One New Book on Gumroad

Did some work on formatting this one and could not get it how I want it. The pdf was fine so we are going to work on the idea for Amazon and we will keep going we will tinker with this because the idea of AI art is something that has garnered some rage and of course there are those who wish to hide the fact it is made with AI. I feel some writing may be good with it, but for now this project is done. Can’t be happier about that. Progress made, progress done and another book down.

I did also change the gumroad page, it had the Genshin fanfiction anthology in entirety and the sarge’s verbal debriefing, both those have been removed. Quality could be better. That is how we learn though and we can definitely try again later. Sometimes we have to bang our head on the wall a couple times before getting what we want.

The books page will change obviously to match this and here is the link to the new book (click the pic)

Price is five dollars, but through this blog if you use the code highwind at check out it will take 50% off. That way you can get a little cheaper as a small token of thanks for the blog. Check that out. I think I will do another abstract book with some writings on the subjects of art and how it works in business. Could be a good project, but it is at the bottom of the list and one piece is done and there are others to do.

Somewhere between my raging at how stupid portland politics is, my own hopes, and how to be a villain we can find some things to enjoy on the blog into the future.

Of course stay strong.