Perfection and Impossible

One of my past coworkers is one of those people who is bright eyed and bushy tailed at least while at work. He would work from this desk with different pictures and sayings about driving one’s self trying to achieve perfection. We both had over our time at work found out we had a lot of goals that aligned and even just where we want to be in a few years were fairly similar, but the one thing we could never agree on was the subject of perfection.

If you like anime there is a show called Bleach where the main force is a group called the Gotei 13. It is a military group based on thirteen different squads each headed by a Captain who acts as both a leader of their own group while reporting to the captain of the first squad who also holds the title of Captain – Commander. One of these captains goes by the name of Mayuri Kurotsuchi. He was in a battle with a scientist from an opposing group who was very skilled at disabling opponents and after talking on the point of their shared interest in science they came to the point of perfection after the captain’s opponent claimed how he was the perfect scientist. Mayuri then ranted on the subject of perfection that I really had to agree on.

Here is a picture with the speech on it .

Perfection is the bane of imagination because after perfection there is nothing left. It is a condition of hopelessness when something is perfect. It does not mean you cannot strive to surpass yourself you can still try to improve, just be aware you will never be perfect.

When it comes to speaking I use impossible as many do perfect as one cannot know the odds about everything the argument can be fought how impossible is only limited by imagination and time. Impossible really can not be truly meant until you put against another abstract ideal.

Striving for better throughout your life was the only thing we could agree on whether the end we found to be abstract or within reach. The detail areound being perfect was just something that we both agreed to disagree.

If I Could Be Serious For a Moment….

Five points if you are any sort of a Lance Storm fan.

So if you have read any of these posts they may seem like there is something I am not saying. Something, that maybe would make sense if I did explain it a little better. My head does work best when it multitasks, as sated before. That is not the only reason. I guess, with all the projects as well as the things I am trying to do I have had to make sure when I do something it ticks off multiple boxes between all possible projects. I originally started this to keep myself honest so further progress can be reached. On that aspect it has been very useful, and despite sometimes stepping back to deal with what life has thrown at me. Coming back to see where I left off is actually nice.

The problem stands on my pride. To say that most cases it could be a little more apparent is an understatement. Most times my pride only shows in an over representation smacking of the comedy of the idiotic. Some people can say they are supremely proud of who they are, what they have done, and the body of their life’s work. I cannot say anywhere close to that. There have been moments where I thought to myself that I can enjoy the overdose of ego, and as long as I do not insult anyone with it I find it okay.

Mind you, that does not also mean I am not unhappy of what I have done either. I don’t actually lie on my back and wait for clouds to go by unless I am being paid for it. Looking around I have seen many people use their pride as their shield to defend them from anyone in a competitive matter. I know I am good in a lot of things I also completely realize that for everything I have done their is most likely at least one person who has studied their entire life for the one single skill set. Knowing that I really cannot be too proud of it because their is always room to grow.

So I guess, what I am trying to say is I will never toot my own horn calling myself an ace. If I do you had better know that I am joking just to sound like a kingly bell end. (note: not British, but their terms sound a little bit more dignified then American terms.) I wouldn’t be wrong calling myself a bit of a jack of trades. Now, I can look at myself and know that is not a bad thing. Jacks are useful in many things and jobs could use a couple more jacks in the deck. I can be a little happier of that fact now.

Right now, I understand people have left, but there are still more then a hundred people still with this. Posts have not been to the schedule I wish. I am looking for a job so that I can continue making stuff with my projects, and stuff that although not related that you, my readers will like. To all of you, may the winds be in your sails and hopefully I don’t find myself on the rocks much longer.