One New Book on Gumroad

Did some work on formatting this one and could not get it how I want it. The pdf was fine so we are going to work on the idea for Amazon and we will keep going we will tinker with this because the idea of AI art is something that has garnered some rage and of course there are those who wish to hide the fact it is made with AI. I feel some writing may be good with it, but for now this project is done. Can’t be happier about that. Progress made, progress done and another book down.

I did also change the gumroad page, it had the Genshin fanfiction anthology in entirety and the sarge’s verbal debriefing, both those have been removed. Quality could be better. That is how we learn though and we can definitely try again later. Sometimes we have to bang our head on the wall a couple times before getting what we want.

The books page will change obviously to match this and here is the link to the new book (click the pic)

Price is five dollars, but through this blog if you use the code highwind at check out it will take 50% off. That way you can get a little cheaper as a small token of thanks for the blog. Check that out. I think I will do another abstract book with some writings on the subjects of art and how it works in business. Could be a good project, but it is at the bottom of the list and one piece is done and there are others to do.

Somewhere between my raging at how stupid portland politics is, my own hopes, and how to be a villain we can find some things to enjoy on the blog into the future.

Of course stay strong.

Classes and AI art

My semester is Accounting, Pre Calculus, and Macroeconomics. If I fall off the map for a time, that is why. I want to bring up something here because I have been fiddling around with AI art, and it is currently a hot topic in art.

There is a lot to be said, and I have a couple of books to explain this, more art than writing. But, still, it is something that will, I think, in the later pieces get more explanation because we have a ship of Theseus style thought exercise.

For those who do not know, here is the wiki page explanation.

“The Ship of Theseus is a thought experiment about whether an object that has had all of its original components replaced remains the same object. According to legend, Theseus, the mythical Greek founder-king of Athens, had rescued the children of Athens from King Minos after slaying the minotaur and then escaped on a ship to Delos. Every year, the Athenians commemorated this legend by taking the ship on a pilgrimage to Delos to honor Apollo. The question was raised by ancient philosophers: After several centuries of maintenance, if every part of the ship of Theseus had been replaced, one at a time, was it still the same ship? “

So now we ask, is a piece of art done with an artist’s style according to someone or something, with prompts replaced from original works to whatever is put in, with variables changing still a piece from the artist?

For those that go and get my book, you will find it is very abstract, which is where I think it shines. No rules, just all the pieces in a blender and whipped to whatever is created. Moving forward, I believe that is how I will do it. However, we still have some problems because those stylings are based on artists. While there is no copyright infringement on a style, it is very disrespectful, so where do we draw the line? 

Moving forward, I will have to research and see which artists’ styles are available and write myself a no-go list. One book is already done, so I cannot do much, and really the only reason it has not been released yet is that the formatting did not come out the way I wished. As it stands, I have one book of fifty pieces, all abstract, but some are cool, and after formatting, I will leave it as just a fancy picture book letting the points show up more in the next book. 

It would be nice to get something up. Goodness knows my book stack to finish is large enough already. 

Here is the cover. 

Stay Strong.

Trying To Do It All

Some days I feel like I am made more out of duct tape, bubblegum, and gorilla glue than whatever actually counts as a human. Over the past three months, I have had my neck pop off calcium crystals and after that had TMJ spasms that had full-on ripped things from my neck to the point where I had to cease all weightlifting exercises and stop working with my weighted vest.

Been learning how to use some AI art tools and my Instagram should show those as of late. It’s not my usual stuff but it does use my talents in another way so I cannot complain and I like working with it. Despite all the progress it sucks when I get injured and have to take more time to heal up if I could just at least get to a point where I do not have to worry about health issues and then being hurt. Pain or not things need to keep moving otherwise will be as bad as they have always been

Ai art here 

Not bad for Ai and ME

What can be done though? I do my best and try what I can all for the sake of making headway and just try to get out of my own way when I need to heal up. That is all I can do now, heal up and do other things to make sure to get my exercise and work on the projects as I need to and one of them is going to be the inside garden I need to make. It has been one of the things needing to get done but everything else has been getting pushed back. We have gotten a couple things growing though, and you know it is nice to enjoy the small bits of progress when one can. 

Progress is being made and it looks like the milwordy will be hit before the seventh month. It will be very difficult to be clear as to the halfway point but let me put it in perspective. A million words is a challenge and as of right now let me go over things that have been done. Just to put it in perspective as to what has been in that million words so far not that I have hit at 800k

41 fanfiction, including edits – you can check those here 

A year of blog posts – rather loose on the meaning of creative, but even in nonfiction one has to be creative and I think if you show the writing from the start of November to now you will find a big difference.

A children’s book –

2 semesters of creative writing projects, because, yes I have been going to college while I have been doing this.

2 book drafts finished

9 light edited

2 heavy edited

With several more to go.

In one year even the stupid book of insults had been something that added to the profile. I can say I will hit the goal because unless I got knocked into a coma for six months the finish line is well within range and that is good to know but we can try and push even harder and get it done before my birthday.

My birthday is May 1st. While everything is going on if I can do this in the next will be five days if I release it on time. Before that, I will not be able to do much on Sunday as that is my day with my uncle. That means I roughly have 9 days to do what I need to do with everything and to make it all possible. That would be a hard ask and probably is not going to happen but it should be able to happen before the end of May. Even to hit a million by month seven would be a sure feather in my cap I found a few more people that had done it, but I am also developing a book file to work in excel or an open office for people to chart their own writing over a year.

I have had some time to think on the point of the Indiegogo with a couple people I know who had run some successful ones and I think that will be the next project to work on behind the scenes and start getting it out there. I think we are ready to make that happen. Tweaking and working that is next on that list and the next twitch project is the music run with all that keeping classes high is going to be important because to make it on the honor roll even starting off at a community college where I am getting some progress made.

All in all, I feel I should be happy, but there is still some specter making me think not to count it until it is over the finish line. Maybe that is the kind of person I am but in any case, this month there had been a writing competition on Twitch. Yes, I am on twitch, and yes I am about as nonserious as one would expect, this is really one of my most serious points. I am rambling I just wanted to get some thoughts off with Portland being what it is right now.

Stay strong.