Fanfiction is the act of taking a previously made set of characters from a media source and using your own imagination and writing style creating a story from it. Often times fanfiction will push certain characters as a couple or have another plot outside of the series or game it came from. Fanfiction is a very popular form of entertainment for some of the more devout fans of a series or game. The stories ore often held either on websites for a certain category or pairing with a couple being open to many different kinds of fanfiction.

I use it to try different things as well as writing styles I’m not comfortable with. So when I have some time and the thought to add to a fanfic or stop a couple I don’t think I can save right now then either way I can learn from it. In either case if you want to read some fanfics of mine I tend to go for more romantic fanfiction with a couple action adventure ones mixed in. clicking the link at the bottom will take you to my page and as soon as I can figure this out I will have it permanently set on the main page with other projects

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