Ox Baker: A childhood hero

For those who do not know I am a pro wrestling fan one of many things. Back when I was younger I felt I was not doing enough good I had this feeling that I was the bad guy in a world populated by people who want to be heroes. I will do whatever to get some jobs done so it made perfect sense to me back then. Kind of a downer really back then until I heard of a guy named Ox Baker.

A guy who ran life like it was good to be bad and a resume that said he did what he wanted when he wanted. Nearly six and a half feet tall and over three hundred pounds he was a guy that had a wild eyed stare like getting in his way was signing your own trip to the hospital. I never got to see any of his work in person. He is notable for training people after he retired one of which being the Undertaker. I was about thirteen when I looked up a lot of his work in the territories including when he incited a riot. His finisher, the heart punch was the last thing felt in the ring before two people died. Neither actually did of course, but he took the heat and made everyone love to hate him. People paid money to see him get decked and he did not mind as long as he and the people were happy at the end of the show.

It may be weird for someone with a cooking background, but Ox Baker had self published a cookbook of his own among many other projects he finished including writing and recording songs and making coloring books. He wanted to do something then he did it. Loud and boistrous while wearing a black hat for those who watch westerns, but only being the true bad guy when he needed to be. It was kind of refreshing because he did those things for the reason of his wanting to. He also did some acting bit parts including one as the antagonist against Kurt Russell in Escape From New York. He died a while ago and I just want to say my piece. He was awesome.

He died on the 20th of October at 80 years of age after complications of all things a heart attack.

Also if anyone can find his cookbook and they want to get rid of it let me know because I would like to have a copy.

R.I.P Ox, From A Fan

Finally published, kinda

So I have been published for the kindle on amazon. 100 ingredients: Home Edition will be available for 4.99. Although I had to go through self publishing options it does feel good to know I can put whole books up now and other people can read them. Until I hold the book though I still think it is like diet publishing. However I can get a good grasp of advertising and other associated angles before moving on.

Diet publishing aside because of my love literary hardware I did it. I hope you enjoy it. The fanfiction is up after a couple edits. They are not as long as I wanted them to be  Still like them though so they can stay. It is still amazing that I got something published so to celebrate i am going to relax and blow up some ships in Black Flag: Assassins Creed

Update for you peeps ( Peep Show #1 )

So I got my fanfiction done. Working on typing it and soon a new batch of designs will be coming. Also this will be something of a monthly thing because the people who follow this make me happy to continue to keep doing this. So in this the first peep show ( The title taken  from a wrestling segment) Let’s take a look around.

Taste of colors has just released a delicious cranberry and white chocolate cookie. Here is a link to get your stomach a grumbling.


Showing that helping people can be just as good for the inside as well as the outside are these Colombian Cuties. Headed up by Belle this group is waving the home town flag to show how good their homes really are. I can get behind positive reinforcement about your home. Here is a link in case you want see what their up to.


If you need to power up your wordsmithing then O at the edges can help you keep sharp read his works and understand a little bit more about life through someone’s eyes.

Linkus apprationus…..


Sometimes things taste so good you just need to dance. The good news with this particular one is she has the dance, why they dance, and what to eat when you want to dance all in one place. Travel, cultures, and food combine below at Fae’s Twist and Tango. she may be gone as of the writing of this, but she has enough to tide you over until her return.


Fanfiction advice and update.

So I am almost done writing this round of fanfiction. As I had put a couple months previous I only have a couple to go and this round has been very illuminating. When you write with preset characters you see how you like to do things, and your style becomes more definable. It also allows you to try some thing you would not normally write about. whether it be very emotional scenes or very action packed ones you can get a fair bit of practice with things you know. I used to do more technical writing. Things that were directions when something had to be done when I was not present in person.

That and I am a class A sucker for a really sappy romance. Always was so being able to get comments from people and hear what they liked or did not like. Posting something online you will always have some problems with people who just want to rip you apart without actually thinking about their comments. There is a difference between constructive criticism and just trying to be hurtful. Which in my case trying to be hurtful over the internet is like trying to cause a paper cut with a soggy oreo. It just is not going to happen. 

So I am almost done and if you want to start with fanfiction the best information I could give is to just jump right in. Find a show or a game that you want to do something before just jumping in.