Work in Adobe Finally Improving

So in my Youtube project I finally gotten a very basic grasp on the basic cropping and stretching functions which I am kinda surprised took me this long to get. The good news after everything finally clicked that the videos look a lot better and just watching some of my older works to this point. It is nice to see all the progress and even from the old videos I used to do, and I might be doing some card game videos soon which is where I started when me and my friends did a group channel. I also spent a little time making a new banner for my channel. Its not something I am happy with though so back to the drawing board. Views are slowly working their way up and I am getting close to a total of 200 views. Hopefully, I don’t have a voice like a Novocaine if i do then it is something to work towards or sell recordings as sleeping aids. It is still fun to do so the project will continue, and hopefully if all goes well we can get it going to a respectable number and continue having more fun.

Just prior to doing this post ( I schedule ahead so I can have different things on here and not throw myself in to a tailspin on the draw) Luckily, there are so many indie games out there that I could do it for the rest of my days so there is plenty of fish in the pool to draw from and with a better recording program which I love (Loilo) things are much easier and although there are still a couple problems to work out we are getting further then we have before.

The great update-i

So I got some videos up on my channel and working with the recording software I found that since I do not have speakers or a sound card in this machine I have that most of my sound will be voiced over for a little bit. I am still working on how to make better videos so it is just something that will be dealt with once we get there. As it stands I am having some fun with the games on Newgrounds so that will be where my first videos will be based from until I can figure something out with recording more console based game wear.

As it comes to advertising I am looking to add this to blog rolls as it stands I have some good feedback from some of the options.

November is coming and with it the start of national novel writing month. The goal is to write a 50,000 word story in the span of thirty days which I think will be very fun to get some of my writing chops a bit more seasoned.


Hello everyone got plenty of stuff done recently.

Entered into my first major tourney in almost a decade and at the platinum level tcgplayer event held in Tigard I came out 35th which is not bad when they award to 32nd position. It was a sealed draft. Broken got a 36th ranking so we did well for coming back to high level tournaments.

We got some videos done and coming soon we will have more advanced subjects such as how to build decks to different events. Breakdowns of popular deck themes such as goblins, artifacts, elves, and even slivers will soon be put on the channel.

Right now I am learning about the litany of groups on facebook that may be interested in some of the things I am doing. Facebook is large enough that if you are writing something you can join some groups of like minded people that can help you. These groups are also full of people you can build relationships with.

Chicken a la kiev has been made for everyone and that will be coming soon.on here

Advertising ideas

Advertising seems to be the biggest bane of people when they are working on getting something made to the people. Which is understandable because now you have to get people to care while still being honest to your morals and beliefs. Not an easy balance to keep so here are some things you can look at.

Keep your objective in mind when advertising. If you have a game channel ( Planet of gratuitous sarcasm) for example you want to target people that will enjoy the product. Getting gamers that will give a couple moments to watch the channel is difficult.Image

This is a basic flyer telling about our channel. Now I didn’t put the youtube info because I plug it enough when I actually work on videos.

Keeping your objective in mind when finding avenues to advertise on. Over the past seven days finding avenues for the book on kindle has been difficult, but the good news when you work on something is you can keep trying it until you get things right. So with that I take my leave more to do and good luck folks.

Pictures and Updates 3/24/14

Since my last entry I did some searching to find some of the pictures from one of my own conventions. Now if by any way you find yourself in these let me know and I will give due credit. They will be after all this noise. Recording was done for six more videos and our main magic series is done from here we will be going in to how to build a deck and any other game styles. You can check that out on the channel when you have some time. We got a new(er) camcorder on the way so soon that we can get it hooked up we will be filming with it. Be aware none of us have said we are handsome, but we do have fun so if you don’t mind the occasional low def face on a high(er) def camcorder. We have a few videos for our card and table game series and our lets plays and rage face videos have a couple to each.


So if you see here people are to have fun with these now with taking pictures at conventions always try to ask for permission first. I did with all of these and if they ask you to take something down please respect the wishes of the cosplayer. Until I can get everything off my camera peeps have a good one and hope you enjoy your week. Check my links when your bored and let me know what you think. I have made an email address for this blog its a silly name but you can contact at



Magic the Gathering – Video one up

So in the video aspect we actually have a video up and we will be going over the rules of MtG in an informal fashion. Magic the Gathering is a game we all play and a couple of us hope to do well in some upcoming tournaments this year.
The video quality is not the greatest but considering no one has any experience doing video work, it isn’t bad. All of our videos for card and table games is called hate mail gaming. Watch the first video and you will understand why. It is dirty humor and in hindsight a little too far. If you like four friends making dirty jokes while barely playing five second rule then great. If not then the Informative videos will be very mild minus the random swear word or two.

So if you would like to learn then please check out the video at the bottom. Eventually we will get an actual channel for our videos we are just starting and we want to make sure we have a good base of content first. This is a fun game and despite all the intricate things late in play and deck construction you can pick up this game fairly easy which I hope these videos will show.

All of our videos for tabletop and card games will be lumped under a banner of Hate Mail Gaming. Just because when we did our first video it was rather crude and I could not come with any better names so below is a link to the first Magic video and if you like a little more crude humor the link for the five second rule will be down there.

My nickname in the group is Big T. I’m the biggest of the group so I just let it stick. Tell me what you think of the videos below.

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