Cooking for the holidays.

So. I still have problems believing this. I got the fudge done my mint marshmallow fudge, no problems. The ganache is set and all i need is the cocoa powder for the rolled truffles. Well doing all the work with chocolate you get it on you. So I asked my friends to see if they could give me a hand just packing together the popcorn balls. Three grown adults should be able to figure this out no problem while I can go and freshen up.

I say SHOULD because not only did my black cherry popcorn balls not get made no one had any idea what to do. Pour warm syrup over popcorn pack into balls and let chill. I have gotten grade school kids to do this without any hiccups. So I get all clean and I walk out of my room in the fortress of nerditude and two of my friends have popcorn stuck to their clothes with only two balls made. Minus all the syrup they start asking how everything was supposed to happen. I take whats left of the syrup and warm it up again before making one in about a minute.

Everyone just stops right there after putting together that I had everything ready for them and was gone for a half hour. I got one done in less then a minute. My roommate looks over at the other two ( he was supervising due to his bad hand)

“Wow, who feels like an idiot?”

The others raise their hand and I face palm hard enough before having a good group laugh with everyone. We all know that stupid moments happen so we made dark chocolate and cherry flavored popcorn instead. Which tasted pretty well after melting the chocolate to drizzle the cherry popcorn as well as all the spare popcorn another friend told me one thing.

“We cannot cook at all, but we should have told you that beforehand?”

Me and my roommate laughed.

Everyone then went out to subway for dinner.

Happy holidays folks, its good to laugh every once in a while.

A moment in life

So bouncing from one thing to another like a rubber ball on a sugar high I realized something.

In this holiday season many people are suffering through hard times. All you have to do is open the door and take a step before getting within ten households of abuse, hunger, poverty, and other mood wreckers. I understand that not everyone can be happy during this season. I have had more experience with the previous list then I would like to admit. All this illustrates that no one seems happy anymore.

We are in a season where we are supposed to spend time with family, loved ones and enjoy each others company as well as do things everyone can enjoy. For example in our household because people would get so stressed over the holidays we have our own. We have a holiday where if you give gifts they have to be something you either already own or something cheap that the person would like. If you can’t then its not an insult because everyone celebrating it here is trying to get further to their own goals. Families follow the same rules and often we all make different snacks so they can snack on it while their gift giving. You can celebrate this on top of your own holidays make it your own thing if your winter holiday whether it be Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or Christmas just doesn’t feel like a holiday and instead feels like more of a routine.

Happy holidays folks.