Excerpt – Life, Love, and Cooking

In my book  is also has some pages about some of the problems come from how food gets to us. Since I have started this writing project some light has been shed on this. It still has enough issue that it should still be here.


May 12th- Chocoholics beware

Used since the ancient empires chocolate has always hit a sweet spot to those who can afford it. Chocolate as we know it as a labor intensive product that takes whole cocoa beans roasting them down like coffee to be made in to a liquid and from the chocolate essence added with sugars, flavorings, and other items to form candies and desserts around the world. Can you think of a world with no chocolate at all?

The problem is that as time goes on the majority of chocolate is made from a system that puts cycle after cycle of products, but does not allow the land to recuperate after growing. Cycle after cycle of growing not only drops the quality and soon after the quantity of what they can make. Less chocolate is made and companies have to bid for the mass quantities at higher prices before sending it down to the consumer. After large corporations buy their fill next the smaller companies would buy what they could often at a higher price so multiple levels of business have to raise their prices to turn the same profits. Now nothing is set by a single provider and while there are multiple suppliers the second set will not make a great amount. Instead they will make a small set of artisan level chocolate with unique beans, processes, and flavors.

The reason many companies become unique is to find a reason they can effectively market to produce a higher profit then other companies who produce more en masse. Making it across the board for chocolate price hikes to the consumer as well as your restaurants, bakers, and family run businesses. It will take time until companies can be established where a steady flow of supplies can be made in a cycle that benefits both nature and man.

Something else that may fall in to this problem later again is the coffee bean and really any thing that has been in the same farming processes in a finite amount of land.

Cooking for the holidays.

So. I still have problems believing this. I got the fudge done my mint marshmallow fudge, no problems. The ganache is set and all i need is the cocoa powder for the rolled truffles. Well doing all the work with chocolate you get it on you. So I asked my friends to see if they could give me a hand just packing together the popcorn balls. Three grown adults should be able to figure this out no problem while I can go and freshen up.

I say SHOULD because not only did my black cherry popcorn balls not get made no one had any idea what to do. Pour warm syrup over popcorn pack into balls and let chill. I have gotten grade school kids to do this without any hiccups. So I get all clean and I walk out of my room in the fortress of nerditude and two of my friends have popcorn stuck to their clothes with only two balls made. Minus all the syrup they start asking how everything was supposed to happen. I take whats left of the syrup and warm it up again before making one in about a minute.

Everyone just stops right there after putting together that I had everything ready for them and was gone for a half hour. I got one done in less then a minute. My roommate looks over at the other two ( he was supervising due to his bad hand)

“Wow, who feels like an idiot?”

The others raise their hand and I face palm hard enough before having a good group laugh with everyone. We all know that stupid moments happen so we made dark chocolate and cherry flavored popcorn instead. Which tasted pretty well after melting the chocolate to drizzle the cherry popcorn as well as all the spare popcorn another friend told me one thing.

“We cannot cook at all, but we should have told you that beforehand?”

Me and my roommate laughed.

Everyone then went out to subway for dinner.

Happy holidays folks, its good to laugh every once in a while.

Shop and project update. Random misadventure

Well I would have pictures here of my ganache for truffles except my old camera has finally went and died on me. Glad to see murphy’s law is in full effect still I almost thought chaos would rain if it ever left. Got another ten designs for the store done which you can see on the links page if i did it correctly or


Ya that works too. So after the first few rounds of query letters sent in December I got a couple nibbles, but nothing for a publishing contract yet. So as soon as I can a new camera will be in my hot little hands and more pictures for all who read this humble little blog of mine. That food blog got pushed back because of equipment failure.

So I got back from a meeting and I saw some whatever you call it sprawled in paint in front of a max schedule kiosk. for those who are not from Oregon the max is like our subway. Seeing as I had nothing else to do for a few hours I took an eraser and began to very carefully erase the graffiti from the glass. All it takes is a random eraser when it comes to graffiti on plexiglass and glass. It takes a lot of time but does not smear or tint the glass at all. In full cook’s uniform I sat there trying to clean up the graffiti with no other reward other then I wanted to remove an eye sore and make the schedule visible again. I got stopped by four gang banger wannabes who were more like high school kids with an attitude problem a half dozen others who were so complacent that they called the cops on me because they thought I was marking it. The cops were actually quite nice though. A guy in a cook’s jacket and black slacks using a regular white eraser to get rid of graffiti on glass for free. It makes me wonder what kinds of things have we gotten so complacent with that really should change. Or it could be my lack of caffine talking. Anyway graffiti cleaned and + 2 on the counter of how many i have done.

Happy holidays