Drawing For Dreamers

So the first step making my own little card game for people is getting done on the whole. Sketches of more then ten percent have been completed and part of me is quite happy to finally do some drawing while trying to get some other things handled. On the whole their will also be two ways to win available from the first set.

You can win be having the opposing leader losing all of their hp or you can win by having certain combinations of creatures with a single other card. I am trying to balance to capability for both and you can use your hp for your leader’s special ability. So whatever ways you want to win should be able to happen. Healing your leader is pretty rare so whatever you lose should be figured that it will not be returned. There are cards that can switch your generals with one out of play, but you should not count on that saving you every time as there will not be many.

Overall I hope this builds a semi exciting game that people can have fun with. if you cannot have fun then what would be the point of things like this anyway.

Magic the Gathering – Video one up

So in the video aspect we actually have a video up and we will be going over the rules of MtG in an informal fashion. Magic the Gathering is a game we all play and a couple of us hope to do well in some upcoming tournaments this year.
The video quality is not the greatest but considering no one has any experience doing video work, it isn’t bad. All of our videos for card and table games is called hate mail gaming. Watch the first video and you will understand why. It is dirty humor and in hindsight a little too far. If you like four friends making dirty jokes while barely playing five second rule then great. If not then the Informative videos will be very mild minus the random swear word or two.

So if you would like to learn then please check out the video at the bottom. Eventually we will get an actual channel for our videos we are just starting and we want to make sure we have a good base of content first. This is a fun game and despite all the intricate things late in play and deck construction you can pick up this game fairly easy which I hope these videos will show.

All of our videos for tabletop and card games will be lumped under a banner of Hate Mail Gaming. Just because when we did our first video it was rather crude and I could not come with any better names so below is a link to the first Magic video and if you like a little more crude humor the link for the five second rule will be down there.

My nickname in the group is Big T. I’m the biggest of the group so I just let it stick. Tell me what you think of the videos below.

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