No Space Is Safe

*Reads the article*

(Is this going to be the nice guy, or the jaded prick writing today…)

So, there is this thing called safe spaces in some colleges where people can go away if they don’t like what is being said to decompress and withdraw themselves fro m conversation that may be insulting or hurtful. Sounds good on paper, but really it makes me think that massive groups of people have lost their balls, figuratively and literally.

(Well, that answers that.)

Before we go in to possibly inflammatory opinions let me find someone who can say it better than me.

I could just point at this a thousand times, and put up a picture of the largest middle finger on earth for those who do not get the point. I even have one fresh from use with a friend who needed it hence the shading.

I could say how people just need to find their balls and make some “Lost balls. give if found” and some snappy comeback because the internet likes that shit. The internet has become so toxic that politicians twitter fuck-ups are like a, a fresh mountain stream in comparison. So what is the point of all this, well the point is that seriously the need to even talk about this shows we may have just failed as humanity. I was going to end this here. I was getting ready to finish my tomato soup and let the whole thing go. It had been a long week of dealing with idiots and quick trigger morons, social justice warriors and I just wanted it all to end, so I could dream of a life that is better like dancing with aliens or go just relaxing on a boat but seriously #BoycottHawaii?

So someone makes a statement you like and you suddenly have to boycott them. Let me make this absolutely crystal fucking clear.There are opinions that, believe it or not, do not match with yours, and they never will for various reasons. What you do is one of two things. First, you can try to be intelligent and look at their opinion and what they say in an overall encompassing view before gauging the merits and problems of it. The other side and this is the really easy one, you go fuck off. Fuck off. Fuck miles of off or fuck centimeters of off just go F off. Do it far enough that no one can hear you like space or the inside of a volcano, which Hawaii has plenty of and I am sure raising the IQ of the country a couple points is a job they will be happy to take because it does not help, but some people I guess are just beyond helping. For those who are just a bit dim to connect the dots of these statements if you are truly that stupid and cannot see how looking at others opinions can help anything just go throw yourself in a volcano, in Hawaii.

Since everyone is boycotting everything here are a couple things I thought we could boycott so we can actually do something with this much energy. We could boycott the horrible VA treatment, the lack of funds in our education system, we could boycott news channels that falsify facts for ratings, we could do it on lower gas prices, lower food costs, better farm treatment, or even a better fucking toaster. We got a hashtag about boycotting a state because what someone from the state said something that someone else did not like? Oh, the absolute horror! Why it is as scary as Dracula and half as bloody, but you know what there most like is going to be someone from the state who doesn’t like me and I am not going to see any#BoycottOneGuyInPortland tag, and really in all honestly if I did I would think that part of my life’s work is complete. So, I guess I should really just deal with it and the rest of these pinheads should too.


People Are Stupid, Me Too

People hate being called stupid. Sucks when people are stupid, and the only difference how much stupid is in that person’s life.

If someone were to go and try to pay their pizza delivery with monopoly money then you would say that they need to think a moment before trying such idiotic actions. You need real money nowadays for everything it seems and there will not be a whole lot that can be done unless trading becomes a more socially acceptable form of purchase. Now, when someone says they are more important in class perhaps when you were a child what would you do? If you went to a good school then tell the teacher in the most detailed fashion you could, and if you went to my school then you get suplexed down a hill while being told to suck it up or there was more where that came from.

People are not logical creatures. Have you seen what we wear sometimes? It is 2016 and we still cannot get a size chart that companies can agree on. Fifty years ago we thought we would have flying cars, and only now it feels like if we did a lot of people would get an express ticket to the afterlife. Can you think of a traffic jam in a traffic way over houses. That happens once, and things will go badly. Plus, you know there will be one person dropping little bags of flaming poo to take that prank to the next level. Because, arson is a prank.

Anyway, sometimes people are stupid we miss the point and meander like a hamster on a treadmill or use colorful sayings without people knowing what they mean. What happens is despite people trying to seem more human by using different ways of speaking we don’t seem to understand it. It is stupid that despite how many different ways we can say it that some people do not understand.

People will be stupid sometimes. It will happen to everyone. If someone says to you that they seriously have never had a stupid moment in their life then they are lying and I would get as far away. The real only difference is being a stupid person or just having stupid moments. Learning from a stupid moment really is the only thing you need to do.

Here are some of the stupid things in my life I have done just to put things in perspective: Tried to start a political party, wore white after labor day, lit myself on fire for humor, tried to figure the logistics of reciprocating light waves at different frequencies to create a new way of power plant, (Possible, by the way.) and expected a government office to do their job.

So what is the point? Despite all the dumb stuff there is good things I have learned from it. Some of the most basic things that you learn can really surprise you when your common sense decides to fly the coop. Taking those moments and still learning from them is not the sign of a stupid person. They just did stupid things. A stupid person is one who constantly repeats stupidity because they do not learn. I will not be hurt if someone looks at what they did and says it is stupid. I will be hurt if someone says I am stupid. Unless I really am stupid? Woah.