Advertising ideas

Advertising seems to be the biggest bane of people when they are working on getting something made to the people. Which is understandable because now you have to get people to care while still being honest to your morals and beliefs. Not an easy balance to keep so here are some things you can look at.

Keep your objective in mind when advertising. If you have a game channel ( Planet of gratuitous sarcasm) for example you want to target people that will enjoy the product. Getting gamers that will give a couple moments to watch the channel is difficult.Image

This is a basic flyer telling about our channel. Now I didn’t put the youtube info because I plug it enough when I actually work on videos.

Keeping your objective in mind when finding avenues to advertise on. Over the past seven days finding avenues for the book on kindle has been difficult, but the good news when you work on something is you can keep trying it until you get things right. So with that I take my leave more to do and good luck folks.

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