Pork with Blackberry Cream

This dish pairs well with the apple onion salad from last week.

Here is what you need for this dish for a pair of servings. 4 thinly cut 3-4 oz pork chops, a cup of cream, 12 blackberries, an orange as well as a pair of rosemary sprigs. Garlic always matches with pork and S/p for seasoning is always good to get all the flavors to meet up on amiable terms.


Begin cooking your pork on medium heat. After they are just cooked let them rest for a moment. Seeing my pan after the salad and pork their is a lot of bits stuck to the bottom. Using a high acid liquid like a citrus juice or vinegar we can use those bits to flavor our sauce in a technique called deglazing.

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After juicing your orange on medium heat let it simmer and mash your blackberries and rosemary making sure to scrape up the bits stuck to the bottom of the pan before continuing. Those bits are flavor particles ready to add to the arsenal of the sauce. When the juice is half reduced strain it before adding your cream.


Let the strained juice and cream mix before reducing until the cream is half gone. As soon as it is thick enough that it holds to the back of the spoon for just a second before dripping completely off. Now this was actually made for a co worker who was leaving. She wanted a meal cooked by me on her last day. This paired up with the apple onion salad for a box lunch like 101_0804

This. The small containers are the blackberry sauce and the mustard dressing.

The pork was so thin I did not get the color I wanted on the outside, but it was still juicy without being pink. The sauce was a great compliment that was much more graceful then I originally thought it would. All in all it was a good thin and if you try it let me know if you do any of your own twists on it.

One thing I did not like was the color everything was kinda beige without the blackberry cream. After this I garnished with a couple pinches of fresh chopped rosemary before heading to work.

Chicken a la kiev

Chicken a la kiev is a dish I found a recipe to in the old cookbook. We will do some slight changes here is what you will need.
Chicken breasts (skinless and boneless)
Egg for breading
Breadcrumbs for breading
Seasoning for the breadcrumbs
I use a combination of parmesan cheese and old bay to season my breading

Compound butter –
A compound butter is a butter mixed with other things to add more flavor and has been used in kitchens as a form of sauce. In this recipe my compound butter was made with an addition of crushed garlic, green onion, and honey mustard with a splash of lemon juice.

After mixing it all together you want to put your butter in the freezer. If you like everything a certain shape you can fill up an ice tray half full so you get little squares of butter already setting up.

Butterfly your chicken and after the butter has frozen stuff in the middle of the chicken before breading it up and dumping it in a frypot already heated up. Let it cool and dress as you see fit. If you do not feel comfortable putting frozen butter in raw chicken then you can put the butter on top before plating. The butter will melt to form a sauce to match the chicken.

After plating garnish with what you want. I use a small little piece of muenster cheese to work with the small amount of butter.

The earned sandwich

Hope you all had a fun month. So Valentine’s day has come and gone with much ado. This recipe is all about what you need after a harsh night of love day activities. Get some protein back in your system with the earned sandwich.

Here are your items needed : 4 slices thick cut bacon, 2 slices wheat bread, 1-2 oz slices pastrami, one egg, some semi soft cheese of choice (In this case Gruyere), and sweet mustard.

Get some paper towels and begin with cooking your bacon. you want it crisp with some give. Let it drain and leave all the beautiful bacon grease. That grease will be what you fry your egg in do so on medium heat, and if your a little nervous you can lower the heat and let it go a little slower. The hard thing will be that when you try to flip it. When the outside is cooked through but the yolk Image

is just beginning to cook through that is when you should put it aside.

After this you should have a little bacon grease left in the pan. You can use this to toast the bread slightly or to warm up the pastrami. For mine below I used it for the pastrami. The wheat bread I get is nice and soft and combined with the semi crunchy bacon provides some contrast texture wise. If you want to cook your pastrami top it with a little bit of the cheese and try not to flip it just letting the heat come through to start it.

Building your sandwich because you earned it .

Get your sweet mustard and lightly dress one side of the bread with it . Then layer cheese, bacon, egg, pastrami, and bread.

While the egg and bacon is cooking you can cut your cheese. For mine I wanted it that it was just warm. placing on some on top of the hot egg when it began to rest and topping it with hot pastrami made the cheese a team player on this sandwich.


Yes, I forgot to wipe my plate before taking the picture. It is always amazing how you never think of things until you see pictures of it.

In either case this is the earned sandwich. If you prefer your egg more cooked then just give it a little more time in the pan. Next blog post will be coming soon. Until then everyone, have a good one.