The Great Book Of Wisdom – Excerpt

Let’s face it, everyone quoting from a book can instantly add credibility to your argument no matter what your argument may actually be. No matter how inane a conversation may be their could always be a zinger backed by someone putting in a book to make your opponent shut their trap faster the a bear trap backfiring. So for all your debates, fantasy team breakdowns, science fiction what if’s and any other conversations that could use a book like this to help end it all.

This book and it’s author is not to be held responsible in the effects of any arguments won, cases finished, job interviews or political elections that you may win, lose or otherwise be a part of throughout your life.

When you need it all you have to do is quote it and open this document to the page to prove that yes someone actually put all of these in a book. By the time they figured out what happened all they can do is get one for themselves and leave you to eat your well seasoned victory.

So crack the cover and get to reading some new verbal ammunition. Mull some of the thoughts and even how they correspond in your life and enjoy the book.

Spirit of Competition

The edge of our great species can be found in the vast wealth of things where we can get in to serious game mode, board games, politics, independent contracts, sweepstakes and more. Rock, paper, scissors has a pro league and if the thought of that does not make your head ring then I do not know what will.

Overly competitive people will often not understand the reasons behind some things. From runners to pro gamers overly competitive people will not understand the reasons behind some things, and as long as they feel the thrill along the way over everything else. Before you try to walk away level some of these bombs to get your point across.

Without competition, how can you test yourself?”

I would be rather be the worst man fighting against legends then the best man fighting fools.”

Never anger a gentle men in competition for it is the only place to see why they are gentle without repercussions.”

The charm of competition is letting your base nature out and everyone should know their own.”

The worst thing you can do no matter the battle is awaken the storm when the winds are calm.”

The greater the reward, the greater the drive needed.”

Never think someone cannot beat you. When you do you will be at your weakest.”

Be your best so win or lose you will know where you stand.”

Winning fairly and winning honorably are night and day. Fairly gets the job done while those remembered for it.”

Even on your best day you can lose.”

A hard loss feels like a heavy wound, but the best use those wounds to push further in their training.”

To make progress, to compete in anything you must fight.”

The venom of a loser mocked is a powerful weapon.”

It is not youth nor age that matters, but how to act and react.”

Looking past an opponent can make you blind to a loss.”

If people understood what impossible was then many more would at least try.”

On any day the greatest champion can be put down by a novice.”

Before you compete, ask yourself why you will do so. To win an event is a much different play style then overall growth.”

An opponent tempered by hard losses can turn a simple choice in to the fight of your life.”

The road to your goals will end with you fighting against your worst qualities.”

People Are Stupid, Me Too

People hate being called stupid. Sucks when people are stupid, and the only difference how much stupid is in that person’s life.

If someone were to go and try to pay their pizza delivery with monopoly money then you would say that they need to think a moment before trying such idiotic actions. You need real money nowadays for everything it seems and there will not be a whole lot that can be done unless trading becomes a more socially acceptable form of purchase. Now, when someone says they are more important in class perhaps when you were a child what would you do? If you went to a good school then tell the teacher in the most detailed fashion you could, and if you went to my school then you get suplexed down a hill while being told to suck it up or there was more where that came from.

People are not logical creatures. Have you seen what we wear sometimes? It is 2016 and we still cannot get a size chart that companies can agree on. Fifty years ago we thought we would have flying cars, and only now it feels like if we did a lot of people would get an express ticket to the afterlife. Can you think of a traffic jam in a traffic way over houses. That happens once, and things will go badly. Plus, you know there will be one person dropping little bags of flaming poo to take that prank to the next level. Because, arson is a prank.

Anyway, sometimes people are stupid we miss the point and meander like a hamster on a treadmill or use colorful sayings without people knowing what they mean. What happens is despite people trying to seem more human by using different ways of speaking we don’t seem to understand it. It is stupid that despite how many different ways we can say it that some people do not understand.

People will be stupid sometimes. It will happen to everyone. If someone says to you that they seriously have never had a stupid moment in their life then they are lying and I would get as far away. The real only difference is being a stupid person or just having stupid moments. Learning from a stupid moment really is the only thing you need to do.

Here are some of the stupid things in my life I have done just to put things in perspective: Tried to start a political party, wore white after labor day, lit myself on fire for humor, tried to figure the logistics of reciprocating light waves at different frequencies to create a new way of power plant, (Possible, by the way.) and expected a government office to do their job.

So what is the point? Despite all the dumb stuff there is good things I have learned from it. Some of the most basic things that you learn can really surprise you when your common sense decides to fly the coop. Taking those moments and still learning from them is not the sign of a stupid person. They just did stupid things. A stupid person is one who constantly repeats stupidity because they do not learn. I will not be hurt if someone looks at what they did and says it is stupid. I will be hurt if someone says I am stupid. Unless I really am stupid? Woah.


My brain hurts


For the parents out in the world here is a little message from me to you so you can better prepare your child when they go out in the real world. To make it easier I have made a list all of these items I have been asked about and had to teach others of my generation and younger ( So anyone born after 89 and ages in parentheses will be at the time the lesson had to be given).

1. How to use a broom ( He was 19)

2. How to balance a budget ( He was 24)

3. How to keep to a project deadline (They were 23 and 20)

4. How to make instant ramen (She was 32)

My brain hurts. I am going to get some more work on the advertising done. I hope you can enjoy your week as well.