lot of fun. The third set of shirts have been finished and while the artistic integrity is not quite at the level where I want it. It definitely shows improvement.


These were a couple from the last batch one is more simplistic while the other shows the artistic side. The second one is also a shirt a friend of mine and a rabid Nippon Ichi game fan wanted me to make. It is now the wallpaper on his computer. Souffle had to get pushed back because once again life decided to muck with my carefully laid out plans. It happens though so I have not forgotten. When life makes changes to your plan then own those changes though. If anyone has a moment you can take a look at my zazzle store through the links. The next bath of shirts will have a final fantasy theme to them so if you are a gamer you may want to keep an eye on it. If you have a suggestion of a recipe after the souffle. Leave a comment in the subscription. Thanks for reading folks, good luck on your paths.