Vent piece

So in trying to make this wordpress thing show what I want to it to show I may have sent a post twice. Sorry about that, if anyone was wondering why then it was just user error on my part most likely. Something got my attention and if you have been reading the news then maybe you already know where I am going with this.

Orlando. Never been there, and personally too humid for me. People who do live there had a horrible event unfold in their own backyard. A shooting of a nature undescribable by many against a crowd that just wanted to have a fun night. Someone had gone in to a club popular to many, and shot it up.

I felt mad, and I never been to Orlando. Personally I am not someone who believes in a homosexual lifestyle. I never got it. There are some things that everyone can understand though. If someone is happy in a lifestyle that does not outright hurt them or others then who am I to say they can’t. It is pretty hard to be happy in this life it seemes so if some people can do it by going a different route then groovy. Friends of mine as come out as gay, and it did not matter one bit, heroes of mine came out of the closet and it didn’t change one bit. I learned something new about them, but that didn’t change them.

Which is why Orlando gets to me not just for how much pain it has brought upon others. Some people think that because it was a lgbt club supposedly then it was okay. I don’t care what kind of a club it is. Someone killed people’s sons, daughters, best friends, squadmates, and a portion of the population believes because of one detail in their life that it is okay.

I came from a a life that some would seem as none too friendly. I have had had been shot at more then three dozen times without being a soldier or a police officer or even working in a job that makes you get close to guns. If there was a problem with someone you went to them and you hashed it out. sometimes with words and other times in more physical means. You fought it out and whoever walked away was the victor.

Now with some saying those people deserved it there are some calling for action against Muslims  in America. For those who read my post about the black lives matter thing you can guess where this is going. WE. ALL. MATTER. Some in different ways then others  with some being different value to others. It is not an Islamic attack it is an extremist group with no other way to speak except with guns and that is the saddest show of their intelligence. Life has been too bloody for my taste, and now others who never learned how to handle it get thrust head first in the grief just because of someone’s preferred fuckbuddies.

I am so angry though, not because of just the action but for the responses I see. Other then those trying to help or those sorry for what happeneed they seem to be matched with how some group should be punished.

Muslims are not to be punished. The qu’ran speaks how taking one life is like killing mankind and how one should compete in doing good. Christians who think because it was wrong to be gay that they should be shot can answer me this, what about the portions about treating others as brothers, loving happily, and allowing others to learn their own way with their own interpretation of a spiratual being.

LGBTQ are not to be punished. I will not be mad at someone just because they like a different something then me. If you like vanilla ice cream, and I like strawberry then enjoy your vanilla and let me have my strawberry. It sounds really silly when people get hurt, but that is really the argument boiled down to base function at least to me.

For me from this point, sorry about the rant.

Rant: People can do it

Something has been bothering me for a while. Longer then people not wanting to think sometimes or how some people can have the intelligence of a sentient can of spam.

There is so much ability out there that people are so afraid to use. whether they think they will fail or they do not deserve a chance or what have you. I know what I can do I try not to brag about it sometimes while still providing insightful blog posts and that has been a learning process. But this is not about me.

I know people who can be so much. Who have a great amount of ability, but for one reason or another it gets in their head that they cannot do it despite events pointing to otherwise.

I won’t use names for the sake of the people.

A girl who I had gone to school with wanted to translate and be a voice actress for anime. She studied Japanese for years and went to college in Japanese language to ease her way in to it. She tries to break in to voice acting, but suddenly she stops because their is this small group of friends who say that she can’t make it and she should quit to save the pain. On top of this she feels horrible because she has always been short and she can’t see how awesome she is when she defends herself. Because no one but me believed in her though she didn’t even feel pretty. I did what I could to argue otherwise.but numbers won and know she pushes paper for a state.

Someone else who feels horrible and can be a great writer but cuts herself short so much it makes go mad. She has the ability to write something wonderful. It is there as clear as the light of the new day. She downs herself so much though I almost want to shake her and get the point across that she could do it. She can be as lovely a writer and as a human being as she dreams about. I talk to her when I can and I want to hear how she did something she wanted to. She is pretty in her own way she can do what she sets her mind to.

A male friend who wanted to work on his own business something, but because his family said he couldn’t he stopped. Despite business plans and a litany of reports saying that it would be a good chance to take that their was enough there to make it work and for him to have his dream the faith of his family. They say no and suddenly he loses all self assurance.

Three people on top of so many others who have the skill, but just can’t get themselves to believe for a single moment. I understand that we do not live in a meritocracy, but can anyone tell me why people give up when they still want to do something so passionately but can still be dissuaded when everything remotely scientific points to the possibility of success.

More people can make it to their dreams

Portland – My Home – vent

For those who have never been to my home city it has a magic much like Diagon Alley form the Harry Potter series. You can find anything your heart desires permitting you knock on the right door. We have people who constantly and aggressively push and evolve their skill sets. People hungry to get to “the next level”. Men and women with a code, a purpose and even a plan. That constant evolving blend of street smarts with books smarts is the Portland I know. there are not many taboos outside of crimes and a lot of respectful people.

That is my Portland, the city I was born in, spent the majority of my life in and in all honesty will probably have my grave in. What this city is NOT is a name to rally behind in an effort to be the most undesirable, rude, egomaniacal group of fakers and fad chasers the world had ever seen.ImageImageImageImage