Final Fantasy VII : Update of Cerberus

Good god I love having technical issues. Just when I think things are going to go well for the projects I have started something happens and despite saving I get hit with the one two combo of less then stellar save frequency and corrupting files. It just makes me stay on guard for everything else.

A little too sarcastic? Sorry ’bout it.

So with everything going sour for the odd moment techwise here is what’s going on otherwise.

Nanowrimo has had me hit the wall over the past week although I have gotten to 20,000 words. I may be able to make it up but with personal things giving me some trouble and I’m not focusing like I should. Worst case scenario¬† though I will finish the story because it will be nice to have it done and get another book publishing started.

I had a fried and marinated tofu dish all set up on it but because of the tech issue I noted above the post I had saved just is gone and will be next week. Joy to the world. The holiday season is coming up and I will most likely use it to catch up on my sleep. Work supposedly starts on the twenty fifth and I am actually psyched to work there and while it is not what I wanted originally it is still something nice.

Philosophical Musing and Diet Dr Update

So if those of you have noticed I tend to have a fair bit of faith in my own talents and abilities and other days I sound like a second string super villain. Taking some time away from becoming the understudy to the Riddler to wax philosophically I have found out three things.

A. Advertising independently for more then three hours straight is like unknowingly taking a clone of yourself on a date. Nothing to talk about trying to figure if the both are on the same league.

B. Trying to do so without feeling like a gigantic nob takes at least ten pages of whatever I am reading or writing to take your mind off of it for a moment. Which normally as with the group youtube channel would be much easier because we could just revolve when we needed breaks.

C. I spend way too much time thinking.

Going to the update portion of the this post I got some recipes and I am working on the organization a little bit more.

National novel writing month is coming up so if the time allows I will see if I can get something out for that.

Having fun doing game videos through what I can find on Newgrounds though, and a couple of them are already out. It is nice to see how some people have taken to learning on creating whole new worlds. I love trying new things even if it is a new world and that is one reason why I love games. Plus, some of the best stories come from games. To each their own personal cup of story enjoying tea.

Video wise there is another one up on the game called chamber door a nice little point and click adventure is worth a play if anything