Why I Was Out

So I couldn’t post yesterday but I think I have enough for two posts today to right the scales.

The reason I couldn’t do any typing yesterday was that I had to go to the hospital. Picture some big dude in a black t shirt and jeans walking away with a slight swagger going to the restroom only for them to not come back. The big man who was swaying lightly now is suddenly dizzy enough that without the walls to walk he cannot go anywhere.

Take all that and suddenly everything is spinning all you know is your feet are under you in some fashion. After the retching, the loss of feeling in your arms, you keep trying to push yourself through the day. Day after day just trying to get something started and for it to be struck down again was something that really got to me. I am usually the person that can do something and just over the past few months the only news received was something is wrong and we just do not know what.

Right now typing this everything feels like its spinning around me and if I go any faster then a snail’s pace then I will find myself in a wall or on the ground. Now for a while I have been trying to get some insurance to get checked out properly. Without proper use of one’s arms, without the ability to balance properly, without the ability to even stay standing makes work a touch difficult. Actually I was swaying so much that even working at getting to my desk was an adventure, and work thought I should go the hospital. Really though it killed me because even typing this the spinning has not stopped, but when I sit down it does get a little better. Still cannot move as fast as I had wish, but that does not mean we will stop. We just have to rebuild again, and I have to keep my head up to do it.

It really sucks because that was not the case about a year ago. All this started with a case of cellulitis in my legs. Since then it has been more and more problems that just seemed to knock me back when I take a step forward. Aggravating in any case over the year it took am moment to decide on a picture for this one. Being the wrestling fan and considering that there is a fight club wallpaper on my laptop right now the most sense for stuff I had found.redesign


Let’s try this – New year changes and a look back on the old year

Looking back on the list of things I wanted to do last year it was a tall order for anyone who had the charisma, resources and drive befitting a small country. As a single human being I only made two goals. I did draw 100 times although I don’t post much about my art. And the cookbook is out albeit in electronic form only so at least there is some success there.

Still there are some things that can be done so this time we are going to reign in the scope just so we can make progress. 5 goals for the new year that some people may look as a step down, but it is one step on the road.

1. Publish a book in either hard or soft cover format. – It is one thing to write it, and it is another to actually hold a professional looking book in your hands. I would like that once at least.

2. Soon I will have a project page. I want to finish one project this year.

3. Be more open on here. Things bother me while I am working or studying as they bother you and I am sure that I could get more practice by writing something on it. As long as I stay open from a communication aspect then this will be fine.

4. Release one product – Start selling a product whether it be my all natural bath salts (Natural to the point of not even artificial colors or chemicals to preserve it I found a way around that.)

5. Have more fun, and overall have a better year.

Pretty open stuff some pretty pointed overall five things to keep things rolling.